What Does It Mean in Roblox? [Roblox Slang Explained]

what does it mean in roblox

Roblox has spawned a massive amount of memes, phrases and slang that can seem overwhelming. Join me as we go through a huge list of them in alphabetical order and give definitions as well as an example sentence.

Roblox Slang in Alphabetical Order


This means versus another player, one-on-one. It is often used as a way to throw down a challenge. 

E.g. ‘Oi you in the blue pants, 1v1 me’.


Roblox has a 13+ age requirement, so if someone is suspected of being underaged, variations of this number are used to point it out to make that player leave. Also used to imply or state that someone is acting childish. 

E.g. ‘13, kid’.


An emoji that represents somebody crying.

E.g. ‘Oh man that was so close ;-;’.



Used as a way to identify responses in Roblox, you preface specific words or answers with it to link up two people in the chat that may be fast moving.

E.g. Player 1: ‘Who wants to roleplay as siblings? ABC me’.

Player 2: ‘ABC’.


Short for Accept or Counter. This is used commonly when trading with another player. It means the player offering the trade is willing to change the deal slightly if you want to offer something else.

E.g. ‘Rail Runner 5000 for Smiley Face ac’.

This is similar but means Accept or Decline, so when there is a trade that you’re not going to want to change, such as you don’t want to give away any of your other items, or you want their specific item.

E.g. ‘DIY Headrow for Snowman Headrow ad’.


Short for Away From Keyboard, it is either used to tell someone you’re going to be aware from the computer for some time so won’t be able to play or respond, or is used by other players to point out that another player is unavailable.

AFK generally tends to mean you’ll be away for a longer period.

E.g. ‘Yo, just going AFK for a bit’.


Short for Admin Abuse, administrator’s are users which have additional powers, abilities or other extras which are not available to other players in the game.

This means they can do things which the non-admins can’t do, meaning they can instantly win, walk through walls or all manner of other things. Calling out abuse is a first step to removing these types of players from the game.

E.g. ‘Jimmy224 is doing AA, I’m reporting you’. 


Meaning Arrest on Sight, this is most commonly found in roleplaying games where you can be law enforcement.

E.g. ‘We’re looking for a suspect last seen in green pants and feather cap: AOS’.


Short for ‘alternative account’, this refers to another account that a player may have in Roblox. These accounts are useful as they will have a different name, thus being unrecognizable by others, and they may have different items or gear which grants them access to other areas.

E.g. ‘Alright, let me just log back into my alt’.


Standing for ‘as soon as possible’, it is a way to ask someone to hurry up or something at the first available time.

E.g. ‘Trade with me ASAP’.


Standing for ‘after the event’ or ‘at the end’, it is when you’re wanting to catch up with someone to do something but are busy right now with an ingame event. 

E.g. ‘Yeh I’m doing quests right now, hit me up ATE’.



An emoji that is supposed to be a smiling person wearing sunglasses. It is often used when you want to come across as being cool or relaxing.

E.g. ‘Nah bruh jus’ chillin’ B)’.

Banned Forever

As a Roblox account can be banned from an individual game or from the Roblox service completely, banned forever refers to the latter.

E.g. ‘Nah you won’t be seeing Jimmy321 anymore, he’s been banned forever’.


Generally refers to something being correct or moral, or in line with something being the brave choice.

E.g. ‘Woah you will kill traitors even if that will get you banned? Based’.


Can mean baby, either as an insult to call someone immature or crying about something, or as a joking, sexy roleplay way. There is also a game called BrickBattles.

E.g. ‘BB don’t be like that’.


Stands for ‘baby girl’. Almost always an insult.

E.g. ‘Hey Jimbob 442 is crying about random stuff again, what a BBG’.


Stealing limited edition items via fraud or trading tricks.

E.g. ‘Dude! I just got beamed’.


A more humorous way of saying banned.

E.g. ‘That cheater Jimjo999 just got beaned lol’.


As players are made of blocks and will crumble into block pieces when they die, this is just another way to say die or lose. 

E.g. ‘I got totally bloxxed on that map’.

Boosted Ape

An insult, it is used to claim that a player likely got somewhere because of buying items with real money or getting powerful friends to run them through events.

E.g. ‘He may be top of the leaderboards but I know for a fact he is just a boosted ape’.


Standing for ‘be right back’, it is used to inform everyone that the speaker is going to be away for a few minutes. A more temporary version of AFK.

E.g. ‘BRB, someone’s at the door’.


Another way of writing ‘bro’, it has many meanings but is often a way to show disbelief, anger, or to dismiss something. 

E.g. ‘Bruh, why’d you do that? You suck’.


Short for ‘by the way’, used to join two sentences, change topic or state a reason.

E.g. ‘Gotta go afk btw, brb’.


A term talking about getting around limitations, normally used in regards to the Roblox terms of service, guidelines or other restrictions. Generally meaning to bypass chat phrase bans, shop listings and more.

