How to Get Free Game Passes on Roblox in 2023?

how to get free game passes on roblox

The beauty of Roblox is that there’s always something new to experience every day. Thanks to its open nature and the creativity of developers, there’s no shortage of new experiences for you to try. But if you’re limited on funds, you might wonder how you can get free game passes on Roblox.

There is no guaranteed way to get free Roblox Game Passes in 2023. The experience developer creates each game pass, so it’s up to them whether to give some out for free or not. Roblox Corporation itself does not have any control over each experience’s Game Pass.

That doesn’t mean you’re entirely out of luck, however. To truly understand why getting free game passes on Roblox is a hit-or-miss proposition, let’s take a look at what a Roblox Game Pass really is. And from there, we’ll figure out together whether we can really get one for free or not.

What Is a Roblox Game Pass?

Not to be confused with the Xbox Game Pass, a Roblox Game Pass is a special pass created by developers for players to purchase with Robux. [1] These passes usually give players special privileges, such as skills, abilities, accessories, or specific areas in the game.

A developer can choose to create one or multiple passes for their game, and it’s up to them to decide how much Robux it will cost. These passes are also a one-time only purchase, so players can leave and rejoin an experience without losing their paid passes. [2]

Roblox Game Pass is different from Roblox Premium, so please do not confuse the two. Roblox Premium is a three-tiered monthly subscription service offered by Roblox Corporation. It also grants players unique premium-only benefits in experiences, discounts in the avatar store, and a monthly Robux stipend depending on your subscription level.

Now that we know what a Roblox Game Pass is, let’s look at some ways we can snag one for free. Remember that the opportunity will depend on each developer, so the same method may not work for different developers. It’s always best to try multiple options to maximize your chances.

How to Get Roblox Game Passes for Free?

Roblox Game Passes can be a hot commodity, especially for games with a bigger following. Try some of these methods if you want to join in the fun while still saving your Robux. They may not work all the time, but they’re worth trying.

Follow the Developers on Social Media

Developers love to create a following on social media because it allows them to communicate directly with their players. Platforms such as Twitter and Discord are great for maintaining a conversation, while Twitch and Youtube are great for actively showing their progress. Regardless of which platform you follow, you can expect them to connect with their player base actively.

For you, that means following them closely enables you to chat with them whenever you have a question or a suggestion. It’s also a great way to keep track of any promotions and giveaways they might do, including free game passes. By following them on social media, you show support for their work.

And even if you’re just there to provide feedback or moral support, developers are always happy to hear from their players. Because to them, that means their intended audience is enjoying their work. There’s no better feeling than that for a developer.

Be an Active Contributor

Do you have a knack for finding bugs and glitches? Are you good at managing the community, or maybe you have a talent for creating promotional text? Whatever your talent is, consider lending it to the developer.

Game developers already have their hands full with programming, so they need all the help they can get outside the game. That means creating promotional graphics, moderating their communities, and bringing more awareness to the game in general. This is where you come in.

If you’re hoping for a free game pass, consider showing the developer that you care about their game. Try volunteering a few hours of your time every week to do non-coding tasks. Show them a sample of your previous work to help convince them of your expertise.

If you do well, the developer might show their gratitude by granting you a free game pass or other perks. Just be sure you show a real passion for what you’re doing, or you’ll end up not enjoying the process.

Of course, you should never start doing this just for the sake of a freebie. Only offer to volunteer if you genuinely care about the game; that way, you can actively contribute to its growth. Your work will reflect if you’re only there for the free game pass, and you might ultimately end up empty-handed.

Earn Free Robux Instead

Instead of trying to get a Roblox Game Pass for free, why not change your perspective and earn some Robux for free instead? Developers rely on Game Pass purchases for their Robux income, which can eventually be converted into real money. [4] That means the more people purchase their passes, the more financial support they can get.

Are you intrigued? We have listed ways to earn Robux for free without putting your account or device at risk. Keep in mind that any website promising quick ways to earn free Robux is unsafe and can potentially lead to the loss of your account.

Do Free Roblox Game Pass Hacks Work?

There are loads of websites that mention free game passes, and they can be tempting to use. Unfortunately, like the free Robux promises, these methods are unsafe and illegitimate. You can lose your account if you’re not careful, so never do them.

If you think you should try them anyway, don’t. Be especially wary if the website is asking you for your account information or if it’s asking you to install an external program. Chances are they’re trying to phish for your login, or they’re trying to install something malicious on your machine.

Remember the golden rule: if it sounds too good to be true, that’s probably because it is. Be careful, and don’t put yourself in trouble just for some free Robux or Game Passes.


Even though the answers “how to get free Game Passes on Roblox” don’t sound like they can guarantee you a Roblox Game Pass, those methods are safe and legitimate. Not only do they keep your account secure, but they also help improve your reputation in the community. Only good things can happen from that.

Besides, trying to help a developer, either through volunteer work or community support, goes a long way for the game. For smaller experiences, that means giving it a much-needed boost to attract more players. And for larger experiences, your support means the game’s continued development, so players like you can continue to enjoy it.

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