Is Chegg Worth It? [Overall Review]

Is Chegg Worth It

Chegg is a massive player in the educational technology space, offering a wide variety of services to help with all manner of schoolwork, homework, assignments and many more areas. But is Chegg worth it?

Chegg is worth buying. It is almost unparalleled in its width and breadth of material, additional services like textbook hire and many other aspects like step-by-step solving of problems. For a monthly subscription fee, you can access what you want.

Let’s look at what Chegg offers, what it can do to help you, whether it’s worth it or not, whether Chegg is trustworthy, and what to go for out of all their packages to get the most out of it.

Is It Worth Using Chegg?

Chegg offers a resource that is hard to get anywhere else, so often whether a product or service is worth it will be a subjective decision.

Students of course are known to not have a lot of discretionary cash laying around.

So it is first important to consider what Chegg is, what it can do for you and what Chegg is not.

Chegg is in the educational technology sector, offering digital and physical textbooks rentals for almost any course, as well as tailored homework help, live online tutoring, question and answer databases, scholarships, and other educational resources.

Chegg also has a subscription model which means you can choose the package that works for you, making it easier to find the best way for Chegg to work for you.

One reason why Chegg is so great is that it offers 24-hour access, which may not be the case if your teachers or professors are away, or you’re on break.

Chegg is one of the biggest players on the market, and their site is fast, easy to use and very efficient to find what you’re looking for. They have good production values on their content, especially the guided videos.

The textbook rental service will get you a hardcopy version of the book you need in seven days once you’ve supplied the ISBN.

The purpose of Chegg is to help students at the secondary and tertiary levels of education. With millions of questions answered, Chegg easily has one of the biggest libraries to choose from which other companies, like CourseHero, are going to have issues matching.

If you can’t find the answer to a question you have, you can even post it to the website and likely get an answer in less than 30 minutes.

Chegg also has a strictly enforced code of honor, which strictly prohibits cheating and plagiarism.

Chegg is meant to be a study tool, homework assistance and generally geared towards helping students through a learning journey; not to copy and paste answers. If Chegg’s staff notices you trying to get around this code, they can cancel your account.

Chegg also has a four-week free trial that you can use to see if Chegg is going to be of any use for you. You can’t access all services with this trial but you’ll be able to see more than enough to determine whether it works for you.

Generally, you get to have a 30-minute one-on-one tutorial session on any subject for free, as well as limited access to answer textbooks or virtual books. free.

Chegg also has scholarships available for its users, and has given away over one billion United States dollars since its inception, meaning you could even get a type of cashback if you qualify.

Chegg has an app meaning you’re not completely tied to needing your computer to effectively use the website, available for both Android and Apple phones.

Chegg also has many partnerships with content providers, meaning you have a great variety and diversity of sources, materials and other aspects to get the most out of the service.

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Is Chegg Worth It for Statistics?

Chegg has specific mathematics-based subscriptions that can help greatly with any course or unit dealing with statistics.

This can be of great use if you’re stuck on a particularly hard issue, as the huge database of questions and answers will often show almost exactly the same type of problem and how to solve it.

Many of the questions and answers in a database like Chegg’s are submitted by students, solved by the Chegg staff, and then uploaded for other users to reference.

Chegg offers many questions and answers that even free users can access except the answer may be blurred out, so you can check if the kind of content you need is up on Chegg.

The inbuilt graphing calculator can also be invaluable for putting your functions in to see what they turn out like graphically.

How Trustworthy Is Chegg?

Chegg has been around for a long time, and if it was constantly providing wrong answers they would be found out.

However, while the major or core subjects are very well documented, correct and have many questions and answers, the consensus seems to be that smaller or more obscure subjects tend to have more wrong answers.

Chegg has a massive user base, which it can leverage with its large staff of tutors, academics and contributors to find and correct strange or wrong answers.

It is a publicly traded company, with its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Having been founded in July 2005 by Osman Rashid, Aayush Phumbhra, and Josh Carlson, it has been on the New York Stock Exchange since November 2013.

Keep in mind that while Chegg is a legitimate company, the service it offers is often banned explicitly in many institutions’ via a code of conduct or other rules. This is because Chegg is considered cheating due to the ability to find and copy answers.

How Does Chegg Work?

Chegg is a subscription service that offers many solutions and suggestions to help you study and complete work. 

There are large libraries of example questions and answers, as well as worked examples and resources such as textbooks.

You can also contact people and set up times to have one-on-one tutoring or get private lessons to help target problems areas or things you don’t understand or are stuck on.

Which Chegg Subscription to Choose?

Chegg Study offers over 55 million Q&As via a searchable interface, and textbook solution answers.

They also offer guided video explanations and the ability to ask up to 20 questions a month. You can also access practice problems to help with exam technique.

There is also the very popular Chegg Math Solver which includes all steps for equations to explain the reasoning and solution, as well as an ability to input your custom equation to solve other non-listed problems.

There is also a soft graphing calculator to practice that type of inputting functions, visually seeing the result of functions and more if you don’t have access to one.

Chegg Writing is aimed towards the humanities including history, English and other subjects focused on writing, and it includes a citation manager that can convert your references to over 7000 styles such as the popular APA and MLA styles.

Chegg Writing also has a system to help you check your paper for plagiarism and grammar mistakes so that you will submit original work, and you can also receive expert proofreading for your writing within 1 day.

There is also a Chegg Study Pack, which grants access to all subscription packages.

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