How to Check What Server You Are on Genshin Impact?

How to Check What Server You Are on Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact’s anime visuals, addicting gameplay, and great story have drawn many into the franchise, and the cooperative mode also means players want to play with others. But how do you check what server you are on for Genshin Impact?

There is a server select screen accessible when you first login to Genshin Impact, accessible only on mobile and PC devices. For PlayStation, your server is based on your PlayStation account.

Let’s look at how to check and also change the server you’re on as well as why changing servers is important, and consider save data implications. So let’s get into it to learn everything about it to get the most out of Genshin Impact! 

Steps for How to Check What Server You Are on Genshin Impact

There are four servers to choose from when a new account is being created for Genshin Impact. These are listed as America, Europe, Asia and Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau.

You can check which one you’re on or change to another by 

  1. Starting up the game
  2. The server selection button appears on the startup screen down the bottom
  3. It will display the current server you are on.
  4. You can hit the button and then select another from the list
  5. You will be asked to confirm your choice

If you’re playing from a mobile device or a Windows computer, the game will assign a default server if your IP belongs to the respective country/region; however, you’re also free to choose another server.

Your server for PlayStation is set to the same location as whatever your address is showing in your PlayStation account, and this cannot be changed.

So for example, if you set your PSN address as, for example, New York, United States, your server will be in North America. 

You will need to make a different PSN account with a different address in order to get onto a different server, and on other devices, you won’t be able to switch servers without losing all of your progress.

If you go to Settings then hit Account Management then expand Account Information you can update your address. 

There is no Xbox version of Genshin Impact and a Switch port is underway. The Xbox development has slowed down and is unlikely to come out anytime soon as Xbox penetration is not very big in Asia, especially compared to PlayStation.

How to Change Genshin Impact Server Without Losing Data?

When you change a server, all the saved data, game progression and other items on that server won’t transfer to the new server.

All your items and gear will still be saved on the original server you started on, and so you can switch back and get your character and progress back.

However, when you switch servers you will have to restart everything from level 1. Many players prefer to switch servers rather than create a whole new account.

This means that you’ll want to think ahead as to what server you want to have all your progress on and which server you’ll be playing cooperative mode on. This isn’t uncommon when dealing with multiple servers.

Does Server Matter?

There isn’t going to be a massive amount of difference, although it is worth checking out the official Genshin Impact Twitter account to get the latest updates. 

This account gets updated very regularly with regards to all manner of things, including server status, event updates and more, so it is the best first place to check. 

You can find a partial listing of the servers on some fan sites, like Genshin.Global.

There are two main considerations for choosing a server.

The first is that you should play on a server that is closest to your physical location. The further away a server is means you’re going to notice more impact on gameplay, be that lag or high ping.

This won’t improve no matter how insane your actual internet connection is, as you’re basically going up against physics as there is going to be a limit to how fast data can travel.

This means that long network data transmission is going to result in degraded or bad performance. Not ideal when a game requires quick reactions or timed attacks.

The second consideration is if you’re wanting to play co-op mode games with your friends, as you’ll want to make sure you are all on the same server. Cooperative play is not possible unless you’re already all on the same server.

This will become clear as you won’t be able to find your friends on the list of players on a particular server.

It’s not too hard to get around this limitation, but it does mean that at least one person will have to change to another server and start on a fresh account.

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