[Solved] Discord Screen Share No Audio Problem

how to fix discord no sound share screen fixed

Discord Screen Share with no audio is the most common problem reported by users nowadays. And if you are one of those persons who are facing the Discord no audio error, then we’ve found the best solution to fix this error in this troubleshooting guide.

This guide is all about the possible reasons behind the Discord screen share sound problem and best practices to fix it. To get rid of no audio message on Discord, it is important to find the reason that is triggering that problem.

Discord Screen Share No Audio Problem fixed
Image Source: Discord

Possible Reasons Behind the Discord Screen Share No Audio Error

Let’s first learn about the scenarios that are the root cause of this error:

Bad Audio Drivers

If you are unable to hear other people on Discord, it might be due to a faulty audio driver. Make sure your audio drivers are updated and working properly.

Update Discord

Users who have an old version of Discord are facing no audio error while sharing the screen. Discord has fixed this error after releasing a major update. So if you are using an older version of Discord, update it to the latest one to fix this error. Audio sharing is one of the latest features on Discord, so bugs and audio crashes are a common thing.

Open as an Administrator

Make sure to open Discord as an Administrator. If you are login into your Windows from other accounts rather than the Administrator account, you may come up with a No Audio error when sharing the screen on Discord.

Incompatible programs

There are some applications and programs that are not compatible with the Discord application. If you have a lot of programs running in the background that use Audio by default, try closing them and see if it helps you out.

Sometimes Antivirus in your computer might detect Discord as a harmful application. Try to deactivate the Antivirus and share the screen again.

Streaming Issues

If you own a YouTube channel and want to stream your video on Discord, then you might come up with the no audio error. Even if you turn on the Streamer Mode on Discord and try to go live via YouTube channel, you will get this error.

How to Fix the No Audio Issue on Discord Screen Share

As sound sharing is a new feature introduced on Discord, there might be some issues with your audio when sharing screen on Discord. Here are some working solutions to address the no sound issue.

Update Discord

Like we’ve said earlier that the audio and screen sharing are pretty new to Discord. Most of the time latest features that you see in an app are in the beta testing phase. So bugs and crashes are quite common at this stage. Updating your current software can fix these audio glitches and errors.

Running as an Administrator

Most of the applications or games pop up errors when you run them on different user accounts. Discord also requires you to run it as an Administrator to access all the features. It’s very simple to do.

  • Go on to your Discord icon, right-click over it.
  • Now click “Run as Administrator” and you are good to go.

Reboot your PC

Sometimes the no audio Discord screen share might be a glitch, and restarting your computer can easily fix this problem.

Multiple programs running in the background can also create trouble when sharing the screen on Discord. Rebooting your system can flush away the browser and application cache.

Readjusting the Voice Settings on Discord

Resetting your current voice settings on Discord can also help in eliminating the no sound error while sharing your screen on Discord.

Go to your Discord Settings tab and right-click on it. After that search for the Voice & Video tab. Reset the voice settings and leave the new settings as default.


Finally, these were some of the proven methods to troubleshoot the Discord Share Screen No Audio problem. You can follow these steps one by one to find out the real cause behind this error. Let us know in the comments section if any of these solutions worked for you.

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