How to Fix Fortnite Denial Code 20 in Simple Steps

fixing the denial code 20 fortnite

So you are planning to join your mates in Fortnite and out of nowhere you are welcomed by the Fortnite Denial Code 20 error. But don’t get panic as this is just a common issue that most Fortnite players face these days. Denial code 20 restricts the user from joining the party and must be fixed. There are certain reasons behind this error and we would discuss them one by one in this article.

You can solve this issue by yourself by following the methods we have laid out in this guide. And if still, the problem persists, then you’ll need to contact customer support to troubleshoot this error. But let’s first try the most effective methods that will probably work and eliminate the error.

Reasons Behind Fortnite Denial Code 20 Error

There are two main reasons behind this error, either you have an internet connection problem or there’s something wrong with your account. There could be several other reasons like:

  • VPN Turned On
  • Party set to “Private”
  • Player not added as “Friend”

There are several other error codes that occur similar to the denial code 20 error, but they point to the same issue:

  • error code -91 fortnite
  • error code 20 fortnite
  • fortnite error code 20
  • denial reason code 20 fortnite

All of the above codes can be fixed using the methods disclosed below:

Troubleshooting the Fortnite Denial Code 20

Here are the most effective ways to get rid of this issue:

Disabling VPN

If you have previously launched Fortnite without VPN and now you are trying to launch it with a VPN, then there are higher chances of getting a denial code 20 error. VPN alters your IP address and this might conflict with the older IP address you used to launch the Fortnite. So one way around this is to disable the VPN, restart your computer, and then relaunch your game.

Setting Party to Public

If you’ve created a Party on Fortnite and set that to “Private”, then you may end up seeing several denial code errors on your screen. You can try setting the Party to Pubic and see if it helps in removing the denial code 20 error.

Here is a video on how to change your Party Privacy Settings in Fortnite

Adding Player as a Friend

If you are creating or joining a Party on Fornite and end up seeing this error, then you’ll have to add the Player you are inviting as your friend first. Also, if you are being invited by someone to join the party but you see a 20 denial error code, then you’ll have to ask that person to add you as a friend on your Epic account.

Restarting the Game & PC

Sometimes the errors you see in games could be due to small bugs or glitches, and restarting the game or your PC might fix this problem. Make sure you restart all the software and game launchers before your restart the game. A quick way around this is to restart your PC and then relaunch your game.

If the above methods don’t work for you, then it’s time to submit your issue to the support team and they’ll fix this for you. Here’s how you can do this.

Submitting Claims

Follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your Fortnite account and then visit the “My Account” section
  • Here you’ll find “Claims” on the left-hand side. Click on it, and then head over to “Resubmit a Claim
  • Now in the “Description” section describe your issue in detail. For example, I’m getting Fortnite denial code 20 on my account xyz……………..
  • In the “Reason for Denial” section enter the error code that you receive. As we are getting error code 20, so we’ll type “20” in that section.
  • You can also take a screenshot of your error code and attach it with your claim
  • Finally, click on the “Submit” button


Finally, you now know how to fix denial reason code 20 Fortnite error using simple methods. You can follow these methods one by one to troubleshoot this error. If this doesn’t work for you, then the issue would be with your account, and submitting a claim would solve this problem for sure.

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