The Best Power Supply of the Year 2022

complete guide to top external psu for GPU

Modern graphics cards need you to have the right amount of power supply in your computer. Gone are the days when a 350W of PSU was enough to power the expensive chips. If you have a mid-range or high-end graphics card in your computer, then it might require more than 500W of PSU. Also, some graphics cards need an additional 6-pin, 8-pin, and even both power connectors to run properly.

Therefore, the power supply you choose should meet the minimum requirements of your GPU. So, in this guide, our prime focus would be on some of the reliable external power supplies for the graphics card under different budget ranges.

List of the Best Power Supplies to Consider This Year

If you are confused about which power supply to pick for your GPU, then here are the top considerations in this guide:

Corsair RM750x – Overall High Performance PSU for Mid to High-Range Graphics Cards

Key Specs:

Max Output: 750W | Efficiency: 80 PLUS GOLD | Form Factor: ATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92 | Modularity: Fully-Modular | PCIe Power Connectors: 4 | Warranty: 10 Years

Reasons to Buy:

  • Full modular
  • Reliable performance
  • 10 years warranty
External Power Supply for Graphics Card
Image Credit: Corsair

With power supply brands like the Thermaltake, XPG, and Seasonic throwing their best of all units in the market, the Corsair still shines out with its RMx series PSUs. The RMx series has been introduced in the year 2021, and it has shown great improvement over its predecessors.

The Corsair RM750x has got Cybenetics A-rating for being the silent power supply even under peak loads. The noise output level on this power supply is around 28 dBA. Also, there’s a Magnetic levitation fan to keep the power supply silent at full load or higher temperatures.

As compared to the previous models, the magnetic levitation fan is a great upgrade to this unit. The magnetic levitation gives the fan more life span as compared to the rifle or ball-bearing fans. Moreover, there are 10 years of warranty from Corsair to vigorously test this unit with power-hungry gaming builds.

The Corsair RM750x sits perfectly inside an ATX PC case without any issue. Also, the white aesthetics on this power supply make it more appealing if you have a transparent PC case. All in all, it’s a reliable gaming power supply to power Nvidia RTX 3080 or AMD RX 6800 XT.

Seasonic Prime Titanium TX-1000 – A High-End 1KW Power Supply for Gaming Builds

Key Specs:

Max Output: 1KW | Efficiency: 80 PLUS Titanium | Form Factor: ATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92 | Modularity: Fully-Modular | PCIe Power Connectors: 6 | Warranty: 12 Years

Reasons to Buy:

  • Super silent operation
  • Higher efficiency
  • 12 years of warranty
best 1KW external power supply unit
Image Credit: Seasonic

If you have higher power demands, then there isn’t anything better than the Seasonic Prime Titanium TX-1000 to meet them. This is one of the most durable external power supplies for a gaming PC. If you intend to build a future-proof gaming PC, then this PSU might be your final bet to build one.

Not only Seasonic Prime Titanium TX-1000 is durable from the outside, but the capacitors and circuits inside it are made in Japan. So, you can expect this power supply to last for ages before you need a new one.

For silent operation, this PSU comes with a fluid dynamic bearing fan. Comparing this with the Magnetic levitation fan from the Corsair RM750x, the fan on Titanium TX-1000 looks a bit outdated. However, this type of fan is still used by most power supply brands like Antec, ASUS, and Thermaltake in their top-end PSUs.

But the Seasonic Prime Titanium TX-1000 takes lead over the Corsair RM750x with its high-end Titanium efficiency under peak loads. If we talk about the performance, then this is one of the most reliable power supplies with excellent ripple suppression.

In addition to optimal performance, you get x6 PCIe power connectors to power up high-eng graphics cards like RTX 3090. The Seasonic Prime Titanium TX-1000 is a powerhouse for extreme gaming builds that need surplus watts for ideal performance.

Just to Let You Know: A 1000W PSU with an 80 Plus Gold rating would be enough to fuel any power-hungry graphics card and a high-core count CPU these days.

Corsair CX450 Power Supply – Truly Meant for Tight Budget Geeks

Key Specs:

Max Output: 450W | Efficiency: 80 PLUS Bronze | Form Factor: ATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92 | Modularity: No | PCIe Power Connectors: 1 | Warranty: 5 Years

Reasons to Buy:

  • Cheaper
  • Ideal for low-budget graphics card
  • 35-40 dBA noise output
cheap power supply
Image Credit: Corsair

If you don’t want to put a hole in your wallet buying a power supply, then Corsair CX450M is the best budget power supply to get right now. A 450W power supply is the bare minimum of most gaming machines nowadays. It is very rare to find such a reliable PSU under a tight budget range these days. However, with CX450M, you can easily power entry-level to mid-range graphics cards that don’t need more than one power connector.

