How Often Does Snap Score Update? How It Works?

How Often Does Snap Score Update

Snap Score is a great way to see how active you are and how active your friends are on Snapchat. But when checking it, you may see that your score hasn’t gone up despite being on the app a lot. So how does Snap Score work and how often does it update? 

Snapchat will generally update instantly especially for display on your device, although there may be a lag for your score on other people’s devices that may last up to a week. Your Snap Score goes up through certain activities on the app.

Let’s explore how to increase your Snap Score and what won’t increase your score, as well as looking at how to check whether your score is updating or not.

Does Snapchat Score Update Instantly?

The Snapchat score updates instantly only for your own score. You may get an instant update when viewing other people’s scores.

It is important to recognize the things that make a score update, as not all actions within Snapchat will cause a score to go up.

One of the more obvious ways to get your Snap Score up is just by sending many Snapchats, and opening up any received Snapchats. It doesn’t matter if the Snap you send doesn’t get opened by the receiver, so you can send as many as you want.  

Another way to push your Snap Score up is via stories. While watching your friend’s stories doesn’t contribute to your Snapchat Score (somewhat bizarrely), so look at Stories instead which are set to public or from people who are not your friends.

Your score will also get updated in larger jumps if you try and build streaks, as making streaks will increase the number of Snap Score you get, as well as making it more likely you’ll get a Snapchat in return.

Your score will be updated for both private and public Stories that you publish. Make sure your profile is public to increase interaction with others, thereby getting a snowball effect of getting more opportunities to receive Snaps back.

As Stories expire over time, always go back into the Stories section to check out more, as well as take the opportunity to upload a new story if yours has expired.

Consider also checking out the Discover section which also contains many videos. The content found there will do much to instantly raise your score, as it will all be public. Random videos from the public or discovery videos from your favorite influencers will definitely count.

If you add friends and are just generally active on Snapchat, this will go a long way to pumping up the score instantly.

You will notice an instance boost if you combine streaking with mass Snapchatting, so send the same Snapchat to multiple friends to get as many points as possible, and keep in mind that if you haven’t been active for a few days you’ll get a streak boost when doing this.

Another way to see your score update is to just take pictures of something you see in your life or an interesting angle of an everyday object, making people want to look at it and send back something. You’ll get a double boost from sending and opening any replies.

Why Is Your Snap Score Different on Your Friends Phone?

As a Snap Score doesn’t update on your own device’s profile any quicker on someone else’s device, but may even see a delay, you may see a big difference when checking the same profile on two different devices.

This is by design, and is nothing sinister or unusual. You can expect that your own score will get priority and updated first once you take actions on your own Snapchat account.

It can take some time for this data to be pushed to your public profile which is visible by your friends.

You may also notice a lower refresh rate of your information during the peak hours for the major Snapchat areas, which is India and the United States for the number one and two positions respectively. 

Can You Manually Update a Snap Score?

The calculation of the Snap Score happens mainly on Snapchat’s side, so there’s not much you can do to push it through quicker.

Snapchat needs to verify certain actions happen and get responses from their systems before they update the score on your end.

They also have certain anti-spam measures and fake users that they are trying to weed out, so that can take some time to run and verify all the actions are being taken by legitimate people.

This is because Snapchat accounts with high scores, and therefore influence can be quite valuable as a commodity. Snapchat is also partly valued by how good they are with expunging fake users and bots.

This means that Snapchat is very careful about reporting how many active users they have who are actually humans, otherwise, they can get fined or severely punished for fraud.

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Is Snap Score Accurate?

A Snap Score will generally be updated every few hours, so if two or more hours have passed since the last action, that should be enough for the update to get there. However, it is also possible for actions to take up to a week to get updated on the device.

I’d recommend you close the Snapchat app completely, or even restart your device, then reopen it to force it to check for new data or reset the cache.

However, it’s not likely there is much you can do on your end to make sure that the number is fully up to date and accurate. A lot of this will be out of your hands.

As Snapchat servers automatically delete all unopened Snaps after 30 days, you won’t get credited for opening the Snap to your Snap Score if it gets deleted before you get a chance to open it.

Snapchat servers will also automatically delete any unopened Snaps sent to a group chat after 24 hours. 

How Does Snap Score Work?

Text conversations on Snapchat don’t count as sending, viewing or engaging with Snapchats, so won’t do anything to increase your score.

Otherwise, you’ll want to make sure you’re sending and opening every Snap you can, and creating lots of content by constantly taking photos and videos and sending them on.

Add as many friends as possible, as not only will this make your Snap Score go up but it will also increase the people you can send them to.

Keep in mind that adding too many friends with an unverified email address or phone number can earn you a ban from Snapchat.

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