How to Get Free Primogems in 2023? [7 Ways]

How to Get Free Primogems

Primogems are a necessity when playing Genshin Impact. This premium, in-game currency is needed when trying to unlock more playable characters by purchasing Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate. But if you’re a free-to-play (or F2P for short) player, how do you get free Primogems in 2023?

The best way to get free Primogems is by completing Daily Commissions, which can earn you a guaranteed 60 Primogems. You get this option once you’ve achieved Adventure Rank 12. If you haven’t reached that rank yet, doing regular story and character quests while leveling up can earn you the premium currency.

Keep in mind that any method promising free Primogems quickly is illegitimate. It can put your account at risk of being stolen or getting banned. If you want to find safer ways to earn them, keep reading.

How Can You Get Primogems for Free?

The developers of Genshin Impact, MiHoYo, tried to ensure that F2P players don’t get left behind by their paying counterparts regarding in-game progression. That’s why there are multiple ways for you to get free Primogems. Here are some of them.

Complete Daily Commissions

Once you reach Adventure Rank 12, you unlock the opportunity to complete up to four daily commissions. Each one is easy to complete and nets you 10 Primogems. Once you’re done, you can speak to Katheryne from the Adventurer’s Guild to earn an extra 20 Primogems, bringing your total daily earnings to 60 Primogems.

Complete In-Game Activities

This method only works for newer players; if you’ve already done these, feel free to skip to the next tip. Otherwise, you can continue reading.

Though these methods only work once, they are good for an initial boost of Primogems. Here’s a list of one-time only activities that will net you some Primogems:

  • Complete Archon and Story quests – Each quest will give you 60 Primogems, with some of them branching into multiple related quests. That means more Primogem earning opportunities for you.
  • Complete Adventurer Handbook missions – Each chapter has several missions, and completing a chapter unlocks the next set of missions. Chapters give anywhere from 50 to 150 Primogems.
  • Unlock new teleport waypoints – If you’re short on Primogems and need to get some quickly, see if there are any teleport waypoints you haven’t unlocked yet. They can net you 5 Primogems each.
  • Complete the tutorials – Reading in a video game might sound boring; thankfully, you don’t need to do it for free. Quickly skim through one to earn 1 Primogem per tutorial. Who knows, you might pick up a tip or two just by reading!
  • Unlock achievements – Doing certain feats in-game will earn you achievement with a small Primogem reward.
  • Complete any and all Hangout Events – You can only do this if you’re at least Adventure Rank 26 and have been doing Daily Commissions. You’ll need two Story Keys per Hangout Event, and you earn one key for every eight commissions you complete. Once you have the necessary keys, pick a Hangout Event to complete. You can earn a total of 60 Primogems for watching five different endings within the same Hangout Event.
  • Open treasure chests in the overworld – If you like exploring new places, your curiosity will be rewarded. There are treasure chests all over the in-game world, and they can earn you varying amounts of Primogems depending on the chest’s rarity.

Participate in Time-Limited Events

After every version update, MiHoYo introduces time-limited quests and activities that give players the chance to earn more Primogems. Their main goal is to entice players to purchase more wishes to summon the new characters, so they try to shower players with some Primogems.

An active user on the HoYoLAB forums named SoraHoshina calculates the exact number of Primogems F2P players can earn during each event period. As it turns out, you can make up to 12,240 Primogems if you’re diligent enough!

Maintain an Active Account During Version Updates

As a way of apology for having to take the game offline during version updates, MiHoYo awards users with 600 Primogems. And if the server maintenance takes longer than expected, you get 60 more Primogems for every hour the downtime is extended. You’re eligible for these rewards if your adventure rank is at least 5.

Do the Daily Check-in for Rewards

Genshin Impact always has daily check-in rewards for active players. Though the rewards vary every day, you have a chance to get 20 Primogems on certain days. Make sure you check in during the other days to be eligible for Primogems once that day arrives.

Clear the Spiral Abyss

Players at least Adventure Rank 20 can attempt to clear the Spiral Abyss. Each floor nets you up to 300 Primogems, depending on how quickly you clear each floor. And if you do manage to clear the entire dungeon, it resets after a certain time so that you can earn the rewards all over again.

Redeem Reward Codes

Every so often, MiHoYo gives players specific reward codes that give players various rewards, such as Primogems and other items. If you do manage to get ahold of these codes, make sure to redeem them immediately as they do expire. Make sure you’re at least Adventure Rank 10 before you redeem a code.

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How to Get Free Primogems Without Human Verification?

Loads of websites claim to give you free Primogems or Genesis Crystals with little to no action on your part; sadly, they are all unsafe and illegitimate. Most of these websites don’t have a proper security certificate, and they all claim to be a “hack” to generate as many Primogems or Crystals as you need. Never fall victim to these websites, or you risk losing your account.

How Many Primogems Can You Earn a Day?

There is no limit to how many Primogems you can earn in a day; if you can make it, you can get it. But realistically speaking, you’re likely to get about a hundred or so every day: 60 from daily commissions, 20 from daily logins (you only get these on some days), and a few more from opening chests if you feel like exploring. They’re not much, but they do add up.

How Do You Get Thousands of Primogems?

If you’re at least Adventure Rank 20, you can test your mettle in 12 floors of Spiral Abyss to earn thousands of Primogems daily. Depending on how well you perform, you can earn up to 300 Primogems per floor for the first eight floors and 150 Primogems per floor for the last four floors. That’s a total of 3000 Primogems!

But before you go rushing to the Spiral Abyss with your party, keep in mind that the recommended adventure rank is at least 26. You tackle this dungeon yourself, so you must be prepared with a well-thought-out party to clear each floor successfully. The less efficient your party is, the fewer chances you have of earning Primogems.

The Primogems require quite a bit of work from you as well. You can only earn the max amount of Primogems if you complete each floor chamber’s goals successfully; any less, and you won’t get it. The goals are the same per chamber, and they always ask you to clear the area quickly.

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