Snapchat: Basics for Beginners

Snapchat Basics for Beginners

Snapchat is a free-to-download visual social platform. All you require to create an account is an email, username, password, mobile number, and an OTP. Of course, there are several features that are only available as in-app purchases. After creating an account, you can select a stock or custom-made Bitmoji to serve as your avatar on the platform.

When you open Snapchat on your phone, the first screen you see is the camera. Here, you can take a photo (called a Snap) or a video (called a long Snap). The videos can be 60 seconds in length maximum. While making Snaps and long Snaps, you gain the special Snapchat credits called Snap Score

The app features new and fun “lenses” every day to add various special effects to your photos or videos.

After that, you can move on to the chat feature. You can share instant messages with your friends or a group. Once the recipient sees the message, it disappears.

This is perhaps Snapchat’s most unique feature. While other social platforms hold on to the information you send, Snapchat deletes it after the information serves its purpose. Any video, photo, or chat is deleted after the receiver views it. So, Snapchat gives you a discreet means of communicating with others.

But there is an exception to this. You can store the photos you want to revisit in “memories”. This serves as a personal album. Additionally, people can take screenshots of any messages or photos for later viewing.

Filters and Geofilters are two of Snapchat’s notable traits. Filters are a fun way to modify your photos with various special effects. Geofilters are location-specific filters that are unique for each area. 

Snapchat allows you to share stories that last for 24 hours. It also shows your current location on the Snap Map as well as your friends. To avoid being seen, you can simply operate in “ghost mode”.

The Snapchat “Spotlight” is a newer addition. This is a place where you can submit 60 seconds videos in much the same fashion as in Tiktok or Instagram Reels. The best content has a chance to go viral and even earn its creator genuine money. You can exchange this money using Snapchat’s Snapcash feature.

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Snapchat has all these facilities and many more. New and new features are added daily. So, create your Snapchat account and jump into a world of unlimited possibilities. 

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