Is Clash of Clans Pay-To-Win

Is Clash of Clans Pay-to-Win?

Clash of Clans is one of the biggest mobile games ever, but it has developed a reputation as being pay-to-win. So the question remains: is Clash of Clans pay-to-win? Clash of Clans is pay-to-win as the advantages you get from real money purchases will rapidly speed up progress, your army and many more aspects. While …

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is destiny 2 pay to win

Is Destiny 2 Pay-to-Win?

Destiny 2 was the successful followup of Destiny, a game that took the looter shooter category by storm and was a great experience from the very capable developer of Bungie. However, with microtransactions being everywhere, is Destiny 2 pay-to-win? Destiny 2 is not pay-to-win as you don’t gain an advantage by pumping money into it …

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is valorant pay to win

Is Valorant Pay-to-Win?

Valorant has taken the first-person hero shooter genre by storm, with its free-to-play nature and massive player base allowing many to make a living off of it as well as have a great time with friends. But is Valorant pay-to-win? Valorant is not pay-to-win as the in-game transactions don’t have an impact on your chances …

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Is Genshin Impact Pay-to-Win

Is Genshin Impact Pay-to-Win?

Genshin Impact took the gaming world by storm and is still a very popular game even a few years after its release. Its awesome graphics, story and gameplay have bred a lot of fans. But is Genshin Impact pay-to-win?  Genshin Impact is pay-to-win as you can’t possibly get the most powerful setups via being a …

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is Warframe Pay-to-Win

Is Warframe Pay-to-Win? Should You Play It?

Warframe is one of the most popular games on Steam, being a totally free-to-play action role-playing third-person shooter multiplayer online game. Fighting in armored suits called Warframes, it is easy to assume it is pay-to-win because it is free. But, is Warframe pay-to-win? Warframe is not pay-to-win and you can win without dumping large amounts …

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