Borderlands 3: The Most Fun Character Is…

Borderlands 3: The Most Fun Character

Borderlands 3 may only have four characters for players, but choosing one can be surprisingly nerve-wracking. After all, each one caters to different play styles; selecting the wrong one can make the game more difficult for you than necessary. So who should you pick? Who is the most fun character in Borderlands 3?

Moze the Gunner is always an excellent choice because her Iron Bear mech provides outstanding defense and offense at the same time. Amara is the next best option because of how straightforward her skills are.

Confused as to what makes them the best and most fun characters to use? Not to worry, we’ll go through their skills and advantages in detail. Let’s keep going.

Ranked: Which Character Is the Most Fun in Borderlands 3?

Each playable character in Borderlands 3 is so fundamentally different from each other that ranking them can seem quite unfair. Those who prefer a particular playstyle over another might disagree with ranking attempts that don’t quite match what they like.

We should also establish that Action Skills are what the name suggests – they allow the character to perform a skill action, depending on the skill tree they originate. Once you focus on a skill tree, you can spend your skill points to unlock six tiers’ worth of Passives or Augments. They can give you special effects after performing a certain action or give your character some buff.

With that out of the way, let’s dive right in and see what makes each Borderlands 3 character so much fun.

Moze – The Gunner

Do you like blasting enemies on their faces with all sorts of big guns and explosives, all while you’re warm, safe, and comfortable inside your mech suit? If so, then Moze might just be the character for you.

Moze was a former army soldier who fought using her specialized mech suit named Iron Bear. She can attach weapons to Iron Bear, including railguns, rapid-fire miniguns, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, etc. And if the situation calls for it, Moze can also step out of her suit and do the fighting herself.

If you want to know what kind of destruction you can cause with Moze, here are her Action Skills in detail:

  • V-35 Grenade Launcher (Demolition Woman skill tree) – Iron Bear gets a grenade launcher attachment on one of the arms. Once you unlock the Tier 2 skills, you get access to another Action Skill called Vanquisher Rocket Pod.
  • Railgun (Shield of Retribution skill tree) – Iron Bear can now use Railguns. Tier 2 of this skill tree gives you access to a skill called Bear Fist – a pneumatic fist that clobbers an enemy up close.
  • Minigun (Bottomless Mags skill tree) – Iron Bear will now be shooting enemies with a minigun. When you reach Tier 2 skills, you can also equip a skill called Salamander, a flamethrower.

Moze’s action skills are straightforward – they’re weapon attachments for Iron Bear. You can mix and match them as you like or maximize your explosive potential by making strategic pairings, such as double miniguns or flamethrowers. And depending on whether you want to be the tankiest or the deadliest around, you can prioritize her Augments and Passives to either increase your damage or bulk up your Iron Bear.

However, remember that Moze’s excellent defensive capabilities only apply while she’s in Iron Bear. This means you move slowly, and you’re quite bulky. 

If you need speed or squeeze through smaller spaces, Moze must step out of the suit and do the fighting herself. She loses out on the defensive buffs and the excellent offensive skills attached to Iron Bear. If you’re playing as Moze, make sure you know how to balance between being in and out of the suit to maintain survivability.

Amara – The Siren

Players wanting the gratification of getting up close to enemies and punching them to death will enjoy Amara the most. And for a good reason: she has excellent close-quarters damage output and mob control skills. Her sorcerer-type skills also look flashy, and other skills can augment them with different elements for extra effects and damage.

If you want to know how Amara takes matters literally into her own hands, then here are her primary action skills:

  • Phaseslam (Brawl skill tree) – As the name suggests, Amara slams her fist onto the ground after leaping into the air. Affected enemies get damaged and knocked down.
  • Phasecast (Mystical Assault skill tree) – Instead of dealing with enemies herself, Amara sends a projection of herself to fight enemies on her behalf.
  • Phasegrasp (Fist of the Elements skill tree) – Amara summons a giant astral fist to grab her targeted enemies, holding them in place. If the fist can’t grasp the enemies, they’ll get damaged instead.

