Is Jenna the Roblox Hacker Real?

is jenna the roblox hacker real

Roblox offers users a platform for creativity, unlike most other games. People have used this opportunity to craft some amazing and innovative games or “experiences”. But it has also led to the creation of many myths and rumors. Among the more infamous ones is a story belonging to “Jenna the Roblox hacker” or simply “Jenna”. But is there any truth to her story? Is Jenna real?

The stories surrounding Jenna the Roblox Hacker are mostly fiction. The profile for Jenna, AGirlJennifer, was created for the purpose of a Youtube movie series. And there is a Roblox experience called AGirlJennifer’s Place. But Jenna is not a real person nor does this experience hack your profile.

In this article, we are going to try and delve deeper into the lore of Jenna the Roblox hacker. We will explore the character’s origins, spread, and impact on the Roblox community as well as any news on her potential return.

Who Is Jenna the Roblox Hacker?

Let’s start at the beginning. Jenna, or more specifically, her profile AGirlJennifer was created by the Youtuber Zerophyx. The character is part of an animated horror movie based on the world of Roblox. This series of horror movies is called “The ODer”.

In the story of the movie, Jenna is a very jealous and vengeful girl. When she is dumped by her boyfriend in-game, she would track that person in real life. This has led to her getting a bad reputation among the online Roblox community. 

The story goes like this. Jenna was a Roblox user who dated other people through the avatars in the game. But if someone broke up with her in the game, Jenna would make this personal. She would not only hack the user of her boyfriends but also figure out their real-life addresses. Some stories go so far as to give her a murderous intent. 

But in reality, this is where Jenna’s story ends. Her entire existence is limited to a fictionalized story about an obsessed girlfriend. There have been no reports saying that a person in real-life has been hacked by this character or physically harmed. In fact, the rumor surrounding her real life persona has been confirmed to be just that, a hox and nothing more.

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Does Jenna Have a Roblox Profile?

The thing that arguably made the rumor significantly more believable is the fact that there is a Roblox account dedicated to this fictional character. And certain aspects of this profile do have a creepy vibe.

The server was created in July of 2018. According to the profile, it has last seen an update in February this year.

Attached to this profile is a Roblox experience called “AGirlJennifer’s Place”. Experiences are mini-games created by a user that other users can play. When you enter this experience, you will find a blood trail to follow. If you follow this trail, you will end up at the top of a hill. There you will see a cave that the trail leads into.

The moment you enter the cave, the game shows you a black and red screen with the words “Content Deleted”. You then get kicked out of the experience and will see the number 7878787878 on the disconnected screen. 

There is also some creepy detail when you explore Jenna’s profile in Roblox. For example, the same message of “Content Deleted” appears in a distorted form on the About section of her profile.

But once again, this profile was also created for the purpose of the horror movie called “The Oder”. Going through this experience does not harm your Roblox account or your computer. It also does not send your location or other sensitive information to the outside.

It is likely that the experience was created to add more credibility to the character of Jenna from the movie. And these sorts of online ghost stories or “Creepypastas” have been common for quite some time.

However, even though this experience may be harmless, you still need to be careful about how you browse the game. You should never give away your Roblox password to someone you do not trust, be it in the game or outside.

Can Jenna Hack Your Computer or Game?

The Jenna that we are talking about is nothing more than a harmless fictional character. She may make you extra wary about your activities on the internet. But she cannot do any actual harm to your game or your computer.

After you complete the AGirlJennifer’s Place experience in Roblox, there will be a window that shows you the message – Content Deleted. But this is simply a scare tactic. None of your existing game data will be deleted or altered. And it does not affect any other data stored on your computer.

Similarly, playing through this experience has not invited hackers to your computer so far. This experience does not implant any potential malware on your computer. It also does not give away your personal information or private information such as your Roblox password.

However, you can never be too safe when on the internet. So, if you do come across an experience you do not fully trust, do not enter it.

How old Is Jenna the Roblox Hacker?

Since Jenna is a fictional character, she does not have a legitimate age. In the movie that she originated from, the creator did not specify her current age. From her general appearance, it is safe to assume that the maker of the movie imagined her as a girl in her twenties.

Now, there is another way you can go about calculating her age. Since she does not have a specified age in the movie, you could look to her origin and figure out a timeline. The character of Jenna was created in 2017. So, if you considered that to be the birth of this character, then Jenna is currently 5 years old.

What Does Jenna the Roblox Hacker Look Like?

Since Jenna does not have a physical form, her appearance is limited to her avatar used in the movie and in the profile.

Jenna has the appearance of a typical female Roblox character. Her most defining feature is her dark, brown hair and peach-colored skin. She wears a headband on top. Her eyes are big and bright. She is often seen with a big smile on her face.

In most depictions, Jenna wears a black crop top and fishnet stockings. Additionally, she usually has a necklace around her neck. 

What Happened with Jenna?

Jenna is still a recurring character in the Roblox horror movie series on the Zerophyx Youtube channel. The movies as well as other short videos including Jenna have garnered a substantial following. So, regardless of the rumors, the fictional character of Jenna is continuing to stay in the online consciousness through these movies.

As far as the real-life implications of this character go, nothing has been reported thus far. It is possible that someone in the Roblox community uses this alias to create further rumors and pranks. 

The experience on Roblox has seen a huge burst in popularity thanks to the rumors surrounding it. It has more than 19 million visits by curious users. More than sixty thousand players have added this experience as one of their favorites. So, it is safe to say that the creation of this experience has been a huge success.

Is Jenna the Roblox Hacker Coming Back?

So, this is an extension of the original rumor. After the story of Jenna got around the online Roblox community, people started saying that she will be back sometime in 2022. Additionally, the story said that this time Jenna would take on a boy avatar and target female Roblox players.

Initially, all the rumors surrounding Jenna were about her o\bssessiveness with her past boyfriend. Exactly why her motive would change to target girls is not known. 

The supposed date for this return was sometime in February. Some rumors even went as fast as to specify a date for this return. These rumors claimed Jenna would make her comeback on the  7th or 8th of February. But that time has long since passed. And there have been zero reports about someone getting harassed or targeted by this Jenna character.

Again, we can safely put this story in the category of myth. Roblox’s user community mainly consists of children and teenagers. So, the obvious answer here is that the rumor about Jenna’s return was conjured only to scare people. And once a rumor like this gets around, other people come up with their own conjecture to further the plot.


While the story of Jenna the Roblox hacker may not be true, it does impart a valuable lesson. You should always double-check any information you find on the internet, especially if it is from an unreliable source. Browse the internet safely and smartly.

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