3 Best iPad Pro Magnetic Stands in 2023

Best iPad Pro Magnetic Stands

The iPad Pro can be useful in many situations including as a media center, a second monitor, a gaming monitor and several other use cases. But when you want to prop up your tablet, a magnetic stand crosses your mind. But what are the best iPad Pro magnetic stands?

The three best iPad Pro magnetic stands are the EMONITA Magnetic iPad Stand, Benks Magnetic Adjustable iPad Stand, and the CharJenPro MagFlött Magnetic Stand. These offer all the great features combined with great design choices.

Let’s look at these three stands divided into premium best, budget best, and overall best to decide what the pros and cons are of each model to help you decide which one to go for. There are some significant differences so let’s get right into it.

Why Choose an iPad Pro Magnetic Stand?

The issue with iPads is that while they have a great viewing angle, you still want it at a good angle for ergonomic reasons. Getting the iPad into a stand also frees your hands up or keeps it away from other cables or devices that may get in the way.

It can also be a great way to turn an iPad into a touchscreen.

Most of these stands also allow an angle adjustment to get it to the very best viewing angle.

Another reason to get an iPad stand is to free up your hands from having to hold it, especially useful when using it as a cooking aid or when using it as a second screen while working.

A good magnetic stand will also take care of charging cables for you, either by looping them through a hole to save them sticking out, or by integrating them into the stand itself.

After using the stand for a while, you’ll learn one of the best ways to attach it to get the most out of the magnets if it is more like a panel rather than a single attachment point.

Hinges for these stands are normally on the stiff side in order to keep the desired angle and setting that you like. This means you can use it just as a monitor but also type and tap on the iPad which won’t cause it to fall over, even with quite forceful actions or movements.

A magnetic stand also gives choices between heights, so that you can get it in line with your other screens, thus elevating the iPad into a great viewing height.

As the stands are very portable, it means you can transport your iPad and stand around your house or workplace for whatever you want to use it for.

This means you can read your news off it in the morning, move it to the office to hold your messaging apps during the day, then pop it in the kitchen to read some recipes off it.

Most magnetic stands are designed to be similarly designed to other Apple products, so they blend in well with other Apple products you have like an iMac, which is particularly useful if you are using it in a public place where appearance is important, like a front desk.

A magnetic stand is also perfect to transform the iPad into a media monitor, allowing you to watch videos or refer to documents easily, keeping it away from a mouse hand and also improving cable management.

Many people also find a magnetic stand perfect for transforming your iPad into a Zoom conferencing device, FaceTime calls or whatever else given that it can be put into landscape or portrait mode to best use whatever media or app you’re wanting to.

Generally, you’ll need to adjust the stand first by placing a hand on the base and putting it into the position you want, then attach the iPad and get to work. If you’re using the EMONITA stand with the case, it will charge once you press the button.

For the other two, you’ll need to connect the cable in.

Best iPad Pro Magnetic Stands

There are many options on the market, so I’ve gathered three of the top iPad magnetic stands and divided them into three categories: Premium Best, Budget Best, and Overall Best.

Premium Best: EMONITA Magnetic iPad Stand

The EMONITA Magnetic iPad Stand is compatible with the iPad Mini 6, iPad 10.2-inch 7th, 8th, and 9th generation, iPad Air 10.9-inch 4th and 5th generation, iPad Pro 11-inch 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation, and the iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3rd, 4th and 5th generation.

It rotates a full 360-degrees horizontally, and up to 100-degrees vertically.

The magnet is solid but allows one hand removal after adjusting the iPad to the horizontal position. The base is sturdy with a rubber coating to prevent movement while in use. It is weighted to keep everything in place.

It comes with a 6-inch charging cable that is USB-C. You can long press the button on the hinge to switch between charging modes.

This means that there is no need to remove the charging cable before taking your iPad off the stand. The USB-C cable is plugged into the back of the magnetic pad, which also doubles as an adjustable magnetic charging port.

Keep in mind that you need to pair your iPad with a EMONITA Magnetic Charging Case to fully take advantage of this charging system, but this does remove the need to constantly swap out your case when using the mount.

It comes in a black/silver color scheme and weighs 2.2-pounds.

The stand is not adjustable height-wise, but this is really the only downside to this stand as otherwise it hits all the best points of a stand.

Budget Best: Benks Magnetic Adjustable iPad Stand

A great choice for a budget option, the Benks Magnetic Adjustable iPad Stand Holder works with the iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3rd, 4th, and 5th Generation. This can also hold the iPad Mini.

This stand allows rotational angle up to 360-degrees. You can adjust vertical and horizontal as you need, with the whole stand folding into a flat pack for easy storage or for travel.

The base is very solid and thick, keeping the stand steady and thus keeping the iPad from falling over or shaking excessively. Made out of aluminum and featuring rubber mats on the platforms, there isn’t any opportunity for scratching between the two surfaces.

The arm measures 7.5-inches and is adjustable up and down.

One issue with this stand is that as the magnetic plate is almost exactly the same dimensions as the iPad Mini, you may find it a bit hard to pry off sometimes.

You also don’t get a charging cable included. This is not a big deal as you should already have one with your iPad, but this is how it gets the budget offering label.

You’ll get a one-year warranty and can align it up with a line on the surface to make sure that the iPad is orientated in the correct direction.

Overall Best: CharJenPro MagFlött Magnetic Stand

One of the original magnetic stands, the CharJenPro MagFlött Magnetic Stand features a microfiber-lined magnetic point for your iPad attachment point.

Crowdfunded via Kickstarter, it features 360-degree rotation for either horizontally or vertically positioning. It can be tilted through an 180-degree angle. It was designed over a several year period and is one of the best overall magnetic stands for an iPad.

The CharJenPro MagFlött also boasts great cable management, coming with an angled USB-C cable to allow it to clip onto the USB-C port and then bend back naturally to the hold in the back.

One of the most common snapping points for a USB-C is right at the join, so making this angled USB-C cable almost completely negates this possibility as well as making sure the cable is safely tucked away, making it cosmetically and functionally appealing.

The cable is 6-inches long which is more than enough to reach a wall adapter.

It comes in a space gray metallic finish, matching Apple’s coloring scheme and fits in perfectly with any other Apple products you have.

Do Magnetic Stands Damage iPads?

Magnetic stands won’t damage iPads, they are specifically designed to prevent it from happening.

There are some concerns with magnets and technology but this doesn’t apply to the iPad. Magnets were not good for CRT monitors and platter-style harddrives. However, an iPad features neither of these technologies so there’s nothing to worry about.

It is also the case that several official Apple products feature magnets and so if Apple engineers have tested and developed such a product, you can be sure that magnets don’t pose any risk to your iPad’s internals.

Most magnetic stands feature a type of thin cloth to add a surface between the magnet and the iPad without allowing the two metal surfaces to come into contact, leaving scratches on your iPad.

Sometimes instead of fabric it will be a thin plastic or other non-scratch surface but you can be confident that no product like this will cause damage to your valued iPad.

Magnets have a bit of range and so this cloth won’t cause issues with the magnetic force.

However, many magnetic stands won’t work well with a protective case and so you may find yourself taking off the case to put it onto the magnetic stand and then replacing the case when taking the iPad somewhere.

This is why the EMONITA combo of both the case combined with the EMONITA stand is one of the best options, as you won’t be tempted to just leave the case off if you constantly switch between using the stand and the iPad away from the stand.

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