How to Stop Snapchat Score From Going Up? Can You Lower It?

How To Stop Snapchat Score From Going Up

Snapchat Scores reflect both how long you’ve been active on the app and how active you are. But sometimes for a variety of reasons, you may want to pause your Snapchat score or lower it. So how can you stop your Snapchat Score from going up or try to lower it?

You can’t stop your Snapchat Score from going up unless you stop doing activities that add to your Snapchat score like adding friends, sending and opening Snapchats, viewing public Stories and other activities. You can’t lower a Snapchat Score.

Let’s explore how the Snapchat Score works, how to prevent it from going up and all the actions that will make it go up, as well as why you can’t see Snapchat Scores going up for other people.

Can You Pause Your Snap Score?

It is not possible to pause your Snap Score. The Snap Score is calculated by various actions that happen within the app, so if you do those actions as explored below, it will add to your Snapchat Score.

It is important to realize that Snapchat will give you a bonus if you return to the app after not being active for a while, to encourage you to post more.

The main ways to bump up your Snapchat Score involve sending and receiving Snapchats.

Make sure you open up Snapchat, as just receiving it doesn’t count. However, just by sending a Snapchat you will get points, as it doesn’t require the recipient to open it for you to be credited with those points. So if you want to stop your score going up, avoid these.

Snapchat Stories will also add points to your Snapchat Score, as well as viewing other people’s stories. Watching your friend’s stories doesn’t contribute to your Snapchat Score, so you can do this to your heart’s content.

If you do upload stories or watch public stories, this will also contribute to a streak. Snapchat streaks will increase the number of Snapchats you get, as well as boost your Snapchat Score dramatically by an additional factor, making your score rise quicker.

Stories don’t have to be public to contribute to the score, so private stories will contribute to a rise in your Snapchat Score as well. You can always consider making your profile private to decrease interaction with others as well as not posting Stories at all.

Every time you add friends your Snapchat Score will go up.

Sending basic texts on Snapchat won’t do anything to increase your score, so you can text people all you like without raising your score

Can You Lower Your Snap Score?

There’s no way to lower your Snapchat score, it can only go up. 

While not the same type of lowering, you can always create multiple Snapchat profiles, as Snapchat doesn’t mind how many accounts you have. This will give you a fresh profile with a Snap Score of zero.

The only criteria is that you use a separate email for each account, but you can use them all if you want.

While it may seem that other people’s scores are lowering, be sure that you’re looking at the same profile and not a similar, second profile. It may also be that a person has completely stopped using Snapchat, meaning their score won’t go up anymore.

In rare cases, it may be that the person has researched how to boost the Snap Score and is studiously avoiding taking actions that will make their score go up.

How to Reset Snapchat Score?

It is not possible to reset a Snap Score.

The best way to reset your Snapchat Score is just to create another account. There is nothing against this in the Snapchat terms of service.

There is no way to reset the score of a Snapchat account if you’ve already raised it to a certain level, as a Snap Score can’t go backwards.

Why Does Someone’s Snap Score Stay the Same?

As a Snap Score can only go up, if someone’s score is not moving at all, that means they’re not taking any actions that would make it go up.

This is not the same as if they’ve blocked or removed you as a friend, as only two people who have both accepted each other as friends and not blocked, will be able to see a Snap Score.

That means if you check out their profile, and you can’t see their Snap Score where it would normally be, they have blocked or removed you as a friend.

However, if you can see their score and every time you check it it’s not going up, then they have just not used their Snapchat account in the ways to get points.

This means they’re not sending Snapchats, opening them, posting Stories, watching public Stories, adding friends or spending time in the Spotlight area.

They may still be logging in and merely using Snapchat as a way to message people and view friend’s stories, but that is about the limit of the app for what you can do without continually adding to the score.

Does Your Snap Score Go Down if You Unadd Someone?

Removing friends from Snapchat won’t cause your Snapchat Score to go negative, however, it will go up if you add somebody.

The Snap Score is generally measuring activity on the app, and isn’t designed to be similar to a balance of payments to reflect all activity on the app. Nothing you do on the app is ever going to make your Snap Score go backwards.

There is also a public safety aspect to this because Snapchat wants you to remove or block people who are annoying or perhaps could be stalking you, so they don’t want to do anything to discourage a user from taking preventative measures to protect themselves.

Why Can’t You See Someone’s Snap Score?

The main reason why you can’t see a score is that you are not friends with that person, and they are not friends with you. Snap Scores are public by default and can’t be changed with privacy settings, but they do depend on both parties being friends with each other.

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There are no settings to hide your score from someone, so it’s not like somebody has somehow tweaked privacy settings within their app or account to stop the score from being displayed for you.

If you added them and they added you in the past, but now you can no longer see their score, this must mean that they have since blocked or removed you. Sometimes the profile will just show the words Pending where their score usually will be there.

You can always try sending a friend request to them in case the removal was accidental or by mistake. However, you should be aware that most people don’t remove someone lightly, so take pause before you fire off another friend request.

If that doesn’t work, you can always make another Snapchat account and send a friend request to see if they are just avoiding you. While this can be awkward, it may give you a bit of peace of mind. 

Use some social engineering techniques, like using the name of someone they know, to raise your chances of them accepting it.

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