How to Defeat Masanori in Genshin Impact?

How to Defeat Masanori in Genshin Impact

Masanori is a samurai that has gone insane after killing one of his best friends and then taking his name. Killing him under quickly enough will grant you an achievement, but it is not so easy. So how do you defeat Masanori in Genshin Impact?

Preparation is key for defeating Masanori, as you will want to have Elemental Burst fully charged to unleash on Masanori when the fight starts. Use attack food as well as a potion to further boost your damage.

Let’s examine how best to defeat this crazy samurai including some example party compositions, as well as look at some techniques to get the most out of your team. We’ll also consider the impact of cooperative mode and whether he should heal midfight.

Steps for Defeating Masanori

You can find him northwest of the waypoint found at the peak of Tatarasuna.

Like most battles in Genshin Impact, there is a strategy to take out strong enemies by using elemental weaknesses and effectively using your team.

  1. First, fill up your team’s Elemental Burst so that it is ready to be used constantly once the fight starts. You can do this before initiating the fight
  2. Make sure you have packed attack buffs and potions as you’re going to need them for this fight. As only one attack food and potion can be active at one time, use your best attack food and synchronize up the correct element for the potion.
  3. If you can’t do the necessary damage, remember you can always lower your World Level. This will make Masanori’s level and HP will be lower and thus easier to deal with

Many party compositions will work for this fight, although one that has seen success is the grouping of Zhongli, Kazuha, Keqing, and Benett. Benett is mainly for buffing up your damage, while the other three will be your damage dealers.

Zhongli is a Geo Archon powerhouse and Kazuha is a very powerful 5 star anemo. Keqing rounds out the damage and is another 5 star character.

A more achievable party composition would be to get Eula, Xingqiu, Noelle, and Fischl, starting off with Xingqiu and then cycling through to get the optimal attacks in.

In the end, this fight is a ‘gear check’ part of the game, making you examine your party composition and gear to make sure it is at the level the game wants it to be at, enabling you to continue on and defeat other enemies who will be much stronger and deal more damage.

Can You Defeat Masanori in Co-Op?

Defeating Masanori in cooperative mode will grant the achievement to every player in the party, and will be easier as you can all use teamwork to focus your attacks and power.

Genshin Impact’s achievements are often best achieved in cooperative mode, especially when dealing with hard to find objects and animals that don’t spawn very commonly, or a fight that requires high amounts of damage.

Doing this fight in cooperative mode has some other advantages, namely that you can put constant damage on Masanori as he can only hit one of you at a time. 

As Masanori’s attacks can send you flying and get stunned for a short time, your damage per second will go up as you will always have at least one of you attacking him.

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Is Masanori Supposed to Heal?

Unfortunately, Masanori’s healing ability is one of the most frustrating parts of this fight. It is so unexpected that you can find many people complaining about how hard it is to get the achievement given the strict time limit.

Masanori possesses two health bars, and once his first is low, he will heal all the way to full health.

That means if you want to get the Oowazamono achievement, you’ll need to be able to take down one health bar every 10 seconds. This is where doing it in cooperative mode can be most beneficial.

Although commonly thought of as a bug, it is in fact a feature of this fight as Masanori is known for his resilience.

Masanori will otherwise possess the usual moveset found in the other samurai across Inazuma, showing both powerful spinning attacks and high damage Electro slashes.

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