Number of PC Gamers to Reach 1.85 Billion by the Year 2024

PC gaming by 2024

PC gaming has seen a huge boom over the last few years. Whether it’s about playing Esports games or AAA titles, you’ll see an uptrend in the number of players every year. According to Statista, there were an estimated 1.75 Billion PC gamers around the globe in 2020. And in the year 2021, these numbers have moved to 1.77 Billion.

Although the PC gaming industry hasn’t seen huge revenue growth, still it is estimated that the number of PC gamers by the year 2024 will reach up to 1.85 Billion. This shows that gamers still find PC as the most reliable platform for gaming.

PC Gamers to Reach 1.85 Billion by the Year 2024

The graph above clearly shows that the number of PC gamers are growing in fashion over the last few years. Previously, it was believed that the growing trend of mobile and console gaming may put an end to PC gaming, but things are the opposite. In the year 2020 alone, the sale of gaming PCs grew up by 16% and it went on increasing from that time.

Delegation of PC Gamers with Respect to Regions

As of 2021, the total number of PC gamers in Asia is estimated up to 687 million, this accounts for 40% of the total users around the world.

Europe has the second-highest number of users estimating around 468 million users whereas Latin America stays at the third position with 258 million users.

At the last comes North America with around 55 million PC gamers as of 2021.

Why Number of PC Gamers are Increasing Every Year?

If you see the graph before 2020, then it is obvious that there wasn’t much of a change. However, in the mid of 2020, when Covid took over, most people were limited to their homes. So most people started playing games on the computer to spend their time. Obviously, once you get into video games, it’s hard to take your hands off.

Within the year 2020 alone, nearly 200 million people started playing games on a PC. Not only video games but there was also an increase in the sale of PC equipment like monitors, graphics cards, gaming chairs, etc.

From 2019 to 2021, the number of PC gamers has increased from 1.55 Billion to 1.77 Billion. Within this time period, pre-built high-end gaming PCs have been sold a lot. Therefore, within the next few years, the number of users in the PC gaming industry might grow up to 81 million.

And throughout this time, Steam and Epic Games have made PC titles in a digital format readily available to every gaming fan around the globe.

A study carried out by GlobalMarketInsights shows that cloud gaming will grow up to 30% by the year 2025. Cloud gaming will give easy access to users to play their favorite AAA games without having high-end equipment on their PC.

Not everyone has enough budget to build a high-end gaming PC to play their favorite AAA game. With cloud gaming, it would be possible for many people to play high-end games without spending hard-earned cash. This may increase the number of PC gamers around the world more than we expect. Cloud gaming will also help companies reach new customers, thus increasing profits, as stated by GMI.

The deployment of 5G technology will play a key role in motivating people to pay for high-speed internet if they want to play games on a cloud server. However, will the “Cloud Gaming” give you the same level of gaming satisfaction like a real-world PC does still remains a question.

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