Why Are iPads So Expensive? 6 Reasons

why are ipads so expensive

Apple products are well-known in the market for a number of things; their quality, high marketability, and, of course, their expensive price tags. But why is this exactly? Why are iPads so expensive?

The iPad is so expensive because it utilizes the latest and proprietary technology. It is designed such that it works the best inside an Apple ecosystem. Moreover, the cost of marketing and promoting the latest iPad also gets added to the final price. And thanks to the power of brand recognition, the prices of iPads are significantly higher than other tablets.

In this article, we are going to focus on Apple’s series of iPads, explain what makes them so special, and why are iPads so expensive compared to other brands.

Why Are iPads More Expensive Than Other Tablets?

Apple has thrived in the tech industry for so long that you can view its success from many perspectives. It is not so much one thing that makes their products so alluring. Rather it is a combination of factors that Apple strategically implements. 

The high-end price of an iPad is emblematic of the Apple brand as a whole. So, if we take a look at what makes Apple products successful in general, we will have a better idea about their pricing. Here, we are going to highlight some of the major ones:

The Quality of the Products

Let’s get the obvious answer out of the way first – Apple would never have been this successful unless it had top-quality products. And while it is obvious, it is also the foundation of Apple’s foundation. 

Since its humble origins in 1976, Apple has consistently produced high-end gadgets that have captured people’s imaginations. And, of course, this is also how they have captured customers’ wallets as well. To get the best product, you need to pay a premium fee. 

Over the years, many other companies have emerged as worthy competitors. But there is a reason why Apple has remained the standard, at least, in the eyes of the general public. As such, Apple is able to charge more for their products.

A Loyal Customer-Base

As a result of their products, Apple has managed to create a dedicated and loyal customer base. For many people, average citizens and tech enthusiasts, Apple products are the end-all-be-all. It does not matter how much the latest Apple watch or iPhone costs, they will be there, waiting in line, when the product becomes available. 

Apple knows that they can charge premium prices for their iPads because there will be customers ready to buy them. Achieving a dedicated fanbase is the difficult part. But once you do, then those same customers are very likely to come back repeatedly. And that is exactly what we see happen with the iPad.

The Brand Matters

Now, let’s get into some relatively intangible aspects of success. Apple has worked tremendously over the years to build its brand. And with that comes an automatic boost in appeal. People want to own an Apple product not just because it is the best option available. But also because owning an apple is a status symbol.

It is similar to owning a Gucci bag or wearing a Rolex watch. The Rolex is not going to keep time better than a standard watch. But owning a Rolex in itself is a big deal in society. So, when people are willing to pay more for your products, you can then charge them more as well.

The Apple Ecosystem

Here is a key reason why people who already use Apple will spend more money on an iPad instead of a cheaper tablet. The Apple ecosystem is basically a group of Apple technology that works optimally with each other. But they perform less than par with technology from a different company.

Apple is making its products with this concept in mind. If you are already an Apple user, you can still make do with another company’s tablet. But the iPad will fit into your already existing system like a glove. You will be able to fully utilize the potential of the iPad when you use it in conjunction with other Apple products.

This is why, despite not being compatible with the technology of rival companies, Apple can still charge a drastic amount for their iPads. And people who are in that ecosystem will readily pay that amount. 


As with any successful product in this day and age, the marketing has to be spot on. You cannot release an item and hope people will come searching for it. Instead, you need to present it to the world and entice them in.

And it is not a stretch to say that Apple has mastered the art of advertisement over the years. Every time a new iPhone or iPad gets announced, people become excited about how they are going to market them. 

There is a TV advertisement with high-end production. There are also promotions at various expos and on social media. In fact, every Apple Store also plays a big role in marketing and promoting the iPad. They provide valuable tech support to interested customers, for which they hire experts on this subject.

All of these ventures come with huge expenses. And this expense has to be recovered from the sale of said product, in this case, the iPad. So, when calculating the retail price for the iPad, it is also inclusive of all of the marketing and maintenance cost that goes into it. 

Resale Value

Apple products do not simply start out expensive. But they retain their value throughout the years remarkably better than the rest of their competition. And the same goes for the iPad.

While other tablets may be worth 10 to 20% their original value in a couple of years, the iPad can retain almost 75% of it. The reasons behind this phenomenon are much the same as the ones we have already discussed. Greater brand recognition, high-end technology – all of it goes into making iPads an enduring device. 

What Is so Special About iPads?

Most of the aspects that put a premium price on an iPad are also the reasons that make it a special gadget to own.

Whenever a new iPad comes out, they are packed with the latest technological advancements. For example, the latest iPad, iPad Pro 11, utilizes an octa-core CPU with Apple’s proprietary A12Z Bionix chipset. This fusion of the latest and proprietary technologies makes an iPad unique from other tablets. It also allows the iPad to run the latest and most powerful apps with little to no problem.

The iPad features a quality display. It has an 11-inch display and 2388-by-1668-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch. The edge-to-edge liquid retain display is also a stunning addition. So, an iPad feels and looks very different from other tablets.

 And, of course, you have the brand recognition that comes with any Apple product. Simply by looking at the logo on the back, people will be able to tell which device this is. And people immediately assume it to be a high-end device. And it is that perception of superior technology that gives an iPad an indisputable aura.

Another important aspect to mention is how an iPad fits within the Apple ecosystem. For example, the Homepod mini is an Apple device that only works with other Apple devices. So, you cannot pair it up with any other tablet. Likewise, you can optimally sync your existing Apple devices with an iPad. 

You will not get that compatibility with other tablets or computers. In fact, many apps and hardware will not work at all outside of the Apple ecosystem. This gives the iPad and similar Apple products an exclusive feeling. 

Apple’s privacy policy is another thing that sets the iPad apart from its competition. In fact, Apple has gotten into disputes with law organizations in order to keep their strict user privacy policy safe and unaffected. And that is sure to raise the allure of the iPad.

Is It Worth Buying an iPad?

Despite the heavy initial investment, an Apple iPad can still be worth it, especially when you consider a couple of scenarios. And these reasons are not just a matter of status symbol but practical as well.

First of all, you know that you are getting a high-performance device. And it is a device with a high resale value. Meaning you can recuperate most of the cost you spent in the beginning. Even refurbished iPads sell for a lot of money.

Next, you have to consider whether the iPad suits your other devices or not. If you are already using several Apple devices, then getting an iPad over other tablets can be a good idea. Because as good as the iPad is on its own, it can be even better within the Apple ecosystem.

So, for people who are a fan of Apple products and already using other Apple products, the iPad can be more than a worthwhile investment. 

Which iPad Is the Best Worth for Money?

Having said about its worth, it does not mean you have to buy the latest and priciest iPad model on the market. You can get a relatively older model of iPad at a considerably cheaper price. So, here are a couple of suggestions for the best budget iPads on the market:

Apple iPad (2021)

The 9th generation iPad launched in 2021. And it has some amazing features. Its A13 Bionic chip makes it one of the most capable tablets out there. It has a 10.2-inch screen that is not the biggest but is still plenty. It also has an improved storage capacity of 64 GB.

It gives you excellent value for money while still being a top-end tablet.

Apple iPad Mini (2021)

If you are looking for a smaller package that is more convenient to carry, then the iPad mini will suffice. It is almost like a larger iPhone but at half its price. It features option 5G support, an 8.2-inch retina display with True Tone, and USB-C for faster charging capabilities. 

To conclude, an iPad is basically like a small computer that you can hold in one hand. As such, they cost a lot to afford as well.

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