E.g. ‘Heh, totally bypassed that word filter’. 


Standing for ‘best friend’, the middle ‘S’ is needed due to BF often thought to mean boyfriend.

E.g. ‘You’ll always be my BSF, JimJojo999’.



Short for compromised, means an account was accessed without proper permission or authorization from the account owner.

E.g. ‘Bruh, I think my alt got comped’.


Referring to copy and pasting, generally means that someone’s chats, profile or other aspect is copied from somewhere else.

E.g. ‘Nice copypaste profile’.


Roblox has a chat filter for the voice communication app Discord, to get around this people use this word instead. 

E.g. ‘Send me cord invite’.


Standing for ‘covered in next post’, it is used to alert users that a chat message will be continued below.

E.g. ‘Eligibility criteria is CNP’.


Short for ‘dishonorably discharged’, often seen in roleplaying games or when you’re kicking someone out.

E.g. ‘Sorry mate, you’re DD’.


Standing for ‘direct message’, often used to show permission or request for a player to message them in private. 

E.g. ‘DM me the details’.


Roblox games use the E key for interactions in their game, so it can mean many things like requesting an action, hit on something, etc.

E.g. ‘Just E on the wall there’.


Another way to write ‘easy’, it is used after a victory or challenge, normally used to try and make the other player angry.

E.g. ‘LOL EZ. Just give up, kid’.


Fat Legs

Referring to a cosmetic choice for a character, it is a common way to say something looks ugly. It has its etymology from choosing an avatar built with a thin torso but default legs.

E.g. ‘Get that fat legs piece of crap outta here’.


Short for ‘free-for-all’. It means everyone against everyone, or means there aren’t many rules limiting conduct.

E.g. ‘FFA for the next game, lads!’.


Getting around chat filters in the game.

E.g. ‘What is the filterpass I should use?’


Short for ‘got to go’, meaning the player is about to leave the game in Roblox or go offline. 

E.g. ‘Parent’s home, g2g’.

Get Noobed

A noob is a new player, so when someone loses in an embarrassing way, you can taunt them by saying this.

E.g. ‘Wow you fell off the platform and died? Get noobed’.


Short for ‘good game’, it is generally said at the conclusion of a game, but also can be used to taunt people after a loss.

E.g. ‘GG noobs’.

Git Gud

A deliberate misspelling of ‘get good’, it is a reply to players who complain about something being hard or impossible. 

E.g. ‘You think I’m cheating? Git gud’.


An older way to say hacks meaning someone is cheating or exploiting something.

E.g. ‘I’m calling h4x on JimJims332’


Short for ‘I swear to god’, often used in frustration.

E.g. ‘ISTG if that happens one more time’.


Short for ‘in real life’, it is used to differentiate actions or things happening in real life as opposed to in Roblox or on the internet.

E.g. ‘I got some IRL stuff to do, going AFK’.


Representing ‘just kidding’, is used to make it clear that a previous statement was a joke or said sarcastically.

E.g. ‘Hey I stole your Roblox account jk’.



The initialism stands for ‘knock out’, often used in fighting games.

E.g. ‘Just got KO’d so easily’. 


As kiss is blocked by Roblox filters, this shortening is used. 

E.g. ‘Ay bb, come here and ks me’


Short for ‘let’s make a deal’. Often said before a trade to signal that you are willing to compromise slightly on the offering or just want to trade. 

E.g. ‘Anyone free? LMAD’.


Meaning ‘love’, it is another way to bypass the chat filters. Could also mean ‘level up’.

E.g. ‘This roleplay is getting intense, I have to LV my Roblox girlfriend’.


Short for ‘level’, you can gain experience and go up levels in the game to get stronger. 

E.g. ‘I gotta LVL to take that on’.


A request for the player to get into voice chat or turn their microphone on. It is often used as a challenge to another player.

E.g. ‘Alright bruh, mic-up cos I’m about to blow your mind’.

Most/Doing the Most

Used to point out that a player is trying too hard, usually said as a criticism. 

E.g. ‘JonG doing the most over there’.


An onomatopoeia for a kissing sound.

E.g. ‘Mwa guys I’m off’.


Another way to spell Okay or mmmkay. 

E.g. ‘MK I’m gonna get going’.



Also spelled as newb or noob or noobie, it refers to a new player that is inexperienced or naive. 

E.g. ‘OMG you are such a noob’.


Short for non-fungible tokens, another way to refer to rare digital items such as cosmetics. It could also mean not for trade.  

E.g. ‘Sorry that is NFT’.


Short for ‘not going first’, it is used in trading and shows that there is not much trust between the two parties.

E.g. ‘OK we can trade for it but I’m ngf’.

No you/No u

A childish phrase, it is a way of deflecting insults.

E.g. ‘I’m a noob? no u’.


Another emoji that represents an anime-style face, with a big nose and two big eyes. Used for surprise or other emotions.

