Temporary Network Setup Error: Meaning & Fixes

Temporary Network Setup Error

Getting errors when you want to send an SMS or when you use your phone are really annoying, and you’re generally keen to get them fixed quickly. So what does ‘Temporary Network Setup Error’ mean and how can you fix this error on the Sprint network?

This is a Sprint error that is internal to their systems, meaning it is not an error with your device, cell plan or setting configuration. It is best to wait a while to see if this resolves, or otherwise contact Sprint support to expedite the process.

Let’s look at what these errors are, how to identify them correctly, and some steps to take to get your phone working and sending text messages again as quickly as possible.

What Does ‘Temporary Network Setup’ Error Mean?

This message can often come up on phones that are on the Sprint cell network and is due to an error on Sprint’s side.

You may also find that the error code 2112 is displayed, and you will not be able to send messages such as text or picture messages via SMS or MMS.

You can generally expect the error to read, ‘The message could not be delivered due to a temporary network setup error. Please try again later. Error: 2112’.

The network setup error that is being referred to is not on your phone or has anything to do with limits, data setups or blocks on your side.

This is purely a server-side error, meaning fixing it is almost 100% out of your control.

You should still be able to receive messages, as this seems to just be an error on the sending side using Sprint’s network, so messages from other cell carriers are likely to get through fine.

You can consider using an alternative SIM card if you’re really desperate to get an SMS out, but remember that this is different from sharing a mobile hotspot, which is merely sharing the internet or cell connection, so it will suffer from the same issues as the 2112 error.

Why Are You Getting Temporary Network Setup Error?

The exact cause of this error is unclear, as Sprint doesn’t exactly release a full technical report for public consumption on why certain errors occurred.

In many instances, you’d even be lucky if most cell companies even admit there is an issue with their network.

However, the main cause of this seems to be a general error or malfunction on Sprint’s side, generally thought to be the server that is handling messaging like text messages on the cell company’s network.

If this server or network goes down, there is no real backup to handle your messages, meaning that they will fail to send and instead bounce back to you with an error message.

This is similar to how an email won’t be received if the other person’s mailbox is full or the mail server is down.

How to Fix Temporary Network Setup Error?

Fixing this issue is mostly out of the hands of the end user, you. Generally, your best bet is to contact Sprint directly and make them aware of what is going on.

It is going to take some internal maintenance or repairs to get this error to stop, so no amount of individual troubleshooting can do much about this.

If you really are desperate, you should at least remove the SIM from your phone, then turn it off and on again and replace the SIM, making sure cell data is on and you have relatively good reception. If applicable, remove any pending messages from your SMS outbox.

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