NZXT S340 VS S340 Elite – Which Case You Should Go With?

S340 and S340 Elite comparison

The NZXT is one of the most reliable brands to go with whenever it comes to picking a PC case. The NZXT S340 is the favourite PC case that is still preferred by many PC gamers due to its cutting-edge aesthetics and build quality. Generally, there are two versions of the S340, the normal S340 version, and the “Elite” version.

The S340 Elite was released a few years after the normal NZXT S340 model, so there’s a bit of difference in both of these models when it comes to dimensions, I/O ports, cooling mechanism, design, and material. So, a slight difference in features in both models makes it a bit difficult for end-users to pick one out of them.

Therefore, in this NZXT 340 vs S340 Elite comparison, we would be highlighting the improvements in the S340 Elite as compared to the previous S340 model. In the end, you’ll be able to pick the model that falls better under your need and budget.

NZXT S340 PC Case

NZXT S340 VS S340 Elite
Image Credit: NZXT

Key Specifications

Form FactorATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Dimensions44.5 x 43.2 x 20 cm
Material Plastic, Steel
Front I/O Optionsx2 USB 3.0, audio jack, and microphone jack
Drive Bays3 x 3.5-in, 2 x 2.5-in
Cooling Optionsx2 Front Fan Mounts for 120/140mm fans, x1 140/120mm roof fan mount, and x1 120mm back panel fan mount
Specs of NZXT S340

The NZXT S340 was released back in the year 2014, and at that time it was one of the most aesthetic PC cases for gaming. Let’s start from the aesthetics of this PC case, to be honest, this is one of the slickest and most decent PC cases that you’ll ever find on the market.


The plastic glass panel at the side gives a great view of inside peripherals working in their full glory.

The build quality on this PC case is sturdy, and the coated steel gives a soft touch to your fingers. Even if you opt for the plastic body case, you will surely get a premium feel to it. Not only the material quality is durable, but also makes this PC case lighter in weight as compared to other PC cases on the market. The NZXT S340 is lighter as compared to the S340 Elite version.


Not only the exterior but the interior of S340 is crafted perfectly with vertical bars that allow better cable management giving a cleaner look to your build. It’s super easy to hide and pop cables out of this PC case without any technical knowledge.

The NZXT comes with a GPU clearance of up to 364mm, therefore you can easily install beefy video cards inside this case without any issue. Moreover, this case gives you CPU cooler clearance up to 161mm. This kind of makes the S340 a limited option for bulky CPU coolers.

Furthermore, you’ll find dedicated spaces for SSDs and HDDs with an easy access interface. There are three 3.5-inch bays and x2 2.5-inch drives bays inside this case.

For gaming enthusiasts, these spaces are enough to expand your storage capacity. However, if you are getting this case for servers or workstations, this might not be the right PC case.

To keep the dust away from wandering inside, the NZXT S340 comes with magnetic dust filters that you can easily take out, replace, or clean.

In terms of I/O panels, the S340 only gives you access to x 2 USB 3.0 ports at the front along with a microphone and stereo jack.

However, when it comes to cooling options, then the S340 gives you enough headroom to install 140mm and 120mm fans at the front and roof of the case. The rear end of the case only supports x1 120mm case fan only.

With the PC case, you’ll get only two case fans installed, one at the top and one at the front. Also, the stock fans that come with NZXT S340 are not super quiet, however, they’ll do the job for you.

But at the same time if you can afford to spend a few more bucks on case fans, then we highly recommend you go for aftermarket PC case fans that are reliable and silent for long-term use.

NZXT S340 Elite PC Case

s340 elite vs s340 indepth comparison
Image Credit: NZXT

Key Specifications

Form FactorATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Dimensions20.3 x 43.2 x 47.4 cm
Material Plastic, Steel, ABS
Front I/O Optionsx2 USB 3.0, x2 USB 3.0, X1 HDMI port, x1 audio and mic jack
Drive Bays2+1 x 3.5-in, 3+1 x 2.5-in
Cooling OptionsFront: 2x 140 / 2x120mm 
Top: 1x 140 / 120mm (1 x 120mm FN V2 Fans Included) 
Rear: 1x 120mm (1 x 120mm FN V2 Fan Included)
Specs of NZXT S340 Elite

The NZXT S340 Elite was released in 2018, four years after the S340. The NZXT claimed the “Elite” version to be a significant upgrade over the normal S340 version. So what made the S340 Elite more dominant in the market, well it was the added durability, few more I/Os, and more storage capacity.


Let’s start with the design of the S340 Elite. This advanced version of the S340 is much more compact compared to the four years old model. Also, the chassis is now available in ABS material apart from just plastic and steel. We all know that the ABS chassis is more durable compared to its plastic and steel variant.

