How to Unfreeze Your Snap Score? [ Simple Tips]

How to Unfreeze Your Snap Score

If you spend time or care about getting a high Snap Score, it can be frustrating when it doesn’t seem like it’s not going up. So how do you unfreeze your Snap Score if it’s not updating?

A frozen Snap Score is likely on Snapchat’s side, so check their support links or close the app and restart your phone, or reinstall it. It may also be that your account is limited, so try not to use it for a few days.

Let’s look at some common fixes for this issue, how best to address it and some reasons why your score freezes on Snapchat.

How to Fix Frozen Snapchat Score?

Generally, a frozen Snap Score will be because of issues on Snapchat’s side.

A Snap Score will update instantly in most cases on your own device and may be slightly delayed for your score on other devices such as your friends. Sometimes you can see that certain actions on Snapchat won’t be reflected in your score until a week later.

So you should check their official communication avenues, such as their Twitter account, to see if they have posted any notice about their problems in updating scores. 

They’re likely to give advice on how to fix it if that applies.

Go into your device and clear your application’s cache files and also force a Snapchat update. Try closing the app directly and restarting your phone as well. 

Try logging out of your account and logging back in.

You can also try removing the app completely and reinstall it again, but check what your Snapchat username is and registered email to make it easier to log back in again. 

You can also verify the email and phone number you have associated with your Snapchat account to make it look more legitimate.

Consider whether you’ve got any additional apps or third party apps that interact with Snapchat, as this could be impacting the ability to display the score, particularly if the main Snapchat app has been updated recently.

This is particularly the case if you notice the Snapchat app crashing or being slow or unresponsive.

You can also contact Snapchat at their help desk directly and check if anything is up with your account. You have to report your problem and they will fix it for you.

How Long Does Someone’s Snap Score Stay Frozen?

If you’ve done the common things that will make a Snap Score go up but you’re not noticing it on your end, check with a friend to see whether your profile is working on their end.

You can test by doing one of the actions that would normally boost the Snap Score, such as sending Snapchats, opening Snapchats, viewing publically available Stories, adding friends, and spending some time in the Discover or Spotlight area.

Stories from your friends don’t count towards a Snap Score boost, and it might be worth adding a whole bunch of Snap Stars and sending Snapchats to them, as each one you send even if they don’t open will still boost your score.

Some people have found that only certain actions give a Snap Score boost out of the above, so try doing all of them to see if that helps. Plain text messaging through Snapchat will not count towards your Snap Score, so make sure you’re sending pictures or videos.

Be sure to write down your Snap Score and then send a few Snaps, open a few Snaps as well as look at some public Stories, wait a few days and see how it goes.

Try closing down the app or force updating it after checking for any outages.

Why Does Snapchat Freeze Scores?

While not officially confirmed, it could be that a Snap Score freezes due to certain algorithmic reasons or anti-spam reasons, even privacy reasons.

Some users have reported that not using the app for a few days can help lift this temporary lock, but this is purely anecdotal.

Checking the app too frequently, especially from multiple devices, can also trigger certain locks on the account according to some users.

Keep in mind that your public profile will also update much slower than the private profile that is available on your device.

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