5 Hazards to Avoid If You Want Optimal Laptop Performance

laptop hazarads to avoid

If you rely on your laptop often, you should not underestimate potential hazards that will affect its performance. Even simple things might not seem like too much of an issue, but there are plenty of instances when negligence made a laptop owner spend money on fixing the device.

It is hard to pinpoint the causes behind technical issues. Not knowing why your mac is slow or why an MS Windows laptop is slow leaves users scratching their heads and asking questions. And the possibility of one of the hazards affecting the performance is quite high.

In more severe cases, you could end up needing to purchase a new computer, which is even more. So, it is better to be smart about certain hazards and eliminate or minimize them.

Things to Avoid When Using a Laptop

Eating and Drinking in Front of the Laptop

Let’s start with eating and drinking in front of a laptop. Many people like to do this because they can be entertained by watching something while eating. 

The problem with this habit is that you might get food particles on the keyboard or on the screen. Not to mention what happens if you spill something on the device.

Sure, you could argue that you are careful, but accidents happen, and if it means paying for it, why not give up this habit and eat away from the computer? It might take away your entertainment, but you can go back to it after you finish eating.

I remember the day I was drinking tea and using my laptop at the same time. Somehow the hot tea spilt over my laptop’s keyboard and it was all over. Since that day, I have never sat close to my laptop when I’m drinking or eating anything.

Mismanaging Cables

Cable management is not that much of an issue for a laptop owner. First of all, you are less likely to rely on computer accessories because of a built-in keyboard and a trackpad that works as a mouse replacement. 

Not all laptop owners use an ethernet cable, which is another item off the checklist. So what you are really left with are a couple of cables. 

Nevertheless, you should not underestimate the importance of managing cables properly. And if you end up with an ethernet cable and third-party computer peripherals, then it is even more important to pay attention.

You or someone else might step on a cable, which makes it lose. It will not be too long before you need to get a replacement, and figuring out exactly where the issue lies is a problem in itself.

For example, if you experience issues with the laptop’s battery despite having the charger plugged in, the odds are that the problem is related to the cable.

Letting Your Pets Near the Laptop

If you have pets, you are better off keeping them away from the laptop. It is no secret that cats, for instance, are attracted to the laptop and its heat, so you are likely to find your pet lying on the keyboard.

The first reason why you should keep pets away from the laptop is the hair. Even if your pet is not shedding its hair, the hair can still get inside the laptop, which will add to the dust already accumulated inside. 

The second reason is that your pet might not be aware of how the laptop is positioned. If it is on the edge of a desk, for example, a small bump from an unaware pet is enough to push the laptop off the desk. And once the device hits the ground, there is no telling what will happen to it.

It is understandable that keeping your pets away from a laptop can be quite difficult or even impossible in some cases, but if you have a way to minimize or prevent this risk, you should do it.

Forgetting to Clean the Dust Inside the Laptop

Not cleaning the dust inside a laptop is one of the best computer maintenance neglect examples. In a way, it is understandable because not many laptop owners are confident enough to take the device apart to clean it thoroughly. And taking it to a professional who can do the job for you is also a bother, not to mention that it costs money and means giving up the laptop for a while.

A detailed video tutorial on how to clean your laptop

Having said that, you need to clean the dust inside the laptop on a regular basis. And do not believe that a cooling pad is enough to counter the problem. The accessory is great, but if you do not take care of the dust first, there is only so much that a cooling pad can do.

Leaving the Laptop Exposed to Sun

The last hazard in this article is about leaving the laptop exposed to the sun. If you go to use the device outside, do your best to find a shadow, and not just because it provides better visibility when you are looking at the screen.

Leaving the laptop in front of the sun is clearly bad for the device’s overall well-being. The rays affect the screen and cause serious performance issue, such as random screen glitches.


Although modern-day laptops are made up of durable materials, still you have to take your laptop from potential hazards. You should avoid eating and drinking nearby your laptop if you are typing on it at the same time. Also, it’s better to clean your laptop once a month to remove any dust residing inside the key caps, speakers, and under the airflow vents. If you have any tips to share with us, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section.

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