What Is the Fastest Car in Mafia 3? [List]

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Mafia 3 lets you explore every nook and cranny of New Bordeaux, so it’s only obvious that you’ll need a fast car. But with so many available vehicles, how do you know if it is the fastest or the slowest? What even is the fastest car in Mafia 3?

The De’Leo Traviata is the fastest car in Mafia 3, with a speed rating of 79 and a top speed of 130 mph. However, the Griffin Marauder is a close contender, with the highest acceleration rating of 81 and a top speed of 127 mph.

Keep in mind that the figures mentioned above are based on unmodified vehicles. Some vehicles, such as the Griffin Marauder, can only be unlocked after completing certain tasks. If you want to know the fastest and most accessible in-game cars, then keep reading to find out.

What Are the Fastest Cars in Mafia 3?

There are about 78 total vehicles you can drive in Mafia 3, 69 of which are land-based. [1] Some of those 69 vehicles are for utility use, such as the Samson Garbage Truck and the Samson ST 45 Tank Truck. They are some of the slowest vehicles, as you can imagine.

And then there are the DLC cars. While some of them are faster than non-DLC vehicles, we won’t be including them on this list. We’ll only rank vehicles that are available to everyone, regardless of which game version they’re playing.

Without further ado, here are the five fastest cars in Mafia 3:

De’Leo Traviata

The De’Leo Traviata is an exotic class, two-door sports car. With a top speed of 130 mph, it has a speed rating of 79 but only 68 in acceleration. Once you complete the mission, “The Connection to Cuba,” this vehicle will be available from your Vehicle Delivery menu.

Griffin Marauder

Though its top speed is only 127 mph, it can contend as the fastest car with its 77 speed rating and 81 in acceleration. This two-door, exotic class sports roadster has the highest acceleration rate in the game, but at a price: you can only unlock this car if you finish first in every New Bordeaux Racing event.

De’Leo Stiletto

Perhaps the most accessible exotic class car in the game, the De’Leo Stiletto is available to players immediately. To enjoy its top speed of 127 mph and a decent 64 acceleration rating, players can head over to Frisco Fields or Southdowns to “borrow” one. However, you can’t actually own one in your Vehicle Delivery menu; you’ll need to finish the DLC mission called “Bounty Hunting” to own it.

De’Leo 58

Despite its less than stellar acceleration rating of 58, the De’Leo 58 earns its place on the top spot because of its 72 speed rating and 119 mph top speed. You’ll have to steal one of these two-door coupes from the wealthier areas of New Bordeaux, as you can’t own one. Just don’t bring it to any racing events.

De’Leo Capulet

Another car you can’t own via the Vehicle Delivery menu, the De’Leo Capulet is an exotic class, two-door coupe with a top speed of 117 mph. Its speed and acceleration ratings are respectable, getting a 71 and 62 rating in each. As always, the wealthier parts of New Bordeaux will have one waiting for you to steal anytime.

Where to Find the Fastest Cars in Mafia 3?

Though some of the faster cars are DLC only, you usually don’t need to wait too long to get access to the fastest cars in Mafia 3. [2] Most are available for you to steal right away, as long as you have a way to get to the following areas:

  • Frisco Fields – You can find some of the fastest cars in the game in this area, located northwest of New Bordeaux. If you want a De’Leo Stiletto or a De’Leo Capulet to steal, make your way here.
  • Barclay Mills – Just south of Frisco Fields is another good place to get decently fast cars. Even though it’s primarily a garbage collection area, Barclay Mills is home to the 113 mph De’Leo Apollo and the 113 mph Potomac GT. Just don’t expect to reach those speeds quickly, as their speed rating is 67 and 66, respectively.
  • Delray Hollow – Right below Frisco Fields is Delray Hollow, home to many decent and moderately fast cars. Some of the speedier cars you can steal here are the Lassiter Mamba and the Lassiter Courant, with respectable speed ratings of 65 and 64 each. Their acceleration can be pretty embarrassing at 57 and 47, but they have top speeds of 111 and 108 mph.

Of course, you can unlock more cars for you to steal and own as you progress through the game. Cars such as the Samson Duke can be unlocked in the Vehicle Delivery menu as a perk, while the Griffin Marauder is available after performing well in each racing event. If you’re lucky, you can even steal upgraded cars that perform better than other stock cars.

Featured image source: https://mafiagame.fandom.com/wiki/Vehicles_in_Mafia_III

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