How to Add Apps to Child Profile on Kindle Fire?

How to Add Apps to Child Profile on Kindle Fire

Making sure your child has access to age-appropriate content is one of the top priorities when having a child use any technology, But how do you add apps to a Child Profile on Kindle Fire and manage all the access to it?

The Kindle Fire can be managed for children via using Child Profiles, Household Management and app access from within the Parent Dashboard.

Let’s look at how to add apps, manage access to content and generally control how a Child Profile operates within the larger Amazon content management ecosystem.

How To Add Content to Child Profile on Kindle Fire?

From the Parent Dashboard you can manage content that will be viewable from the child profile as well as see what content has been viewed recently.

Kindle Fires work like most other Amazon products in regards to child-friendly content by using the Amazon Kids and Amazon Household setup.

To use Amazon Kids features, first add a child profile to your Amazon Household via the portal to manage your household.

Then you’ll want to set the information regarding your child to best control the content for your child. Within the Child Profile you can set a birth date to ensure that your children will only see content that is appropriate for their age.

At this point you’ll also set up a parental controls pin to give you administrator control over Amazon Kids.

How to Remove Content on Child Profile on Kindle Fire?

As content is not saved onto the Kindle Fire itself, managing content including removing it is via the Parent Dashboard.

You can also put limits on content until certain requirements are met, blocking access to specific content.

This can be time-based, such as only allowing access on weekdays or weekends or only until educational goals for the weekend or weekday are met. The latter is achieved by the Learn First checkbox being ticked.

This can even be used to set a hard bedtime, meaning Amazon Kids is turned off past this time. The other setting is Tap Stay off Until, which will set the time when Amazon Kids can be used again.

If you want to bar access in total, go for the Total Screen Time setting to set an upper limit for how long your child can spend in Amazon Kids.

This can be further configured via Time by Activity, with unlimited time unlocked by sliding the bar all the way to the right. To block access to a content type such as games or apps, slide the bar all the way to the left.

To further control access to removed content, make sure that all the other profiles on the device all have a password.

As the other adult profiles don’t have content restriction policies on them, this will prevent the child from accessing content or getting around restrictions just by using another profile.

How to Share Apps Between Profiles on Kindle Fire?

For a household account, login as the parent and go to Settings, then select Parental controls and then Household profile, Manage child’s profile. From here you can tap on Add content and then Share content, and then select whichever apps you want to share.

If you’re not dealing with a household account, then you can go into Settings then tap on Users and select the user you want to share with, from here you can click Apps and you should have an option to click the little cog next to the restricted account, and authorize.

How to Add Netflix to Child’s Fire Tablet?

The best way to do this is via the main parent account, and then you can grant Netflix permission to the Amazon Kids profile.

If you don’t already have Netflix at all, first, on the Amazon Kindle Fire select Apps, and in the top right corner, select Store. Search for Netflix and select Download, Install, or Get App.

When the app has completed downloading, start it and login using your Netflix email address and password to sign in. Once you’ve logged in, it is just a matter of sharing access to it via the Child Profile.

Go back and open up the Household and then manage the profile of the Amazon Kids account again, tap on Add content and then select the Netflix app.

They should now have full access to it on their own profile. 

It is also possible to create a Netflix Kids profile via the manage profile page within Netflix, and then share that instead with the Child Profile if you want to restrict the content via Netflix as well, as that is not moderated via the Amazon content generally.

Netflix Kids will only have TV shows and movies carefully selected for kids, and won’t have access to Netflix Games.

You can further control the content by opening Parental Controls within the Netflix website after logging in via a browser. You can choose a maturity level for each profile and also set a PIN to access each profile.

How to Add Amazon Music to Child Profile?

From within Parental Controls, you can select Block and Unblock Content Types, and one of these is the ability to add Amazon Music.

When you create your Amazon Household, you’ll be prompted to review your content sharing settings through Family Library. If you don’t wish to share any content, uncheck all of the boxes next to the content types. You can always go back and choose to share content later.

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