Why Do People Hate Genshin Impact?

why do people hate genshin impact

What do you recall when you think of Genshin Impact? Is it the game’s breathtaking graphics that come to mind? Perhaps the compelling characters? Or even its immersive storyline that sweeps players into a fantastical realm?

However, as with most things that gain widespread attention, not everyone is enamored with it. There’s a segment of the gaming community that disapproves of, or even outright hates Genshin Impact. The root causes of this sentiment are diverse, spanning from genuine concerns to subjective tastes. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons driving the criticism directed at Genshin Impact, considering both well-researched findings and personal insights.

Why Is There So Much Genshin Impact Hate?

Gacha System and Microtransactions

One major criticism is the game’s gacha system—a method of obtaining characters and weapons. Many argue that this system encourages gambling behavior and can be seen as predatory. While it’s possible to play without spending real money, the odds of getting desired characters or weapons are considerably low, pushing players to make in-game purchases.

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Time-Locking Features

A number of players have voiced frustrations about certain game mechanics being time-locked. Daily quests, resin (energy) restrictions, and event durations can force players to log in daily, sometimes feeling more like a chore than enjoyable gameplay.

Comparisons to Other Open-World Games

There are inevitable comparisons between Genshin Impact and other popular open-world games, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Some believe Genshin Impact borrowed heavily from these titles, leading to accusations of it lacking originality.

Cultural Misunderstandings and Controversies

Occasionally, the game has come under fire for its depiction of cultures, with critics claiming it portrays certain groups stereotypically or insensitively. miHoYo has responded to some of these claims, showing willingness to change and adapt.

Technical Issues

On some devices, players have reported performance issues, crashes, and bugs. Although patches are frequently released to address these concerns, for some, the problems persist.

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Is Genshin Impact Inappropriate?

Concerns about appropriateness mainly stem from the character designs and interactions. Some characters wear outfits that could be deemed revealing, and certain in-game interactions might be considered suggestive. Parents and guardians may need to decide if the content aligns with their values and if it’s suitable for younger players.

Is Genshin Impact Overrated?

The term “overrated” is subjective, depending on individual expectations. Due to its immense popularity and marketing, some players feel that the game doesn’t live up to the hype. Others believe that it rightfully deserves its acclaim due to the continuous updates, expansive world, and intricate character designs. While I personally haven’t played Genshin Impact, it’s clear from the feedback that player experiences vary widely.

Is Genshin Impact Losing Its Popularity?

It’s normal for the popularity of games to ebb and flow. Initial release hype often leads to a surge in players, which might dwindle as time progresses. Genshin Impact has seen fluctuations in its player base, but miHoYo’s commitment to regular updates and new content has retained a loyal following. As of now, the game continues to hold a significant position in the gaming community.


Genshin Impact, like many popular titles, has its share of supporters and critics. The reasons for disliking the game are multifaceted, ranging from its gacha system to cultural depictions. It’s essential to understand these criticisms while also recognizing the game’s achievements. Every game will have its detractors and fans, and the conversation surrounding it adds depth and perspective to the gaming world. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a skeptic, engaging in constructive dialogue helps build a richer, more inclusive gaming community.

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