Care Code: 201 [LU100] – Easy Fixes

Care Code: 201 [LU100]

Logging into your AT&T email can be important for many reasons including checking your bills or looking for that one correspondence sent to you. But if when you try to login you get an error code 201 [LU100], how do you fix it?

The best bet to fix Care Code: 201 [LU100] is to update your security questions on the myAT&T page and reset your email password then wait 72 hours. It’s also worth trying to login via the AT&T webmail or using an email app like Gmail.

Let’s look at why this error code comes up, the best ways to get around it, and what you can do to stop it from happening in the future. We’ll also consider some workarounds so that you can get back into your email with no issues.

What Is CARE Code 201 [LU100]?

This code relates to issues accessing your email given to you by AT&T.

AT&T would have given you a way to access your email, via a URL or similar. Upon using this link, you may find it throwing up errors, doesn’t display, or displays the CARE Code 201 [LU100].

Confusingly, while the link may have worked in the past, it can sometimes prompt you to enter your password but then not accept the password, despite you knowing you’re putting the right password in.

You may also get a warning that your password has been entered too many times and your access has been blocked, but this is just another symptom of the CARE Code 201 [LU100].

How to Fix AT&T Care Code: 201 [LU100]?

CARE Code 201 [LU100] is often on the providers’ end, so there is not much you can do on your side to get around it.

However, you can try resetting your email password to see if that helps. Keep in mind that this password reset may take some time to go through and fully carry over to all services. You may need to wait up to 72 hours for it to fully synchronize across everything.

To reset your password, go to the My ATT login and then tap on Forgot Password? and follow the prompts. It is fine to just get a quick password for temporary purposes or you can go through the security questions to do a full password reset.

AT&T have updated their password policy and so require users to have a symbol or special character in specific passwords, so try adding one when resetting your password, particularly if prompted.

You may find that if you enter your password incorrectly too many times, that your email account will get locked and you’ll have to wait.

It’s worth making sure your security questions are updated to gain access to your account, and you can do this via going to your Profile via myAT&T and then hit Sign-in Info.

In the Online Security Questions section, select Change Security Questions and then follow the prompts to update them and then save your security questions and answers.

Some users have found that if they access their email through a different source, such as via the Gmail app, solves these issues. The AT&T webmail is another way to access your AT&T email.

Go into your browser, and clear your history including web cache and cookies.

On Microsoft Edge, in the top-right corner, click the three dots and choose Settings and then open up Privacy, Search, and Services. 

From the Clear Browsing Data section, click the Choose What to Clear button and then put a check in Browsing History, Download History, Cookies and Other Site Data and Cached Images and Files. Hit Clear Now and then try signing in again.

For Google Chrome, open it up and then at the top right, click More and then Settings.

Select Privacy and Security, and then Cookies and Other Site Data and open up See All Site Data and Permissions and then Clear All Data.

Make sure you are not using any saved login information by using an incognito/InPrivate window by either tapping the three dot menu, and then select New InPrivate window for Microsoft Edge.

For Chrome, open the three line menu on Chrome and hit new Incognito window.

Some other users have reported that contacting AT&T’s support and requesting an email resync has seen some success, but this has seen some conflicting reports on whether it works or not.

If you haven’t activated your AT&T account, then the associated email won’t work either. Upon signing up with AT&T, they should have sent an email containing an activation link and steps to follow.

You can use this temporary ID to sign in to myAT&T and create a full profile and account, which you will have to do the first time you sign up for AT&T services like an internet connection.

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