Cloud Computing Trends and Tech Predictions for 2024

Cloud computing trends and tech predictions for 2024

The demand for cloud computing services has increased significantly recently. As a result, from USD 495.3 billion in 2022, the global value of this market is estimated to reach USD 2,495.2 billion dollars in 2032. And yet, this development doesn’t indicate a difficulties-free environment. Specifically, according to a study published by Foundry in September 2023, the top 3 obstacles stated by ITDMs (Information Technology Decision Makers) are cloud cost control, data privacy, security and lack of cloud security skills/expertise.

But as challenges often underlie opportunities, the year 2024 promises to be a very interesting one. The team with VON Tech, a company that has more than 10 years experience in helping IT businesses grow, have analyzed the predictions, and now presents you the cloud computing trends that you can’t miss in the coming year.

Focus on cloud security and resilience

Virtual security dangers and cyber attacks are matters of major importance, especially as hacking methods are developing at a fairly high speed. As such, encryption, authentication and data recovery will be heavily emphasized in cloud computing in 2024.

In fact, according to French cloud & big data company Eviden, in 2024, the expected growth in the cloud security space is by ~40%, with increased demand for zero-trust and AI-based cybersecurity services.

Increased popularity for cloud orchestration

Orchestration is the automated process by which multiple interconnected cloud services (such as deployment, management, and scaling) are coordinated to ultimately achieve a unified and functional environment.

Considering the efficiency and popularity of this practice, it is expected that multicloud orchestration (coordinating services and applications from several cloud providers simultaneously) or AI-based orchestration (with self-healing systems) will be widely used in the coming months.

Concerns for sustainable cloud computing

It is no secret that the cloud operates with vast data, involving numerous data transmission networks. The effect? According to the International Energy Association, the emission of about 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2020, which is nearly 1% of energy-related global greenhouse gas emissions annually.

In 2024, sustainability appears to be a key course of action. Major cloud service providers have all made net-zero commitments, trying to reduce the carbon footprint of both their own operations and those of their customers.

Outsourced AI services for cloud providers

Personalized solutions, such as automatic recommendations generated due to user profiling, or virtual assistants, which support the activity of operators, have become more and more present. But these models work with huge amounts of data and use impressive amounts of computing power, being expensive.

With AI as a service, companies are allowed to use these technologies without having to incur costs for training or hosting them in-house, and without risking their core infrastructure. Basically, cloud providers offer the chance to outsource AI, making it more accessible and cost-effective.

Predictions for tech services in 2024

We couldn’t leave out an overview of tech services in the coming year. According to a Statista survey, published in October 2023, 84% of IT companies are worried about a recession in 2024. Moreover, technology talent is also a persistent problem, with 63% of senior technology leaders surveyed saying that it is currently difficult to hire qualified IT talent.

Fortunately, there are companies that can offer a solution to this problem. VON Tech, for example, is an experienced company that provides hardware design and verification, as well as embedded software development, implementation and application testing services, in the US, Germany, SEE (3 locations in Romania) and UAE. It can also give your business the most agile, cost-effective and top-quality services on the market.

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