How Much Data Does Warzone Use? [PC, PS, Xbox]

How Much Data Does Warzone Use

Since Activision joined the battle royale field with Call of Duty: Warzone in 2020, the game has seen a slight decline in the player base. But regardless of whether there are 125 million players or 200,000 people currently playing, one question remains the same: how much data does Warzone use?

Warzone uses an average of 170 MB of data per hour. That figure only applies to gameplay, so add another 100 MB if you plan to use in-game voice chat. But even at around 270 MB per hour, that’s still relatively low considering the battle royale nature of the game.

What’s even more surprising is how Warzone caused Virgin Media to have their busiest network day on March 2021, when a Warzone update was released. [1] Millions of players simultaneously downloaded the 20 GB update on the same day, causing a massive spike on Virgin Media’s networks. That’s a stark contrast to how little data the game uses while you’re playing.

And since Warzone is available on three different platforms, do their data usage differ or stay the same? Let’s examine how much data Warzone uses on each platform.

How Much Data Does Warzone on PC Use?

Many first-person shooter enthusiasts swear by playing games such as Warzone on PC, mainly because of the accuracy of using a mouse for aiming. It’s only fair for PC players to wonder how much data their Warzone games use, especially when playing for hours.

If you’re a PC player with limited bandwidth from your provider every month, expect to use an average of 170 MB per hour. Even if you play for six hours daily, that’s only roughly 1 GB per day or 30 GB for the entire month. This usage number increases if you choose to voice chat with other players.

That number is separate from the amount of data required for each update. While season updates will be the heavy hitters, most game fixes and patches occur every 2-3 weeks. They may not be as big as the season updates, but they can still take a chunk of your data, especially if you have a monthly limit.

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How Much Data Does Warzone on PS4 or PS5 Use?

If you prefer playing Warzone on a PlayStation console, you might wonder how much data the game uses. After all, the game is on its own platform with little to no data-eating background processes to worry about. Well, we have good news for you.

Warzone uses 500 MB of data for three hours. That’s an average of roughly 167 MB per hour, which is a pretty close figure to the 170 MB average we have for PC. The test was done using a PS4 connected to a mobile hotspot.

From this, we’ll go ahead and assume that the PS5 uses the same amount of data. After all, that console runs the game through the backwards compatibility function. We’ve yet to see whether the 170 MB average figure will stay once the official PS5 version of Warzone releases.

If you are playing Warzone on your PS5 and have metered internet, ensure you’re keeping a close eye on the data usage. There have been reports of the console using large amounts of data without explanation. The last thing you need is to go over your limit through no fault of your own.

How Much Data Does Warzone on Xbox One or Xbox Series X Use?

Because your Xbox One or Series X connects to the same router or hotspot, we’re going to say that Warzone will use the same amount of data as PC and PlayStation. In other words, you’ll use about 170 MB per hour, or slightly more if you’re on voice chat. That’s surprisingly low, considering you’re playing with 120 other players on the same map while constantly getting updates about what’s happening.

The main thing you should be worrying about is the amount of data you consume every time the game updates. The latest season update, for example, was roughly 10 GB across all platforms. If your home internet or mobile data plan has a lower limit, that figure will affect your overall monthly usage.

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