How Did Cassidy Die in FNAF? Who Is She?

How Did Cassidy Die in FNAF

Searching for the name “Cassidy” within the Five Nights At Freddy’s universe leads you into a wormhole. Because there are two slightly different story canons existing, the answers you find about her will not be the same. So who really is Cassidy, and how did she die?

Cassidy is one of the five children involved in The Missing Children Incident of 1985. She was presumably one of William Afton’s murdered victims that were subsequently stuffed into an animatronic suit. Cassidy possesses either Golden Freddy or Bonnie the Rabbit depending on which storyline you follow.

To truly make sense of Cassidy’s identity and FNAF lore in general, you must remember that the games and the novels are not quite the same. Details are also relatively sparse, so most of the information has been filled in through numerous fan theories. As such, we will try to differentiate between the two and specify which one is which.

With that in mind, follow along with us as we try to unravel the mystery surrounding Cassidy and her death.

Who Is Cassidy in FNAF?

Cassidy was one of the guests at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in 1985, who was then lured by William Afton wearing the Spring Bonnie suit before getting murdered and mutilated. From here, the stories diverge; Cassidy’s body was stuffed inside the Golden Freddy suit in the games. But if you’re reading the books, Cassidy possesses Bonnie the Rabbit.

Why the difference, you may wonder? That’s because, unlike in the games, another child named Michael Brooks is inside Golden Freddy.

Cassidy was also never directly mentioned in the games; players only found her name through a puzzle in the Survival Logbook. Because of this, some fans believe that someone else entirely may be possessing Golden Freddy. Whether this is true or not is yet to be confirmed.

Even her appearance differs depending on which material you’re using. Cassidy has long black hair in the games and novels, a light brown ponytail in the graphic novels, or blonde hair in Princess Quest and Ultimate Custom Night.

She’s also widely believed to be the child described in “The One You Should Not Have Killed,” having such a vengeful spirit that she leads her murderer to his death. However, this is not confirmed and is only a theory.

How Did Cassidy Die?

All sources established that Cassidy died at the hands of serial killer William Afton, who was wearing the Spring Bonnie suit at the time. She was a guest at the restaurant in 1985, when her murderer lured her into following the animatronic suit to the back room. From there, William violently killed her before stuffing her body in one of the suits.

How she was murdered was also not made clear, other than it was at William’s hands. However, it’s unclear whether she was killed first before being stuffed in the suit or if she died while inside the suit because of the spring locks.

If you agree with the theory that Cassidy is the subject of “The One You Should Not Have Killed,” then her soul is the most vengeful out of all the murdered kids. Other theories suggest that she was the reason as to why William Afton couldn’t die; her soul and hatred prevented William’s soul from passing away peacefully.

How Old Was Cassidy in FNAF?

Because Cassidy was not directly mentioned in the games, there’s no concrete information about her age. Her depiction in the graphic novels suggests she is a child between the ages of 7 and 10. [1] Considering the target demographic of the pizza restaurant, this theory makes sense even for the games.

Other players also believe that Cassidy might be younger than 7. This theory is based on how some voice clips sound (a high-pitched, childlike voice), but again, this theory is entirely fan-based. 

Scott Cawthon, the series creator, has not said anything about Cassidy’s age or true identity, for that matter. Perhaps that’s why the only explicit mention of her when it comes to video games is through a puzzle from the Survival Logbook.

Where Can You Learn More About Cassidy?

The Five Nights At Freddy’s fandom are very active in trying to piece together the lore to get a clear picture. You’ll find plenty of theories online about Cassidy and her identity. Whether or not you believe them is up to you, however.

The best way for you to confirm Cassidy’s story is to play the games yourself. Observing the events throughout the games allows you to use other players’ theories to complement the best narrative you believe is best. 

Lastly, don’t worry if the information you find isn’t the same – most of them are fan theories. And that’s what makes the FNAF universe so fascinating – the open-ended nature of some stories and how it encourages the fan base to piece the narrative together.

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