E.g. ‘Oh that outfit is so cute OwO’. 


Shortening of ‘obstacle course’, it is a type of game in Roblox. 

E.g. ‘Feel like playing some obby?’.


Short for ‘out of character’ messaging, most commonly seen in roleplaying games. There are often rules preventing you from talking about anything out of character, so you preface it with this to avoid a ban, or just to show that you’re talking about something outside of roleplaying.

E.g. ‘I gotta OOC for a sec, but I really hate the latest superhero film’. 


Another onomatopoeia, it is the sound of a groan or exhale. Often used when something has gone wrong or something seems painful. It has many uses.

E.g. ‘You got scammed in a trade? Oof’.


Short for overpowered.

E.g. ‘Man that skill is so OP’.


Owning something or someone is to beat someone thoroughly. Often used as a taunt.

E.g. ‘You just pwned that noob’.


Short for pay to win, this is either an objective statement which is that somebody can’t win a game on Roblox without putting real money into it, or similarly a criticism of a game that requires payments or highly encourages them. 

E.g. ‘Man, everything in Roblox is p2w these days’. 


Stands for ‘private message’, it is similar to direct message. 

E.g. ‘Can you PM me your idea?’.


Also known as poggers, this comes from another website called twitch.tv where you can type emojis using keywords, and poggers has come to mean surprise at amazing feats. 

E.g. ‘So pog!’


Another word filter version of the word ‘online dater’, it is common in roleplaying games.

E.g. ‘I’m so addicted to being a QDer’.



Crazy or being angry. Often used when people type in all caps.

E.g. ‘lol rage, calm down buddy’.


A shortening of ‘recent average price’, it is like the public price of an item on the market of Roblox.

E.g. ‘That’s way above the RAP, no deal’.


Short for ‘random death match’, it is a type of game.

E.g. ‘I hate RDM so much, let’s do a different game mode’.


An onomatopoeia of someone screeching like an immature child. Often used to insult or call out behavior. Can be used to complain in a tongue-in-cheek way about something.

E.g. ‘Stop reeee’ing dude, calm down’.


Another way to spell ‘wrecked’, often used when someone is thoroughly beaten. 

E.g. ‘With all these cheaters I’m just getting rekt every game’.

Salad Hair

An alternative name for the Holiday Crown item, meant to make fun of it.

E.g. ‘Nice salad hair’.


Describes avatars that are thin and tall with an alternative appearance, sometimes referencing the horror character Slenderman. Often used in a negative light, but can sometimes be neutral. 

E.g. ‘That outfit be slender, change it’.


An item known as the Supreme Star Amulet, it is a very powerful item.

E.g. ‘Oh you need to get a SSA? That’s so OP!’.


Stands for ‘Special Services Unit’, it is part of a game called Mobile Bloxxers that investigates cases.

E.g. ‘Alright, better contact the SSU’.


Short for ‘shaking my head’, it is used to show disappointment.

E.g. ‘You let that admin push you around? SMH fam’.


When a player encourages another player to get around a chat filter. This is important because a banned word is replaced with symbols, you can’t read it and so you need someone to rephrase what they say so you know what they’re talking about.

E.g. Player 1: ‘#####’.

Player 2: ‘tags’.

Player 1: ‘cord’.


Short for Team Deathmatch, it is a game mode in many fighting and shooting games. 

E.g. ‘Feel like some TDM?’.


 Another way to say ‘what the hell’.

E.g. ‘TH is going on?’.


Also spelled as thx, TY, TYSM and other variations, it means ‘thank you’ or ‘thank you so much’. 

E.g. ‘OK TYSM’.


A malicious, muck wracking, mischievous player who tries to get a rise out of people by saying false things.

E.g. ‘That guy’s a troll, just ignore’.


An emoji with the tops of the ‘T’ being a closed eye, and the body of the ‘T’ signifying crying. Often used to convey extreme sadness.

E.g. ‘I lost TT’.


A method of trade scamming that causes the transaction to seem legitimate when you accept, only for it to run into an issue and you lose your item.

E.g. ‘Oh I just got UUC’d’.


An onomatopoeia that shows a feeling of cuteness or happiness.

E.g. ‘Uwu at that hat, so nice!’.


A statement that roleplay is being ended. This is generally because the other party is acting inappropriately. 

E.g. ‘Enough of this, I’m voiding you now’.


Another way to write ‘wait’. 

E.g. ‘hey w8, I’ll help’.


An easier way to refer to the Roblox game ‘Work at a Pizza Place’. 

E.g. ‘I got a new position in the WaaPP game’.



When capitalized, it is showing laughter with closed eyes and a big laughing mouth. When lowercase, is generally a less intense laugh. 

E.g. ‘That outfit XD’.


Stands for ‘you’re right’. Used as a quick acknowledgment.

E.g. ‘YR, I’ll redo the trade’.


Referring to sleep, a  player either finds the conversation or game boring.

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