Do Group Chats Increase Snap Score? [Explained]

Do Group Chats Increase Snap Score

Snapchat is one of the biggest social media sites, based on the premise that posts auto delete soon after being viewed. The introduction of the Snap Score is pushing people to bump up their score. So do group chats increase Snap Score?

Group chats will bump up your Snap Score but only if you send Snapchats to the group. Keep in mind that the Snap Score will only go up once even if the group has the full 16 members. Text messages won’t count towards a Snap Score.

Let’s look at how group chats work in Snapchat, their interaction with the Snap Score and how best to boost your Snap Score by leveraging other parts of the app.

Do Group Chats Affect Snap Score?

Group chats that are purely text based are not going to increase your Snap Score.

However, Snapchats sent to a group will increase your Snap Score. This does not scale with the amount of people in the group, meaning that per Snapchat you send to a group, your Snap Score will only go up once.

This means per photo or video sent to a group, no matter if that group has six or 16, you’ll only get the one bump of the Snap Score.

However, as your Snapchat will go to multiple people when sent to a group, the chances of a Snapchat coming back your way is greatly increased, meaning you can open it up and boost your Snap Score.

So while you won’t get a massive multiplier out of Snapchat groups, it is a great way to consistently boost your Snap Score. So that’s why Snapchat group chats will increase your Snap Score, just perhaps not in the way that you would expect.

How Do You Find Snapchat Groups?

There are many huge Snapchat groups out there, some with open memberships and some with closed memberships.

The big, public groups generally advertise themselves online, so you can find out the name of it or even an invite link and get inside the group very easily. Often they are linked to a personality or brand, so it’s not very hard to get involved with such a group.

Other groups require someone to invite you, so you’ll have to network and make friends with many people to find people in that group. You could try direct messaging people in the group to ask for an invite, or find them on other social media sites.

Once you know their Snapchat name, you can just search for this within the app and then add them as a friend, and shoot off a quick message to request entry into the group.

Of course, you can always create your own group and invite all your friends. To get a group to grow, it’s best to have a theme and then commit to using the features of Snapchat to make the group interesting, and also commit to managing it long-term with fresh content.

Snapchat groups number in the many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, and so finding the best group is often just a matter of time. Show your willingness to be part of a group chat and be an active member so that your chance of being invited to more groups increases.

What Are Some Snapchat Groups You Can Join?

As the limit on a Snapchat group is 16, if you want to join one that is full, you’ll need to convince them to kick someone to free up a space for you.

So your best strategy to find a Snapchat group to join is first to hit up all your friends on Snapchat and enquire whether there are any groups that they’re a part of that you could also join.

Part of this is getting used to how groups work, so that you know what to expect and also see how to be a successful group member. 

This means that you have something to offer other, more exclusive, groups and can therefore make a case they should kick someone for you.

Browse public profiles on Snapchat as if they have a group, they will likely list it somewhere in their bio or on other public places.

Otherwise, just look through the other big social media websites to find Snapchat groups. This can be a bit of a slog, but works well when you focus on certain themes, such as looking at Fortnite communities, Minecraft, fitness and a whole variety of other groups.

You will find that Snapchat groups tend to form and fold rather quickly, so the key is being active and moving on when a group dies, as there is no limit to the amount of Snapchat groups you’re allowed to be a part of.

This is also why running your own Snapchat group can be more beneficial, as if you make an engaging and fun Snapchat group, that will cause the members of that group to be keen to get involved as well, sending and receiving more Snapchats.

What Increases Snap Score Most?

A Snap Score is reflective of the amount of activity you do on Snapchat, so you just want to do the actions that add to your Snap Score and do them consistently.

Your Snap Score will go up by sending and receiving Snapchats, although you have to open a Snapchat for it to count towards your score. Thankfully, when sending a Snapchat it doesn’t matter if the recipient opens it or not.

Adding friends increases your score, and the more friends you have then the more likely you can leverage these friends to increase your own score. For example, if you add someone and then send them a Snapchat, chances are that they will send one back.

So then you’ll get a double bonus: not only will you get points for sending a Snapchat, but also for them sending you one in return.

While you’re sending a Snapchat, you should also put it on your profile as a Story, as your Snap Score will go up every time you post something to a Story. Unfortunately, viewing your friend’s Stories doesn’t count towards your Snap Score.

Often finding content to send people or put up as a Story is harder than it seems, but all you really need to do is go outside for a walk and take a picture of something that catches your eye. Even a short video of an animal outside is great content.

If you’re really hurting on content, just browse some meme pages or go through websites like imgur until you find a funny picture, save it and then forward via Snapchat.

If you gain a reputation as always being the person that sends funny content, that will increase the chance of people wanting to respond to you.

You can even send Snapchats to yourself if you want, although opening such Snapchats will not increase your Snap Score. However, you should involve other people as much as possible as it will scale better for boosting your Snap Score.

Consider adding Snap Stars, these are big time influencers on Snapchat. You can find them by going to the search function and at this point you’ll be presented with several categories, including Snap Stars.

Subscribe to as many Snap Stars as you want, and then you have a massive amount of people you can send Snapchats to.

If you don’t login or use Snapchat for a few days, Snapchat will reward you with bonus points if you get back on and start sharing content again.

Snap Streaks can also go a long way to boosting your score, and you need to send a Snapchat to the same friend three days in a row. It’s best to contact your friend and let them know that this is your plan, so that you don’t break the streak on the third day.

Another way to get consistent Snapchats sent to you is to add people who are active on Snapchat, easily knowable just by checking out that person’s Snap Score. Once you find the person who is active, send them some Snapchats to get the Snap Score going up.

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