List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

One of the most popular ARPGs (Action Role-Playing Games) on the market, Genshin Impact features a sprawling open world, numerous gacha rewards, and a novel’s worth of adventure. But arguably its biggest selling point is the massive cast of colorful characters. 

And when we say colorful, we mean it quite literally as each character is designed with a unique and vibrant hairstyle. So, today, we are going to be listing all of the currently available Genshin Impact characters with dazzling blue hair.


List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

The first entry on this list is Kayea and his navy-blue hair, who is a knight from the land of Mondstadt. The streaks of light blue perfectly contrast with the darker parts of his hair. He is a tall, slender man with long hair extending down to his hips. He also wears an eyepatch over his right eye to further augment his eccentric design.

In the game’s lore, Kayea is the most trusted Knight in the Knights of Favonius according to their leader Jean (another playable character). He is currently serving as the Cavalry Captain of the group. He is described as a charming, enigmatic presence who loves to tease and provoke other people. 

His full name is Kaeya Alberich. He is one of the playable Cryo characters in the game. Players can obtain this character for free during the Prologue, Act I: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind. 


List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

Venti is one of the playable Anemo characters in Genshin Impact. Brandishing dark blue hair with twin braids that fade into aqua blue at the tip, Venti’s personality is similarly energetic and free-spirited. 

True to that spirit, Venti is very carefree and easy-going. The character likes to sing songs as he travels the lands. But do not let his playful nature fool you. Venti is, in fact, the mortal form of one of the seven gods who preside over the seven regions of Genshin’s fictional world.

In his mortal form, Venti has the body of a small boy. In the story of the game, he roams around the region of Mondstadt and sings songs to people. Occasionally, he will demand his listeners buy him drinks as a means of payment. He is available through the game’s gacha system with a catch rate of 4.


List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

Presenting the 3 characters from the region of Mondstadt, Eula is the first female on this list with blue hair. Compared to the previous two entries, Eula features a lighter shade of blue. Her overall design also has a more elegant appearance. The specific outfit she wears in the game has a name of its own, called the Wavecrest Waltz.

Eula is a descendant of the tyrannical Lawrence Clan, for which she faces stigmatization in the game’s story. But she has renounced her ties with her lineage. Instead, she has chosen to be one of the Knights of Favonius. In fact, she is the captain of the Reconnaissance Company within the Knights of Favonius. 

Due to her upbringing, Eula has very polite and proper mannerisms. But she also carries resentment for her family’s history. She often seeks out vengeance against her enemies in an effort to redeem her family name. 

Eula’s full name is Eula Lawrence. She is one of the playable Cryo characters in Genshin. She is available through the game’s gacha mechanics. She was promoted in 2 separate Even Wishes with a boosted catch rate.


List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

Switching over to the land of Liyue, we have Xiao. He is an illuminated beast and an Adepti of the Liyue region, who serves as a protector of the region from demons and other dark forces. In fact, he is the sole surviving member of the most fearsome group of illuminated beasts known as Yaksha. 

Xiao’s hair color falls somewhere between dark blue and green. He has streaks of teal hair in the front. His hair forms two long locks that frame his face. He has a slim, tall body which is particularly noticeable as he wears a white sleeveless shirt. He has highly distinct tattoos on his right arm. 

In Genshin Impact, he is one of the playable Anemo characters, which is one of the seven elements found throughout the game. Xiao is available through the game’s gacha system. He was promoted in 3 separate Event Wishes with a boosted catch rate, the most recent of which ended in June 2022.


List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

Xiangling is a bit different from the previous members on this list. She is not really a fighter or an ancient being. Rather, she is a chef hailing from the Liyue region. She sports short hair that is a mix between indigo blue and black. The back of her hair is braided into two loops to form a sort of bow.

Her full name is Mao Xiangling. She is the head chef at the Wanmin Restaurant, which is located at Liyue’s harbor. She and her father co-run the restaurant. In the game, after the player attains a reputation level of 4 in Liyue, they receive a 10% discount in this restaurant permanently.


List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

Xingqiu is a playable Hydro character in Genshin Impact, which is one of the seven elements found in the game. In the canon, he is the second son of the Guild Manager of the Feiyun Commerce Guild. He has a penchant for causing mischief and pranking others. This contradicts his apparent polite and mild-mannered demeanor. 

Xingqiu has dark, navy-blue hair that perfectly brings out his bright, amber eyes. He has a slim profile and wears very aristocratic clothing. 

