How Old Is Moondrop from FNAF? What Is It?

How Old Is Moondrop from FNAF

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach (FNAF) features Sundrop and Moondrop in the daycare level. While Sundrop may seem fine, Moondrop is creepy and evil. But what are they? And how old is Moondrop from FNAF?

Moondrop is likely somewhere around 20 to 35 years old. He is an animatronic robot in charge of the daycare although has had his programming messed with.

Let’s look at who Moondrop is, consider his backstory and key biographical details. We’ll also consider his relationship to Sundrop and how best to deal with him.

Who Is Moondrop?

Moondrop is an animatronic dressed like a jester. He has a head like a grinning crescent moon with red eyes and a large nose coming out of the moon pointing off to the side but without an actual nose on the face.

With a blue and silver outfit, he is covered with yellow five-pointed stars. He has two buttons located on his chest and a sleeping cap that matches his outfit as it is blue in color and patterned with bright yellow stars, also boasting a yellow golden bell on the end of the cap. 

There is also a small latch on his back which allows him to perform wire stunts as they connect to hooks on the small of his back. 

Moondrop is the dark side of Sundrop, another animatronic, and Moondrop shows up when it is dark in FNAF. His age isn’t listed but going off the voice and personality it’s unlikely he’s a child or is much older than mid-30s.

Moondrop is ostensibly the Daycare Attendant but is evil and aggressive. His dislike of messes means he goes into a rage and is always wanting to punish someone for them.

Moondrop is strict with upholding rules similar to Sundrop, however, he goes about his duty with even more fevour and to an even more demented degree.

For example, if Gregory ignores his warning about keeping the lights off, then Moondrop will chase him and castigate him as a naughty boy.

Moondrop can be seen skulking after the player, doing a creepy dance, perhaps reflecting his personality as energetic but unstable.

He can also bend in unnatural ways and scale walls, as well as possessing high amounts of strength as seen when he knocks out Glamrock Freddy.

He seems to be able to resist the Fazerblaster and Faz Cam, meaning his eyes operate differently.

Moondrop has become corrupted due to the interventions of Vanny, as Vanny has hacked into the animatronics’ computer system and turned them evil.

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How Tall Is Moondrop?

There is no official information on Moondrop’s height, although estimates can be made due to him standing near some standard objects.

Most animatronics are quite large, and Moondrop towers over many objects, so it is likely that Moondrop is anywhere from 6 feet to over 7 feet. Generally, Moondrop has a bit of a hunch so he could easily reach over this upper limit when he stands straight.

It can be a bit hard to tell as Gregory is a child and so is always looking up at Moondrop, meaning he may appear a lot taller than he truly is.

What Gender Is Moondrop?

There isn’t any official information about Moondrop’s gender. Most people seem to think that Moondrop is a male.

In gendered languages such as French and German, the former makes the sun feminine and the latter makes it masculine, but otherwise, there’s not really any way of getting to the bottom of it.

Moondrop has a relatively deep, gravelly voice that seems more male than female. It also seems strange to put a child in charge of a daycare, particularly in charge of making sure that the children don’t wander around past their bedtime, which is his speciality.

Are Sundrop and Moondrop Brothers?

There are several theories about Sundrop and Moondrop, including that they are related or actually the same robot.

One is that they are siblings or brothers if you assume both are male. This is mainly due to them being in the same area, sharing similar looking clothes, and also having almost the same name.

The other theory is that they are the same character and just change the appearance or transform into the other. Neither are seen in the same room at the same time.

What triggers this change is unclear, as Sundrop is seen in the daycare even when the lights are off.

How Do You Avoid Moondrop in FNAF?

The key is activating all five generators while minimizing time spent in places where Moondrop can get you.

All generators are inside the playpen, so it is worth spending a bit of time familiarizing yourself with the layout to learn where they all are and follow the electrical cables.

In Moondrop’s first phase, he won’t enter the playpen at all and will just wander around in the open space of the level, so there’s not much in terms of avoiding that you have to do at all.

Once you’ve turned on three generators, then Moondrop will enter the playground area and start hunting you.

Unfortunately, there is a large chance element to this hunt as Moondrop can teleport to areas, similar to the Chuck-E Cheese Nightcrawler.

Other times, you may be able to see or hear Moondrop the entire time, making the task of avoiding him simply.

This means you can use the first part of the game working out where each generator is, plotting your path, and generally doing the generators that you hate doing first, leaving the two easiest generators for the last two.

As the middle playpen has three generators, it can be useful if you do the left and right playgrounds first, and then you can do the final three all in one go without having to leave the structure.

Remember that the round block towers can be pushed over to create a distraction.

Once you’ve done all five, the fight with Moondrop is over immediately, and you can leave through the large wooden doors.

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