How Much Data Does Among Us Use?

How Much Data Does Among Us Use?

Among Us captivated the gaming world in 2020 when it proved to be an excellent way to have fun while connecting with each other. The game is still going strong two years later, with players continuing to join the community. If you’re one of those new players hoping to catch or become the impostor, then you’re probably wondering how much data Among Us uses.

Among Us uses as little as 2 MB of data per round, which can last about 20 minutes. That means you’ll use about 6 MB of data every hour, which is negligible compared to online multiplayer games nowadays. You’re likely to use more if you have the free, ad-supported game version because the ads will also use data when they display.

Now that we know how much data Among Us uses per round, let’s explore how the ads that support the free game version can increase players’ data usage.

What’s the Difference Between Free and Paid Versions of Among Us?

Among Us on iOS and Android are free from their respective app stores, meaning players can join anytime without spending a dime. However, to support the creators, this free version is ad-supported. The ads can use more data than the game for those with limited data allowances.

If you want to conserve your data as much as possible or just want to avoid ads in general, players can pay $1.99 for an ad-free experience. That means your hourly data usage will be closer to the 2 MB per round mark instead of fluctuating because of ads. Not only that, but you’ll also be supporting the developers who continue to work on the game.

Which Versions of Among Us Are Free and Which Are Paid?

By default, the game’s mobile version is free, while the PC and console versions cost $4.99. But as we discovered earlier, the free version is ad-supported; otherwise, it costs $1.99 to turn it into a premium, ad-free game. But what’s the difference?

Among Us doesn’t show you any ads on the PC and console versions. The home versions also include free cosmetic items that would otherwise cost money in the mobile version. More importantly, data usage for the game stays consistent at around 5-6 MB per hour.

On the other hand, the mobile version is free to play at the basic level. You can make in-game purchases, such as buying a hat or removing ads, but you’re not required to pay for them. If you stick to the free version of the game, data usage can spike up to 30-40 MB per hour due to ads on your phone.

What Do You Get for Upgrading the Free Version of Among Us?

Unlike the PC and console versions that get free cosmetics to offset the purchase price, upgrading to the premium version only removes the ads. You don’t get anything extra for paying the $1.99 on your mobile device. If you want a hat to make yourself look snazzier, you’ll have to pay full price for it.

However, keep in mind that $1.99 is a small price to pay when trying to conserve your data. If you play an hour daily, you’ll only use 150 MB of data for the entire month. That’s a small amount considering the enjoyment you get from it.

Compare that to an average of 30-40 MB per hour with ads. That’s a total of 900 MB – 1.2 GB in a month, which is a lot if you have a limited data plan—and considering that data overage charges start at $10 or above, that $1.99 upgrade fee is suddenly an attractive option.

Here! Now you know everything about how much data does Among Us use!

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