Beginners and returning players can enjoy Amara’s skills and ease of use. Beginners will appreciate how much damage they can deal in close range while returning players already know how powerful Sirens can be. Regardless of which kind of player you are, Amara is always a solid choice for everyone.

FL4K – The Beastmaster

FL4K is a good choice for those who like having faithful pets at their disposal. With three different sidekick pets that can work with your three action skills, FL4K can stay back and deal deadly critical damage while one of the pets keeps the enemy away from you.

In fact, FL4K is very suitable for a sniper or a high-crit damage build, with a slight taste of stealth and mobility. Your sidekick pets take care of mob control while you pick each enemy off individually. And speaking of pets, here are their names and descriptions:

  • Jabber Sidekick – Named Meat-Thief by default, this jabber uses a pistol and can throw radiation barrels at enemies. FL4K also gets a 5 percent movement speed increase.
  • Spiderant Centurion – Broodless the spiderant charges into enemies and heals 1 percent of FL4K’s health every second.
  • Guard Skag – His name is Mr Chew, and he increases FL4K’s damage by 5 percent. He can also vomit acid at enemies when prompted.

Now that you know who FL4K’s pets are, it’s time to get familiar with his Action Skills:

  • Fade Away (Stalker skill tree) – FL4K turns invisible and can fire three critical damage shots while in this state. This also increases his movement speed and health regeneration.
  • Rakk Attack (Hunter skill tree) – Quite a straightforward skill: send 2 Rakk to explode on enemies. You can use this multiple times before the cooldown starts.
  • Gamma Burst (Gamma skill tree) – FL4K creates a portal where he and his pet can take to another location. While the portal is active, nearby enemies get damaged by radiation. His pet also gets irradiated, growing in size and temporarily dealing extra radiation damage.

You should remember that FL4K’s Augments and Passives also affect his pets. However, pets aren’t always reliable, so you might find yourself dealing with enemies by yourself while your pet is just dawdling. Regardless, FL4K is best for players who prefer precision, efficiency, and high damage.

Zane – The Operative

A semi-retired corporate hitman, Zane is like the Inspector Gadget of the assassin world. He always has a drone named SNTNL, an on-demand deployable barrier, and a Digi-Clone. That’s quite a few toys to play with, especially when you consider that he can use two Action Skills at once.

Curious about what his action skills are? We’ve already loosely mentioned them, but here they are in detail:

  • Barrier (Under Cover skill tree) – This skill allows Zane to deploy a barrier that blocks incoming enemy projectiles. Meanwhile, he can shoot through the barrier with increased damage. If the skill is reactivated, Zane can pick up the shield and put it somewhere else; but at the cost of decreased shield size and damage bonus.
  • Digi-Clone (Doubled Agent skill tree) – Zane creates a clone of himself to distract the enemies away from him. The clone can shoot at enemies while taking the shots in his place. When used again, Zane will swap places with his clone.
  • SNTNL (Hitman tree) – Zane deploys a drone that flies around and shoots enemies with its machine guns.

As you can see, using two Action Skills at a time instead of one opens up a world of possibilities for his skill build. Using Barrier and Digi-Clone together gives you a mobile yet defensive edge, while Digi-Clone and SNTNL increase the total damage you can do.

The downside, of course, is that his maximum damage output is lower than the other three. Instead of specializing in one weapon, he’s a jack of all trades character.

Borderlands 3 The Most Fun Character

Who Is the Strongest Character in Borderlands 3?

In terms of crowd control and total damage output, Moze wins this contest. Her Iron Bear attachments damage several enemies, and her augments can even increase that through splash damage.

However, if we’re talking about versatility and ease of use, Amara definitely takes the cake. Any beginner can pick her as a character and still be able to enjoy their time, even if their chosen skill build is less than ideal.


All four characters in Borderlands 3 have their advantages and disadvantages, so your choice will prove helpful regardless. However, you should also keep your play style in mind, as each has specific focuses and benefits. But if you want an explosive, damage-dealing character, make sure you pick the most fun character by my choice: Moze.

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