Is upgrading RAM from 4GB to 8GB worth it? Let’s Find Out

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The most common type of question that we get in our forums is about upgrading the ram. As we know many entry-level laptops and PCs come with 4GB of ram. And to most people, this low amount of ram isn’t good enough to handle the demanding applications and games. So, is it really worth upgrading your ram from 4GB to 8GB?

Yes, it is worth upgrading from a 4GB to 8GB ram if you frequently use multiple applications at the same time. Also, if you are a PC gamer, upgrading your ram up to 8GB will give you more edge in gaming.

Why you should upgrade from 4GB to 8GB ram?

Gone are the days when 4GB of ram was more than enough to handle your operating system and applications. As time passed, computer applications became more memory-demanding. Now if you have Windows 10 along with Google Chrome installed on your computer, there are maximum chances that more than 3GB of your total ram would be in use. So, there isn’t enough amount of ram behind to run your computer smoothly.

should you upgrade from 4GB to 8GB ram? Is it really worth it
Ram usage statistics of my laptop

So, I have a total of 16GB of ram installed on my laptop. At the time of writing this guide, 5.2 GB is in use out of 16GB. I haven’t opened any program in the background other than Google Chrome. Therefore, it clearly shows that 4GB of ram isn’t enough to coop with the needs of modern-day operating systems and programs. Even if you reduce ram usage you’ll face slow performance if you are using modern applications and do multi-tasking.

Find out if you really need to upgrade your ram

For some users like people working in an office, a 4GB ram would be more than enough to take care of spreadsheets, MS word, emails, etc. Text-based applications don’t eat a lot of ram, so a laptop or PC with 4GB of memory isn’t a bad choice.

However, If you are a user who deals with multiple applications at the same time, it is worth upgrading your ram up to 8GB or more. Even if you are a person who surfs the internet and opens multiple tabs in a web browser, you need to have more ram installed on your computer. Each new tab you open in a web browser swaps your remaining amount of ram.

If you are a PC gaming geek like me, you should have at least 8GB of ram installed on your PC. Like, 8GB is the sweet spot for most PC gamers. If you go over 8GB of ram, you will see a lot of improvement in frame rates while gaming. Even the modern games of today require you to have at least 8GB of ram.

Also, ram is one of the cheapest hardware to upgrade your computer. If you really want to speed up your PC or laptop, upgrading your ram is the most convenient way to do that. Upgrading your ram from 4GB to 8GB will make a lot of difference in your web browsing and gaming experience. Keep in mind that 8GB is the bare minimum to have on your computer for now. But for more demanding tasks like hardcore gaming or manipulating large video files, you may need 16GB or 32GB ram for a better experience.


Yes, you can upgrade your ram up to 8GB if you are a gamer, web surfer, or a person who watches videos on YouTube or Netflix. Having more ram will increase the speed and performance of your PC or Laptop. Before going for an upgrade, always check which ram is compatible with your PC.

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