NZXT has integrated a few more I/Os in the front panel of the S340 Elite model. In the previous model, there were only x2 USB 3.0 ports along with an audio/mic jack. In the recent S340 Elite version, you now have x2 USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI port for easy VR access. Also, the case features a built-in magnetic puck that you can attach anywhere for interacting with VR.

The S340 Elite carries the tradition of scratch-resistant tempered side glass panels to showcase your hardware. Obviously, the side glass panel this time gives you a broader look inside your case as compared to the normal NZXT S340 version that had the plastic glass panel.


Moving inside the case, you’ll find coloured plates and accurate holes for entering and exiting the necessary SDD, GPU, and PSU cables. The cables management on S340 Elite is somewhat similar to that of the normal S340 version. Also, there are straps to tie the unnecessary cables to give a neat look to your case.

We liked the space optimization that NZXT has put inside the S340 Elite. The idea of storing the PSU and hard drives at the bottom leaves you with enough space for bulky peripherals on the motherboard.

Just like the S340 model, the S340 Elite comes with dust filters to circulate the cleaner inside the case. The number of case fans on the Elite version is the same as that of a normal NZXT S340 version.

However, the case fans used in this version are a bit quieter as compared to the previous version. It would have been better if NZXT have used RGB case fans instead of normal case fans. But you can replace the stock case fans later on if you want.

Last but not least, you get two years of warranty for the NZXT S340 Elite case.

NZXT S340 VS S340 Elite – Noticeable Differences

Apart from a few things that are common in both of these versions like the form factor and case fan options, there are most features that distinguish them apart.

Dimensions & Material

The NZXT Elite S340 is more compact in dimensions as compared to the standard S340 version. But to our surprise, the standard S340 version is much lighter as compared to the Elite version despite its bigger size.

The NZXT S340 standard version comes in two materials, plastic, and steel. However, the Elite version takes a step further and offers ABS chassis as well for added durability. But if we compare both the plastic and steel versions of S340 and S340 Elite, then there isn’t much difference to tell.

Side Panel

The NZXT S340 comes with a plastic side panel whereas the Elite version comes with a tempered glass side panel. The tempered panel is highly durable as compared to the plastic panel that catches scratches and blur over time. Also, the tempered panel on S340 is wide and gives a clear look into the PC case.

I/O Panel

The front panel in the NZXT S340 includes just x2 USB 3.0 ports and an audio/mic jack. But in the Elite model, the front panel is improved and now have x2 USB 2.0 & x2 USB 3.0 ports, x1 HDMI port for VR, and x1 audio/mic jack.

Surely, the NZXT Elite S340 holds more options on the front panel as compared to the standard S340 version. You can get the most out of the VR puck if you are a hardcore gamer. But if VR is not something you like, then it’s better to go with the standard S340 PC case.

Storage Options

The NZXT Elite comes with an extra storage bay for 2.5-inch SSD. Also, the location of storage bays is slightly different in both models. However, the placement will not affect the performance at all. So, if you need a PC case with more storage, then definitely the S340 Elite shows up as the right choice.


Although the standard NZXT S340 model is cheaper compared to the Elite model, the price difference isn’t that much to consider at this point. The NZXT Elite is just $30 to $40 expensive as compared to the NZXT S340 normal version. If you go for the ABS Chassis in NZXT S340, it may cost you a bit more.

Conclusion – Which is the Best Case, the NZXT S340 or S340 Elite?

Finally, you now have a better idea of which case has more and better to offer as compared to the other. To be honest, the NZXT S340 Elite truly sits in the equation of price to performance ratio. The Elite version shows great improvement over the standard version in terms of durability, storage, and accessibility.

A PC case with a tempered glass panel and advanced I/Os on the front is the standard today, and NZXT S340 keeps up with this trend in the PC gaming industry. On top of all, a little price gap and two years of warranty make you more confident in buying the NZXT S340 instead of the standard S340.

A detailed comparison in this video


Does the NZXT S340 Elite come with PC case fans?

Yes, there are two case fans (120mm) included with the NZXT S340 PC case.

Which type of motherboard fits in the NZXT S340 PC case?

The NZXT S340 supports the most popular form factor motherboards like ATX, Micro-ATX, and mini-ITX.

Is the NZXT S340 discontinued?

No, the S340 model is still available on Amazon and the official website of NZXT.

Can we fit in high-end CPU coolers in NZXT S340 or S340 Elite?

Well, both of these models are spacious and have enough clearance for bulky CPU coolers.

Will a small form factor motherboard fit inside an NZXT S340 PC Case?

Definitely Yes, you can easily install a mini-ITX motherboard in any of these two models.

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