What Your Favorite FNAF Character Says About You?

What Your Favorite FNAF Character Says About You

Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) features a large cast of characters, with an even larger array of traits and personalities. But what does your favorite FNAF character say about you?

From the well-known psychopaths to brave and courageous protagonists, FNAF has a character type for everyone.

Let’s explore some of the biggest characters in the series and what picking them as your favorite character says about your own personality, trends or motives.

Freddy Fazbear

One of the original and main characters, if you go for Freddy you’re likely that nostalgic member of the group who goes with what they know even if it means getting your pants scared off you.

You may also feel like you get along with Freddy’s desire for revenge against those who have wronged him, or you just dig his awesome hat.

Bonnie the Bunny

Bonnie entertains during the day but is looking to kill any human he sees at night. If you’re more like a nightowl you might be similar to Bonnie.

Time has not been kind to Bonnie, and his withered form is one of the most dilapidated among all the characters, so if you’re finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning or you’re not quite like you were in your younger years, Bonnie may just be your spirit animatronic.

Mike Schmidt

The security guard who works the night shift, if you associate with Mike then it perhaps shows you are the main character in your own life, not to say you’re a narcissist or anything but more that you take charge and are aware of what is going on in your life.

Mike shows a strong will to survive, and took the job originally for free pizza. However, after the animatronics mistake him for his child killing father William Afton, Mike has to spend most of his time avoiding the animatronics out to get him.

You may also be a pragmatic guy if you go for Mike, as Mike makes the correct decisions unlike many other useless characters in horror situations. 

Mike also tries to be the hero by shutting down the animatronics, so if you see yourself as a doer even when the outcome may be bad for you personally, you may be a Mike.

Chica the Chicken

Loving to stuff humans inside her and kill them, Chica is possessed by a child.

She is patient and slow to move, but her tactics often see unsuspecting players getting caught out.

You may be a Chica if you can see ahead to what the next move is, or you’re patient enough to know good things come to those who wait, even if it means killing someone by stuffing them inside an animatronic body. 

Foxy the Pirate

Possessed by the soul of a child named Fritz, he appears as a mixture between a pirate and a fox, so if you go for the swashbuckling attitude or just like to be cunning, you could be a Foxy.

Probably the fastest of the gang, if you like Foxy you probably like to attack hard and fast in everything you do, and like to strike while the iron is hot.

Foxy is a bit of an outcast and is not fun during the day like the rest. Foxy also likes to sing before doing his work, so if you’re the kind of person who can’t do anything without humming a tune, then you’re most likely similar to Foxy.

Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy is a balloon vendor that resembles a small child, and if you go for this then it may show you as being a generous and kind-hearted person who likes to give to others.

You’re likely shy but cheerful, and don’t mind the occasional prank, even getting a bit of pleasure from it.

The Puppet

One of the original animatronics turned bad, The Puppet was haunted by the serial killer William Afton’s first victim, Charlotte Emily.

If you are gangly, tall or uncoordinated, The Puppet is the character for you. You may also have a vengeful or sadistic streak or find yourself always being the smartest in the room; at the least you think through what to do in great detail to get the best outcomes.


Being the main part of the animatronic below the cosmetic outer suit, Endoskeletons are the life of the party in more ways than one, as well as being the ultimate killing part for many hapless victims.

If you identify with the Endoskeletons, you’re the kind of person who takes no prisoners and is decisive in action, while also realizing that threats are easy to spot when you know what to look for.

Phone Guy

You may be like Phone Guy if you love to organize things, help out those in need or enjoy being a storyteller.

Phone Guy is there for the player at the beginning of every night, letting you know the important information regarding rules as well as some tips on what to do.


If killing people isn’t really your bag, you may be closer to the Penguin than most other characters on this list. The Penguin likes to restart your camera monitor, leaving you vulnerable.

The Penguin likes to cause chaos, so if you find yourself getting a bit of a guilty pleasure watching people just miss their train, or general schadenfreude, you might just be like him.

Penguin may like to cause mischief, but he is easily dispatched with a glare, so if the disapproving stares of others is enough to make you think twice, you may just be too much like the Penguin.


If you love Moondrop, you may be a stickler for the rules and are always keen to be the one to point out others’ shortcomings.

You may take it even further and punish the wrongdoers, being a sort of vigilante that makes sure society keeps chugging forward. You enjoy the nighttime or darkness and are into health and fitness, particularly acrobatics and outlandish antics.

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Vanny is unsure at first but eventually settles into her role. If you feel like you align with Vanny, you’re happy to be slightly sadistic yet flamboyant, finding joy in the little things such as skipping.

Vanny is not happy when her plans don’t turn out but that is not going to be a personality trait that many people wouldn’t have.


If Gregory is your favorite character, you likely are an extrovert and very outspoken. You don’t take any junk from anyone and you don’t mind telling them that they’re wrong or they’re annoying you.

Gregory has had a tough life, and finds it hard to trust those who profess to want to help him, but Gregory’s survival instincts have kept him safe for some time, and if you find yourself doing anything to survive or improve your lot, you may be more like Gregory than you first realize.


Leaning into her feminine side, if you find yourself associating strongly with Vanessa it’s likely you have something else going on, whether it’s being lonely or being quick to anger when people don’t do as she says.

Vanessa takes her role as a security guard seriously, getting angry or annoyed at others when they don’t do as she says even though she sees the trouble from a long way away.

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