How to Get Reputation in Mondstadt?

How to Get Reputation in Mondstadt?

Genshin Impact’s large world is full of things to do, and constant updates from the developer have seen the addition of a city reputation system. But if you’re wanting to get the rewards from this new update, you may be asking how do you get a reputation in Mondstadt?

Once you’ve got to level 25 and finished the Archon Quest, you’ll have to complete bounties and requests, region quests and then do general adventuring like opening chests, getting waypoints and finding Elemental Oculi. 

Let’s look at how the reputation system how works, how to boost city reputation and the quickest ways to do so, as well as consider the rewards you get per city reputation tier.

How to Associate with Mondstadt?

City reputation has been one of the new mechanics brought about since Genshin Impact’s 1.1 patch.

Mondstandt along with Liyue are the two major cities that you can associate with and build up a reputation.

In order to start the leveling process, first, you’ll need to get your own character to at least adventure rank 25. If you’re not there yet, just complete ingame quests. Not only will you get good chunks of XP from these, but also some great item rewards.

Once you get there or you’re already at 25,  next you have to complete the Archon Quests, which for Mondstadt is called The Outlander Who Caught the Wind – Prologue: Act I

These are also known as the Adventures of the Traveler and their emergency food challenges. Once these have been done, players need to talk to the NPC Hertha inside Mondstadt, which is displayed on the map with a triangle.

As Hertha is the coordinator for the Knights of Favonius, she is located in the northeast of the city. She will give you the reputation quests in Mondstadt. 

As you gain reputation, you’ll gain access to better blueprints, recipes and even items like gliders. It’s worth doing both cities as you’ll get different rewards for both.


Once you’ve got your reputation up to level two for Mondstadt, you’ll get the Anemoculi Resonance Stone blueprint and the Mondstadt Mining Outcrop scanner. At level three you’ll unlock the Wind Catcher blueprint.

Once you’ve got it to level four, you’ll get both the Good Hunter & Mondstadt General Goods vendor discount, as well as the Mondstadt – Hero’s Fame namecard design.  Level five gets you the NRE (Menu 30) blueprint.

Six will give you two items, the Portable Waypoint blueprint and the Anemo Treasure Compass blueprint while level 7 unlocks the Mondstadt – Blessing namecard design and finally at level 8 you’ll get the Wings of Azure Wind glider skin.

The Mondstadt Mining Outcrop scanner is one of the best rewards in the game, as it will give you more time and money, especially the more you play. The local discounts will also add up as you visit these places for essential items.

How Do You Gain Mondstadt Reputation?

After you have unlocked the ability to level up your reputation, then comes the hard part of actually getting to the top.

There are many ways to increase reputation, and you need to use a combination of them. One of the best ways is to complete the city reputation quests.

Another way is to explore and uncover new areas, including getting the waypoints on the map. This is going to be very useful later on anyway, so you may as well do it now for getting as many fast travel points as possible.

Technically the former are known as city reputation and the latter is part of the exploration system, but they’re just two sides of the same coin and will both add to your overall reputation.

These quests and challenges are also retroactive, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on the reputation gain because you haven’t spoken to Hertha yet or haven’t yet got to level 25.

Bounties involve hunting and defeating targets, whereas requests involve completing specific tasks. You’ll also get Mora for doing requests. You get three of each to complete each week and you should do all three to gain the most reputation.

The exploration system will give you an award for each 20% increment of progress.

The region quests won’t be listed on the map, you’ll have to find and complete them yourself. Most of these involve talking to the NPCs at the Adventurer’s Guild but, generally, you’ll want to explore the city and talk to anyone you can. 

Other ones involve going to the With Wind Comes Glory shop, speaking to Iris at Windwail Highland pass, speaking to Joel at the same place as Iris, purchasing Fisherman’s Toast to-go from Good Hunter restaurant, and talking to Wagner the blacksmith.

Most of these are straightforward quests but you need to do actions in the right order, so pay attention to what the NPCs tell you.

What Is the Fastest Way to Level up Mondstadt Reputation?

Using the bounty and request lists can also be useful but keep in mind that there are only three of these per week. It can be a good idea to start with these and then move onto other sources to gain city reputation.

If you go back to Hertha in Mondstadt and then choose the dialogue option ‘How’s my reputation in Mondstadt?’, your current reputation level can be then seen in the lower left corner so that you can keep tabs on it.

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