How to Get Free Discord Nitro in 2023?

How to Get Free Discord Nitro

If you’ve spent any time using Discord, chances are you’ve heard of Discord Nitro. Nitro is the platform’s paid subscription, offering perks such as expanded profile personalization options, larger file upload limits, increased character count on messages, and more. Intrigued but not quite ready to commit to a $9.99 monthly payment yet? Do you wonder how to get free Discord Nitro?

The best way to get free Discord Nitro in 2023 is to get a 30-day free trial offer from Discord. This offer is available for new subscribers only, so if you’ve had Nitro in the past, you’re no longer eligible.

If you’re no longer eligible for the free trial, don’t worry. Though they may not be immediate, you still have other options to get free Discord Nitro. Let’s find out what they are.

How Can You Get Discord Nitro for Free?

Discord has been stingy with letting their user base try Nitro, but for understandable reasons. After all, the subscription revenue is what they use to maintain development for the platform. Regardless, being able to try a paid service for a short period of time is still a good way to convince skeptical users.

But why should you pay for Discord Nitro? Is the price tag even worth it? To truly understand the answer, you need to know the kinds of Nitro levels available:

  • Nitro – the baseline subscription at $9.99 a month or $99.99 per year. Along with two free server boosts, this service gives you the following perks:
    • Custom video backgrounds
    • Profile customization
    • Special chat stickers
    • Platform-wide custom emoji access (as opposed to server-wide only) 
    • Upload file limit up to 100 MB
    • Streaming resolution up to 4K, 60 fps
    • Increased character limit on messages 
    • Higher server membership limit.
  • Nitro Classic – a budget option at $4.99 a month / $49.99 per year, but with fewer perks. You only get the following with this option:
    • Profile customization
    • Platform-wide custom emoji access
    • Upload file limit up to 50 MB
    • Streaming resolution up to 1080p, 30 fps
    • 30 percent off server boosts
  • Nitro Basic – an even more budget-friendly option at $2.99. This is a new offering and is only recently being rolled out to random Discord users in the United Kingdom. With this option, you only get:
    • Platform-wide custom emoji access
    • File upload limit up to 20 MB
    • Custom video chat backgrounds

Still interested in the perks but not quite ready to commit? That’s alright because you have a few options to try Nitro for free.

Free 30-day Trial From Discord for New Subscribers

If you’ve never had Discord Nitro before, you have a chance of getting offered a free 30-day trial. [1] To find out whether you have this offer or not, do the following:

  1. Click the Settings icon (the gear) on the bottom left corner of Discord. It should be to the right of your Discord name, next to the headphone icon.
  2. On the left tab under “Payment Settings”, click Nitro. There should be a notification there if you have the free trial or not.

If you have the offer, congratulations! Enjoy your Nitro and make sure to update your billing details near the end of the trial if you don’t plan on keeping it.

However, if you don’t have the offer, don’t give up. This offer is given out at random so keep checking. As long as you’ve never had Nitro before (either through a trial or a gift), you’ll be eligible. It’s only a matter of time!

Free Discord Nitro Gift Subscription

A surefire way to get free Nitro regardless of whether you’re new to the service or not is to have your friends gift it to you. Gifts can be for a month-long or year-long subscription, and you can hold on to these gift codes until you’re ready to redeem them. The duration of these gifts doesn’t stack; if you received more than one code, you’d have to enter them one at a time as the other runs out.

You can also join servers dedicated to giving away Nitro subscriptions as gifts via raffles. Remember that if you join these servers, you should never give out any personal information at any time. Your chances of winning are also quite low, so don’t be surprised if you don’t win one for a while.

Become a Discord Partner

Do you feel like trying your hand at growing and running a community, or perhaps you already own a bustling Discord server? If so, you can get free Nitro by applying to become a Discord Partner.

As the owner of a Discord Partner server, you’re eligible for free Discord Nitro for as long as the server is eligible, along with other benefits. This benefit even carries over to the new owner if you decide to transfer server ownership eventually.

But here’s the bad news: you must submit an application, and the requirements are quite stringent. If your server gets approved, you must meet the requirements for eight weeks in a row or you’ll lose the status.

Join and Install

Currently, this is the only active Nitro promotion between an external platform and Discord. is an app that lets gamers record clips of their games and share them online. If you’ve never used it before, this is your ticket to a free month of Discord Nitro. [2]

All you have to do is create a account and install the app on your computer. Once installed, log in to your account. You’ll find your promotional Nitro code from there, which you can then redeem within Discord.

The usual disclaimer is you can’t be a former Nitro user or the promotional code won’t work. Still worth a try but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work.

Keep an Eye for Promotions

Discord has partnerships with various companies every once in a while, leading to free Nitro promotions. Earlier this year, Discord and Epic Games were offering a free month of Nitro to new users. This promotion ended on May 26 in 2022. [3]

There was another promotion in 2021, this time with Youtube Premium, offering users free Discord Nitro for three months. [4] This promo was even more inclusive as it extended to current and former Nitro subscribers. All you needed was an active Youtube Premium subscription.

Another was a partnership with Xbox in early 2021 when Game Pass Ultimate users got three months of Nitro for free. [5] As always, the offer was only for those who haven’t had Nitro before.

As you can see, Discord will likely offer some sort of free Nitro subscription again sometime. As long as you keep an eye on their announcements, you won’t miss their promotions. Even if you don’t think you’re eligible, try redeeming the code anyway.

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