Does Snap Score Increase When You Receive Snaps?

Does Snap Score Increase When You Receive Snaps

The Snapchat Score is shown on your profile, and like all scores, it often makes you want to get higher and higher to be among the top users. But does your Snap Score increase when you receive Snapchats?

Your Snapchat Score will go up when receiving Snapchats as well as when sending, adding friends, viewing and uploading Stories, going through the Discovery and Spotlight section, and just generally being on the app a lot.

We’ll look at the specific ways you can raise your score as well as things that do nothing to your score, including how to check what your score is to ensure your actions are being counted. 

Does Snap Score Increase When You Open Snaps?

Your Snap Score will increase when you open Snapchats.

The score is calculated from the amount of both received and sent Snaps.

This doesn’t mean that the Snapchats that you open have to be from your friends.

Does Snap Score Increase Without Opening the Snaps?

As one of the metrics that increases the Snap Score is sending Snapchats as well as overall activity on Snapchat, you can increase your Snap Score without opening Snapchats.

It also doesn’t matter if the recipient doesn’t open the Snapchat, as you’ll get credited for sending it. Keep in mind that this only applies to photos or videos and not text messages.

We’ll look at the various ways you can boost your Snap Score without having to rely on people opening your Snapchats or having to open up all the Snapchats people send you.

How to Increase Your Snapchat Score?

There are several ways to make your Snapchat Score go up and it’s best to try a few of these to get the most effective boost in your Snapchat Score in a short amount of time.

As mentioned, one way to up the score is just by sending many Snapchats, and opening up any received Snapchats.  

Another way is via stories, both by adding Snapchat stories and viewing other people’s stories. This can be boosted by daily uploads including life photos and videos, helping you build streaks. Making streaks will increase the number of Snapchats you get. 

Unfortunately, watching your friend’s stories doesn’t contribute to your Snapchat Score, so look at public Stories instead.

Stories don’t have to be public to contribute to the score, so if you’re wanting to boost the score you can do it via private stories as well. It’s worth making your profile public to increase interaction with others.

Of course, stories expire over time, so by regularly checking the story section, you’ll be able to find new stories to boost the score again.

The Discover section also contains many videos and your score will go up every time you watch one. Random videos from the public or discovery videos from your favorite influencers will all count, and longer episodes reflect better engagement.

Spotlight videos are also a great way to boost your score.

If you add friends and are just generally active on Snapchat, this will go a long way to pumping up the score.

Keep in mind that basic text conversations on Snapchat won’t do anything to increase your score.

When sending Snapchats, while you get some points for sending a Snapchat, if you don’t use it for a few days then you’ll get a bonus amount when sending the next Snapchat.

It is worth sending the same Snapchat to multiple friends to get as many points as possible, as each additional friend will count as extra points.

One way to increase your score is to send a lot of Snapchats, as this also increases your chances to receive a Snapchat. It doesn’t have to be anything amazing: just take a picture of something you see in your life or an interesting angle, making people want to look at it.

If you see something interesting in your commute, or have a good outfit on, or just find something very colorful, whip your phone out, take a Snapchat and send it to everyone on your list.

One way to better boost your chances of having your Snapchats responded to is by looking at your friends’ own Snapchat Scores. Those of your friends that have scores are much more likely to be posting Stories, opening Snapchats and responding to Snapchats.

This means that they’re the perfect foil to send extra Snapchats to as you know they’re likely much more active on the platform.

Does Your Snap Score Go Up by Adding Someone?

Your Snapchat Score will go up every time you add somebody.

From the search bar, you can find the section called Popular Snap Stars, and these are great people to subscribe to as they tend to produce a lot of content, giving you more opportunities via Stories to boost your score.

Can You Artificially Increase Snap Score?

You can focus on doing activities that get you increases in your Snapchat Scores, and taking advantage of how the mechanics work to get the best score.

For example, you can send lots of Snapchats out because it doesn’t require the recipient to open them. You can add people, like public profiles of celebrities and others, because they don’t have to interact with you for the score to go up.

Of course, the more friends you have, the more stories will show up on your feed. Having more and more Snap Stars also gives many more people to send Snapchats to, especially when combined with the Last Snap feature to multiply this effect.

If you’re able to find people’s usernames or Snapcodes, you can use these to rapidly increase the number of friends on your own Snapchat.

Otherwise, give Snapchat permission to access your phone contacts. You can view every friend who has their phone number synced, as it will show an icon in both your contacts and on Snapchat.

You can also hit the Share button from your profile page on Snapchat, and then post it on Twitter or Facebook to invite people to add you.

You can make sure that the actions you’re taking are working by checking your Snapchat Score, by opening Snapchat and tapping on your profile picture.

The number that appears below your name is your Snapchat Score, generally, you’ll find it in a rectangular box.

Replaying Snapchats won’t count as additional points for your profile.

One way to send Snapchats very quickly is to use the Last Snap feature. This automatically populates your send list with all these people you have previously sent Snapchats to, drastically increasing the send speed.

It’s even possible to add yourself to Snapchat, and send Snapchats to yourself, giving you not only a point for sending it, and a point for opening it.

Sending Snapchats in group messages doesn’t help your Snapchat Score, so be sure to send only to individuals and not just group messages. 

What Is the Average Snapchat Score?

Generally, you can expect around 50,000 to 75,000 for the average score. 

There is a large number of people who have no activity on the app, but they still don’t allow the average score to drop too low as even a moderately active user will easily be in the high tens of thousands.

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