Battlefield Hardline Crashes on Launch? Here Are the Fixes!

Battlefield Hardline Crashes on Launch

Battlefield Hardline launched in 2015 but crashes still plague the game today. One would think EA would address the crash problems throughout the years, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Regardless of whether EA can fix the issues, one fact remains: players need a solution to stop Battlefield Hardline from crashing on launch.

Battlefield Hardline usually crashes on launch because of antivirus incompatibilities. Lower your antivirus firewall or whitelist the game to prevent it from crashing. Also, ensure your graphics drivers are up-to-date, or there will be problems running the game.

If that sounds like a lot to do, don’t worry. We’ll run through each possibility individually so you can eliminate each problem as you go. Let’s dive right in.

Why Does Battlefield: Hardline Crash on Launch?

There are multiple reasons why Battlefield: Hardline might crash on launch. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

The Graphics Card Drivers Are Outdated

Updating graphics card drivers is always the first suggestion when trying to fix game launch problems, and for a good reason: outdated drivers are usually incompatible with most games. When this happens, the program doesn’t know what to do and just crashes. To avoid this, update your drivers, then try again.

The Graphics Settings Are too High

Unless you have the latest graphics card installed on your computer, chances are you have to tweak the video settings for each game. Otherwise, the game will exceed the graphics card’s capabilities, resulting in a crash. Before the game launches, most games have a separate settings window, so try lowering the graphical settings.

Your Antivirus Software or Firewall Is too Strict

Sufficient antivirus protection is important, but it can sometimes be too strict. Some antivirus brands automatically block games from running, especially if they have multiplayer options. Though understandable, this can get quite frustrating if it’s affecting your gameplay.

Punkbuster Needs Updating

Punkbuster is Battlefield: Hardline’s anti-cheat tool, and it’s meant to close the game for you if it detects any cheating. However, Punkbuster can sometimes close your game even if nothing else is running. If this happens to you, update or reinstall the anti-cheat tool to see if it stops the false positives.

How to Prevent Battlefield: Hardline From Crashing on Launch?

Now that you know what could be causing Battlefield: Hardline from crashing on launch, it’s time to explore the solutions.

Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

Your first step in addressing any video game-related issues is updating your graphics card drivers. Not only does it ensure compatibility, but it also ensures your game will look right once it’s running. You must go to Nvidia or AMD’s website and search for any downloadable drivers for your model.

Once you’ve updated your drivers and rebooted your machine, try relaunching the game. It should stay open now.

Lower the Graphical Settings

If the game is still crashing after updating the game, try lowering the graphics settings. As nice as it is to run games on the highest setting, you also need to make sure your machine can handle it. If not, you’ll need to give it a hand and lower the settings a bit.

Is the game still crashing even after lowering the settings beforehand? Keep experimenting by lowering each setting by a level until you can’t anymore. 

If it’s still not working, it might be time to get a newer graphics card. Make sure your machine can meet the following requirements [1]:

  • Minimum: ATI 5770 or Nvidia GTX260
  • Recommended: AMD 290 or Nvidia GTX760

Whitelist the Game

Antivirus programs are known for being too overzealous with video games. If it involves any incoming or outgoing multiplayer connections, chances are high that it will get blocked. If this happens, you’ll need to whitelist it manually.

To do so, make sure you add the game’s installation folder and BFH.exe to your antivirus safelist. Try adding an exception in your firewall as well, in case it’s blocking the game from connecting both ways. Once you’re done, try relaunching the game.

Update Punkbuster

Punkbuster should update automatically, but if it doesn’t, that can cause problems. If you think the anti-cheat tool is causing the crashes, do the following:

  • Go to and click “PB Setup”
  • Download the version compatible with your operating system
  • Install the program and run it afterwards
  • Select your game when prompted and click “Update PunkBuster”

The anti-cheat tool should now be in its latest version. Relaunch the game to see if this fix worked.

What to Do if Battlefield: Hardline Is Not Launching at All?

If the game is still not launching after you’ve tried all the solutions above, you might have to uninstall and reinstall the game. Though tedious, this process makes sure your files are fresh and uncorrupted. The download and installation will take a while, depending on your internet and computer speed.

Once reinstalled, try launching the game again. If that still fails, reach out to EA and ask for their help. Be prepared to run DxDiag from your machine if the support representative asks for that information.

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