Will Genshin Add a Trading System? Let’s See…

Will Genshin Add a Trading System

Genshin Impact has taken the gaming world by storm, with its amazing visuals, in-depth storylines and the large world being an amazing gaming experience. But getting the items or characters you want can be difficult, so will Genshin add a trading system?

Genshin Impact is very unlikely to add a trading system. The game wasn’t designed for one and the underlying mechanics of the game don’t suit a trading system. Such a system would also cause massive issues for the game.

Let’s look at what a trading system is, whether it could happen and what it would look like. We’ll also consider ways to trade items as the game currently stands as well as consider services like Discord.

Are There Speculations That Genshin Impact Will Add a Trading System?

Trading generally comes out with the game rather than being added in later. That means that the chances of Genshin Impact having a trading system introduced into it after the fact are very low if not zero.

The main reason for this is that the game is designed and built around certain ideas, gameplay styles and other considerations. 

Trading items, especially in a gacha game like Genshin Impact, would throw up so many complications and issues that it wouldn’t be worth it. There are also no examples of trading in a gacha game on any big titles in the gaming sphere.

Essentially, a game has to be designed around trading from the outset; it is very hard to retrofit a game for trading.

Adding in an auction house, trading, or other systems to acquire loot, gear and resources quickly throws the whole system into chaos, just see the hellscape that was Diablo 3 and its trading system. 

Incentives change with the introduction of such systems, and it seems that no amount of planning or safeguards can prevent the widespread, unexpected changes that can result.

When considering that for many games like Genshin Impact, the big fun is in killing monsters and farming for epic loot, a trading system can short circuit this mechanism, making the game feel soulless or moving away from its core gameplay.

If people could trade to get the items they want, this would also discourage people from making real money purchases in the game to get what they want.

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How Would Trading System Look in Genshin Impact?

There are some general principles to a trading system that Genshin Impact could look to.

Firstly, the trading system needs to display the trade that will take place and not allow players to just drop items for each other. This helps reduce scamming and trades clearer.

It would also be a good idea to not make Primogems tradable. This removes a massive incentive for scammers and compromisers to get into accounts and offload these items to others illegitimately. 

Trading resources like resin is also not a good idea, as this quickly causes massive price inflation and duplication of items.

Item locking or character locking is a great way to try and keep the trading system under control. The way this works is that if you get an item for your character, you can’t trade it unless that person was already in the game with you.

It may also be an optional lock, to put an item on a character permanently so that it can’t get traded away. 

Can You Give Items to Other Players in Genshin Impact?

You can’t give in-game items to other players in Genshin Impact, as there is no trading, gifting or sharing of items.

Genshin Impact is basically a single-player game that has a gacha mechanic to get better items and characters, and having a trading or auction house system would break this entirely.

Some in-game events allow very limited trading of those event-specific items but generally only for the duration of the event itself.

Another type of behavior is using the co-operative play mode to extract resources such as ore from another player’s world, but it is hard to really cause this trading or gifting.

The only place real trade happens is via the in-game store where the premium currency is purchased and used to obtain items.

Can You Trade Genshin Impact Items on Discord?

Discord offers a sort of Genshin Impact service but it is not trading items. Instead, you can pay people to boost your account to a certain level or you can buy an account that already contains the items or characters you want.

Keep in mind that account selling, sharing, or any other similar action is prohibited by the Genshin Impact terms of service, and all accounts involved will be terminated immediately with no refunds.

This includes account boosting, as you are either logging into someone else’s unique account after they have boosted it, or you are letting someone access your account to boost it.

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