Fish Not Spawning in Genshin Impact? Here’s Why!

Fish Not Spawning in Genshin Impact

Following the anticipated 2.1 update for Genshin Impact, fishing has been added along with associated rewards for getting the right type of fish. But why are fish not spawning for you?

Fish spawn on a timed cycle and fishing spots can become exhausted so you can skip time to refresh them. You can also try joining another game in cooperative mode to gain access to more refreshed fishing spots.

Let’s look at how fishing works, how to find the fish you want, consider the requirements to start fishing, how to get the bait and force fish to respawn.

Why Is Fish Not Spawning in Genshin?

Fish spawn on a cycle that is equivalent to three days. This is just like the rest of the regional specialties in Genshin Impact.

Fish won’t be in the game until you trigger the event to bring them in. This is done by talking to the NPC Katheryne who can be found in Mondstadt. Katheryne is the receptionist for the Adventurer’s Guild.

A Katheryne can be found in every guild headquarters for each of Teyvat’s seven nations, indicated by the Adventurers’ Guild icon on the map, appearing as a white circle with a white cross in the middle.

You should already be doing commissions and claiming daily rewards in Mondstadt’s Adventurer’s Guild so if you’ve progressed through the game a little bit, you should already have the ability to spawn fish via having the Exploding Population quest.

There are lots of places to fish in Genshin Impact, as there are eight fishing locations in Mondstadt, eleven in Liyue, and eight in Inazuma. You can also join a cooperative game and then fish in other Traveler’s worlds.

Consider also that specific fish are limited to stipulated times, for example, the Raimei Angelfish is a night fish that only appears after 6pm but before 6am.

The Medaka, on the other hand, is available at any time which is useful because it is used to buy rods and craft bait.

How Long Does It Take for Fish to Respawn in Genshin?

Regular fish will respawn every day but it takes three whole days ie 72 hours for fishing spots themselves to refill.

It seems that sometimes that the daily reset will cause fish to respawn in an area which means you only have to wait 24 hours.

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How to Skip Time to Respawn Fish?

Changing the ingame clock is the best way to force fish to respawn. Fish generally spawn or can be found according to a day or night cycle.

Go into the Paimon menu and then tap on Time and you’ll see the clock that you can move the clock hands on to change the time.

You can’t skip more than a day as this will cause a daily reset and isn’t possible.

How to Get Fish in Genshin Impact without Fishing?

You have two options if you’re not going to fish using a fishing pole. The first is to gather the fish just like you would gather other ingame resources, or you can kill them using a character’s attack, just like you would do other game such as eagles.

If the body of water is shallow enough, like a pond or lake, you can just run in there and pick them up. You can also use the flying or gliding mechanic to drop onto fish from above and when you land on them you’ll get the harvest prompt.

Almost any attack will work to kill the fish, although Area of Effect (AoE) will be the better choice as it doesn’t require very precise aiming.

Electro and Cryo are probably the best ways to kill fish, with the latter allowing water to be frozen and then grabbed. These tips may come in handy if you notice that fish is not spawning. 

How to Get More Fish Bait in Genshin Impact?

As every species has a type of bait that they will respond to, if you’re trying to complete achievements or unlock the four-star polearm, you’ll need to make sure you have ways of getting the correct bait.

One of the easiest ways to get bait is via recipes, of which one of the first will be the Fruit Paste bait that you get upon unlocking the fishing function. 

You can buy the Redrot bait, False Worm bait, and Fake Fly bait via the blueprints bought from Nantuck the angler, found on the east shore of the City of Mondstadt.

Sugardew bait can be obtained from Loumelat of the Sumeru Fishing Association and she can be found north of Port Ormos. 

You can get these materials by harvesting from trees in the open world, mostly in Liyue and Mondstadt or purchasing them from Bolai in Liyue Harbor, or Aramani in Genshin Impact Dream Vanarana.

You can get other materials from the General Store, Nazuchi Beach, Maguu Kenki arena, Pyro Hypostasis arena, and northwest of Kujou Encampment.

Other materials are obtainable from killing birds or purchasing from Draff in Springvale or Ashpazi in Gandharva Ville.

Killing Slimes and harvesting from bushes, or you can look at the Sacred Sakura Tree in Inazuma 

The Dihua Marsh and Stone Gate area of Liyue have a lot of needed materials, or you can purchase them from the Bubu Pharmacy. Otherwise, you can get the materials such as the Sumeru Rose all over Sumeru.

You can harvest from the Harra Fruit from bushes in Sumeru or purchase from Aramani, Jut, or Hamawi.

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