This character is obtainable via the game’s gacha system. Xingqiu has been available in all character Event Wishes thus far. You can also obtain him through Paimon’s Bargains. The character was released in 4 Paimon’s Bargains Starglitter Exchange, the most recent one being in September 2022.


List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

Chongyun is another entry from the land of Liyue and the first member on this list who is an exorcist. In the game’s lore, Chongyun comes from a family of exorcists. He was born with so much Yang energy that evil spirits flee the moment they sense him nearby. He wanders the land of Liyue, dispelling dark spirits with just his sheer presence.

Chongyun’s overall appearance has a light blue theme. He has light blue hair and eyes. He wears clothes that are white with light blue features. The only other color in his design that stands out is gold.

Chongyun is a playable Cryo character in the game. You can receive his character via the game’s gacha pull. He has a rarity level of 4 stars. Thus far, he has been available in 7 Event Wishes. But the character has yet to be available in any Paimon’s Bargains Starglitter Exchange.


List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

Serving as one of the protectors of Liyue, Ganyu is a human, illuminated beast hybrid. In her human form, she takes the appearance of a young woman with light blue hair. Her hair becomes a darker shade of blue near the end. Betraying her mortal self are a pair of red horns that bend backward behind her head.

Ganyu wields the element of Cryo in the game. She is secretary to the Liyue Qixing. She is only available via Event Wishes. So far, she has appeared in 3 of them with a boosted catch rate. She has a rarity level of 5 stars.


List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

Presenting one of the more mysterious and enigmatic figures on this list, Yelan is one of the playable Hydro characters in Genshin Impact. She claims to work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs but she is not on their list. She is actually an intelligence officer working for Ningguang, a business mogul hailing from Liyue.

Yelan is a tall, attractive woman featuring dark blue hair. Her hair color becomes a bit lighter at the tip. She is only available via an Event Wish. Yelan is a fairly new character, having been introduced in May 2022. As such, she has featured in only one Even Wish. She has a rarity level of 5 stars.

Kamisato Ayaka

List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

Now, we move on to the land of Inazuma. And the first character to come from this land, with pale blue hair, is Kamisato Ayaka. She is the eldest daughter of the Kamisato clan and the younger sister of Kamisato Ayato. 

In the region of Inazuma, Ayaka is known for her beauty, dignity, and intelligence. She is in charge of the internal and external affairs of her clan. Her polite nature and kindness have earned her the reputation of being a model of perfection.

Ayaka is a very rare character to obtain in Genshin. She has a rarity level of 5 stars and is only available via Event Wishes. She has been featured in 2 such events thus far with a boosted catch rate.

Kamisato Ayato

List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

As the older brother of the dignified Kamisato Ayaka, it is hardly a surprise that Kamisato Ayato also possesses light blue hair. In the game, he serves as the head of the Kamisato Clan as well as the Yashiro Commissioner. He is known for his cunning and resourceful intellect.

Ayato is a playable Hydro character, which is different from his sister. Similar to his sister, he too has a rarity level of 5 stars and is only available via an Event Wish.


List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

Feruzan is a popular Anemo character in Genshin Impact. She made headlines after she returned to the Akademiya following her miraculous escape from a century-long entrapment in an ancient ruin.

Feruzan is a skilled archer, and her normal attack enables her to fire up to four consecutive shots with a bow. She can also perform a powerful charged attack that delivers a precise Aimed Shot with increased damage. Furthermore, when aiming, Feruzan can accumulate mighty winds on the arrowhead.


List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

Layla is a Cryo character that you can play in Genshin Impact. Due to her dedication to her studies in Theoretical Astrology, Layla is often sleep-deprived and suffers from poor health. Despite her exhaustion, Layla believes that “The Stars’ Blessing” is the reason she wakes up to find her papers completed.


List of Genshin Characters with Blue Hair

Switching over to the land of Sumeru, Candace is the last playable character entry on this list. She serves as the protector of Aaru Village. She shows kindness and compassion to travelers but is vigilant against anyone who threatens the peace of her village.

She is associated with the element of Hydro. She has a tall, slim figure with long, dark-blue, hair that she keeps in a couple of braids. 

She is only obtainable via Wishes. She has a rarity level of 4 stars. Being one of the newer characters introduced, Candace has been promoted in 2 Event Wishes thus far.

To conclude, the world of Genshin is as massive as it is diversely colorful. And this expansive color palette is easily noticeable in the complexion of the character’s hair.

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