There are models in the CX450 Series, the CWT, and Great Wall. We are reviewing the Great Wall CX450M version that is more reliable and durable as compared to the CWT version. There isn’t much of a difference between these two, but the Great Wall version is highly efficient on 5VSB rail. However, as the power supply uses a rifle bearing fan, the noise output increases under heavy load.

All in all, the CX450M offers the perfect price to performance ratio even if you have the CWT version. And it’s a good power supply to fuel low-TDP graphics cards or the ones that don’t need more than one PCIe connector.

Fractal Design Ion SFX 650G – Best Value Power Supply for Gaming GPUs

Key Specs:

Max Output: 650W | Efficiency: 80 PLUS Gold | Form Factor:  SFX-L | Modularity: Full | PCIe Power Connectors: 4 | Warranty: 10 Years

Reasons to Buy:

  • Powerful performance
  • Ideal PSU for tight PC cases
  • 10 years warranty
price to performance external power supply
Image Credit: Fractal

A lot of brands are making their way towards making low-form factor gaming power supplies. SilverStone was the first to make these compact dimension power supplies for SFF gaming PCs. Fractal is one of those brands that has entered this niche pretty late, but it has managed to make a spot in the list of reliable SFX-L form factor PC cases.

The Fractal Design Ion SFX 650G is a fully modular power supply with 10 years of warranty and 80 PLUS GOLD efficiency. And with flexible modular cables, you can expect your PC case to look tidy and clean with better cable management.

Furthermore, there’s an SFX to ATX bracket inside the box to install this power supply inside a Full-ATX PC case. Also, you get 4 PCIe power connectors to power high-end graphics cards from Nvidia’s RTX 3000 and AMD’s RX 6000 Series.

The only it needs is a better fan profile. It uses a 120 mm FDB Fan for cooling down the unit. On a peak load, the fan noise is audible. If you need a silent power supply, then go with Corsair RM750x that uses a Magnetic levitation fan to keep the unit dead silent at peak loads.

How we tested these power supply units

Now there are many ways through which you can test a PSU. One way to connect the power supply with a graphics card and other components is to see how it performs. Another reliable way to test a power supply is via N4L power meters and Picoscope oscilloscopes.

It’s important to test a power supply at light load and peak load as well. Stress testing a power supply reveals a lot about its performance. At room temperatures, almost every power supply will work fine, so you cannot hunt the cons that come along with it.

And lastly, to measure the noise output of the power supply at normal and peak load, we’ve used different sound analyzer equipment.

Things to Look for in a Reliable Power Supply

The most important things are reliability, warranty, and brand reputation. After this, you may consider other features like compatibility, wattage, design, and budget. But keep in mind that, even if you have a low-wattage power supply with a high-efficiency rating, it can easily beat a high-wattage power supply with a low-efficiency rating.

Efficiency rating of PSU explained
PSU Efficiency Rating: Source: VelocityMicro

Corsair, Thermaltake, XPG, Seasonic, SilverStone, etc are the most reliable power supply brands to go with. No matter if you choose a Bronze, Gold, or Titanium rated power supply, make sure it has an 80 Plus efficiency along with it.

Now comes the wattage and budget. If you have a low-budget graphics card without any external power connector, then a 450W PSU is enough to fuel your whole computer. On other hand, if you have a mid-range to high-end graphics card that needs a 6 or 8 pin power connector, then go for at least 650W PSU.

Beware: Don’t take out the cable from an older PSU and try to plug it into a newer model. The pin layout on some older power supplies is different from the current generation power supplies.

Modular or Non-Modular

It’s up to you to choose which type of power supply you need for your computer. A modular power gives you more freedom to add or remove cables later on. However, with a non-modular power supply, you can see a lot of unused cables hanging inside your PC case.

A non-modular power supply might lead to bad cable management inside your PC case. If you need more room inside your PC case, then it’s better to stick with a modular power supply unit.

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So, these were the best external power supply units for graphics cards with different power ratings. Now the question is which one of these is right for your build? If you are tight on budget and need a PSU for the entry-level graphics card, then go with Corsair CX450M PSU. And if you need a PSU for a mid-range or high-end graphics card, then the Corsair RM750x is the one that gives you the most value at this point.

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