How Much Data Does Genshin Impact Use?

How Much Data Does Genshin Impact Use?

Internet access is different for everyone nowadays. Some get blazing speeds with little to no data limits, while others settle with slow, limited internet. If you have the latter and want to play the game, you might be curious how much data Genshin Impact uses.

Genshin Impact only uses 30 to 50 MB of data per hour. The number varies depending on whether you’re playing singleplayer story quests or co-op with other players. If you want to save on data, stick to storyline quests.

Now that you know how much data Genshin Impact uses, would you still play it? Let’s look at how each platform affects data usage, if at all.

How Much Data Does Genshin Impact on PC Use?

Most Genshin Impact players access the game through their home computers. And why wouldn’t they, considering the minimum requirements required to run the game? [1] To truly enjoy Genshin Impact, you must play it on a PC.

But what about its data usage? Most households these days don’t have unlimited data usage. Even worse, the data cap seems to go lower depending on how cheap your plan is.

Thankfully, Genshin Impact only uses up to about 50 MB of data per hour. That number assumes you’re also playing with other players since online communication requires more data than just running the game. If you’re playing just the storyline, you use even less data.

The main thing you should worry about is the updates. If you’re on metered internet, the game’s content updates will quickly consume a portion of your quota. For example, the game’s version 3.0 update is a whopping 9.02 GB download for PC users!

How Much Data Does Genshin on Mobile Use?

If you want to play Genshin Impact on mobile, you definitely want to keep an eye on your data usage. After all, most phone plans only allow for a small amount of data every month before incurring overages. So is Genshin Impact going to use all your data in one day?

Fortunately, Genshin Impact on mobile uses about the same amount of data during gameplay as on PC: between 30 to 50 MB per hour. It’s up to you whether to feel happy or dismayed about that information, but it’s good to know that the game doesn’t use much data.

To put this into perspective, let’s assume you play the game daily. Let’s see how much data you’ll use in a month based on one hour, four hours, or eight hours of daily gameplay. We’ll assume you play with other players frequently, so this estimate will be on the higher end.

Time Played / Days Played1 day7 days15 days30 days
1 hour50 MB350 MB750 MB1.5 GB
4 hours200 MB1.4 GB3 GB6 GB
8 hours400 MB2.8 GB6 GB12 GB

As you can see, playing an hour a day for 30 days straight will only use 1.5 GB of your phone’s data, but playing for four or more hours will quickly decrease your monthly allocation. If you see yourself playing Genshin Impact on mobile for long periods, consider connecting to WiFi to preserve your data.

How Much Data Does Genshin on PS4 or PS5 Use?

Because your PlayStation connects to the same internet as your PC and mobile phone (either through your home network or mobile hotspot), it’s safe to assume that the console uses the same amount of data as the other two platforms. As with PC and mobile devices, other processes running in the background can affect your overall data usage. If you genuinely want to conserve your precious monthly data allowance, make sure you disable processes such as auto-updates to avoid going over your data cap.

How Do You Monitor Data Usage?

Monitoring your data usage can be essential if you’re trying to play Genshin Impact while conservatively using data. Here’s how you can check on your device how much data you’ve used so far:

  • PC (Windows 10) – Go to Settings, Network & Internet, then Data Usage. Then click “View usage per app”. A separate window should show you how much data each program uses. Close any processes you’re not using to conserve data.
  • Mobile Phones – The steps will differ based on your OS. 
    • Android – Go to Settings, Network & Internet, then Mobile Network. From there, click “App data usage” to see how much data each app has used. These steps may differ depending on your phone model and Android version, but they should be relatively similar.
    • iOS – Go to Settings, then Mobile Data, or Settings, then Cellular. From there, you’ll see how much data each app has consumed.
  • Playstation Consoles
    • PS4 – Press and hold the PS button on your controller. Then go to System, Settings, Network, and Troubleshooting. From there, select “Bandwidth usage”. You’ll see how much data you’ve used on that screen in the past 24 hours.
    • PS5 – There’s currently no way of checking data usage on the PS5.
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