How to Shoot an Eagle in Genshin Impact? [Guide]

How to Shoot an Eagle in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s massive open world can make it a challenge to complete all the achievements, and one that causes many players is the Nothing Special, Just Practice achievement. So how can you shoot an eagle in Genshin Impact?

You’ll generally want to head to a high up location and use a bow. Eagles don’t spawn very regularly and they’re hard to spot. They can be found at Wuwang Hill, Huaguang Stone Forest, Guyun Stone Forest, Heart Island or Dihua Marsh among others.

Let’s look at some strategies on how best to shoot an eagle, where they spawn, how to line up the shot and also some tips on how to up the spawn rates by using time skips or forcing a spawn of new animals.

How Do You Hit an Eagle in Genshin?

Eagles are not the easiest targets to hit as they are not only swift but also hard to spot.

They also have a very low chance to spawn, meaning even if you’re in the right area you’re still not very likely to come across one. However, your best bet is to wait for some time in the right area and keep a keen eye out.

Your best chance to hit one is to go for the character Amber or any character with a bow.

You’ll want to increase your chances by waiting until the eagle is flying towards or away from you, as then it will be traveling in a straight line.

Another technique is to notice that eagles tend to fly around in circles to take advantage of the thermal drafts. This means you can aim ahead of when the eagle starts to bank into the circle and shoot the arrow just as it enters the flight path.

It may take a few arrows but the eagle should continue to fly on the same draft for some time so you can get multiple goes once you spot one. No matter how close your arrow gets to the eagle, it won’t scare it away so you’ll get multiple shots at it.

Some players have reported that eagles can get stuck on rocks or obstacles, and that makes it easier to shoot them, although this an even harder circumstance to bring about when considering the base rareness of the eagle spawning.

Don’t be surprised if you end up going through quite a few ingame days before you finally spot one, as this is definitely a task that will take a long time and a lot of players have given up way too soon.

Where to Find Eagles in Genshin Impact?

There are a few locations that players have reported having success with, and generally you’ll want to get to an elevated position to make the shot easier.

Find the small hill located between the Wuwang Hill and Qingce Village. The hill itself is near the Geolocus location in the game, so look for that to situate yourself. You can also go near the ruins in that location too.

Another location is south-west of Guyun Stone Forest.

You can also try going to the Huaguang Stone Forest which is west of Liyue. Find the highest point and climb up, then look even higher to spot the eagles that will by flying near the peaks.

Dihua Marsh is also a great location, especially near the shores of the marsh.

Some players have also reported success going to Heart Island nearby the tower that has the Geoculus and Seelie on the tower.

In the end, your best chances are always going to be to get as high up as possible because eagles are going to be flying constantly, they’ll never sit and roost.

You can even open up the pause menu or Paimon menu and then there should be a clock icon on the left that you can select and then move the clock’s hands to skip forward in time.

This may cause an eagle to spawn. It is also worthwhile to change locations to help force a new spawn, or log off and then log back in again.

Can You Catch an Eagle in Genshin?

Getting close enough to an eagle to catch is almost impossible, and it doesn’t seem possible to actually catch the eagles, only kill them.

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