How to Get Rid of Mangle in FNAF 2?

How to Get Rid of Mangle in FNAF 2

Mangle is one of the trickier enemies to deal with in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 (‘FNAF 2’), with many players getting stuck and constantly getting killed by her. So how to get rid of Mangle in FNAF 2?

Mangle needs to be avoided using sound cues and Freddy mask as well as using the camera effectively. Mangle will not attack you if you have the Freddy mask on and you can wait her out even if she is in the Office, as she may leave or just not attack you.

Let’s look at how Mangle acts in the game, including his attack patterns, appearances and techniques to deal with her. You’ll get a bit of his backstory from the Phone Guy but otherwise, you’ll want to listen out for his voice and use the mask and camera effectively.

How Do You Fight Off Mangle?

Mangle has times when she poses a threat and times when she doesn’t. She doesn’t start moving until Night 2 but she is a formidable opponent.

She is best dealt with using the Freddy mask given to the player. She attacks at random intervals when you lift the monitor screen up, so she is very unpredictable. 

When Mangle gets inside the Office, put the Freddy mask on so that Mangle will ignore you. This is also the same advice if Mangle is in the right air vent. She will hang down from the roof and kill you instantly.

However, Mangle doesn’t have any long range attacks, so if she’s anywhere other than the two mentioned places, she is no threat.

Mangle will also play a specific sound when she is in view or attacking range, so when you hear that it is also time to put on the mask.

The Freddy mask is an added game mechanic in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 that was not present in the earlier games.

Apparently, the mask is used to fool any animatronic that enters the Office as it makes the security guard look like an animatronic themselves. However, this doesn’t apply to Foxy and The Puppet.

The mask was supplied to staff after complaints about the characters trying to get into the Office by previous guards

Similar to the Flashlight which is useful against Foxy and the Music Box against The Puppet, it is an empty Freddy Fazbear head.

It is accessed by hovering over the red tab at the bottom of the screen which is next to the gray monitor tab.

If Mangle is in the office, he’s liable to attack at any time and so it’s pretty much game over at that point but the mask can help protect you if you’re near the end of your ingame shift.

If it’s already past 4AM you might actually make it to 6AM without it attacking.

When Mangle’s on the office ceiling she won’t go away. You’ll need to listen for his voice when you’re using the camera, and you usually don’t need a light to see her.

If Mangle isn’t on the camera screen, then if you hear the voice she’ll be at the vent entrance, so you can drop the camera and put the mask on till you can’t hear Mangle’s voice anymore.

If you try any other technique, you will immediately be killed as she comes from the ceiling.

Why Is Mangle So Torn Up?

Mangle’s original form looks similar to Afton’s version of Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location. Having the majority of his fur colored white with a pink snout and a small black nose, she also has three small fluffs of fur on top of his head.

Mangle was rebuilt several times by the staff due to it originally looking too scary, and thereafter was such a popular animatronic that the kids kept ripping it apart and the staff could no longer be bothered trying to fix her.

This is also how she got his name ‘The Mangle’. You can get this information via the Phone Guy on the Night 3 call.

With pink toes and a pink stomach, matching pink markings inside his ears and around his eyes and midriff, complemented with pink splashes on the tail.

With bright red cheeks and red lips with a snout, long eyelashes and a matching pink bow tie, Mangle has a hook replacing his right hand after being combined with an endoskeleton.

However, while she is meant to be a clown this is very hard to tell. With his teeth visible, Mangle always seems to be grinning at the player and sports pink nail polish and a bent endoskeleton frame.

Of course, his mangled form helps to make the jumpscare when she attacks all the scarier and adds to the overall horror of the game.

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