About us

Welcome to ComputerZilla, a blog truly dedicated to PC builders and enthusiasts all around the world. We are a group of PC building experts who have several years of experience in building gaming PCs. This is something that we really love to spend our time on. And now, we want to share our knowledge and expertise with you on this website.

How Our Guides Can Help You?

As we said, it is our routine job to engage with the latest PC hardware available in the market. Before making any recommendations in our buying guides, we thoroughly test the product to see how it performs.

Moreover, we highly believe in seeking help from professional PC building experts and gamers in our community. We are more oriented towards the PC gaming world, however, we also have expertise in reviewing computers meant for video editing, photo editing, writing, programming, etc.

How We Research & Test Products?

Our criteria for researching and testing any PC equipment is very simple. First, we look for the product that is most demanding in the industry. Afterward, we buy and test the product to see if fully satisfies the intent we bought it for.

Next, we head over to our community of PC enthusiasts and ask for their valuable suggestions on a specific product. And finally, we list the highly-rated PC equipment or hardware in our buying guides. Here on computerzilla.com, we only list those products that carry some kind of value to your query.

We always recommend those products that are according to your budget and needs. Our long hours’ research and tests have enabled us to come up with buying and how-to guides for your queries related to PC equipment.

Our mission is to get you the best PC hardware that falls up to your expectations, needs, and budget. If you have any queries, just leave them in our Contact us section, and we would love to get back to you.

Person Behind this Blog

Author and founder of this blog

Hi, this is Masab, the founder and senior author of this blog. My love for computers goes back to 1997 when I went to a computer lab in my school, and from that moment, I fell in love with this piece of technology. My first PC was an Intel Pentium 1 clocked at 133MHz. I still remember the problems I faced every day to keep that PC running. Corrupt audio drivers, Window crashes, BSODs were some of the common things that occurred in old generation PCs. And I was a person who couldn’t sleep without finding a solution for those problems.

I remember it was pretty hard to play games on that old PC. So upgrading that old PC was one of my dreams. This helped me gained enough knowledge and experience about upcoming hardware in the PC industry. I’m passionate about building gaming PCs, and I love to share my knowledge with anyone who is seeking help in this regard.