Best Budget Power Supply for Gaming PC [2022]

guide about PSU for budget geeks

When it comes to picking the right power supply for your gaming PC on a low budget, there are a lot of options in the market. To power up a high-end GPU from Nvidia or AMD, you really don’t need an expensive PSU at all. You can rely on some wallet-friendly PSUs that are good enough to power up a gaming GPU, CPU, Ram, and other peripherals at the same time. So, this guide is all about some of the best budget power supply units for your next-gen gaming PC.

Factors to Know Before Buying a Low-Budget PSU

Before going for any of the products that we’ve listed in this guide, it’s important to measure your PC’s wattage requirement. If you have tons of power-hungry hardware added to your motherboard, you will need a PSU with more wattage. For example, if you going for a PSU from Cooler Master, you can put all the details in their power wattage calculator, and it will show you how much power your system needs.

Modern GPUs from both the Nvidia and AMD are becoming more power-efficient. Now, you really don’t need a 1000W PSU for a high-end gaming PC. On the other hand, high-end CPUs from Intel and AMD also have low TDP ratings. Therefore, there would be plenty of power for your other peripherals even if you install a 750W PSU in your gaming PC.

Also, make sure the PSU you are buying properly fits into your PC case. If you have an ATX PC case, then you must choose an ATX power supply. And if you have a slim PC case, then the SFX power supply would be an ideal fit in that case.

Comparison of Best Budget PSUs for Gaming PC

Power SupplyWattageEfficiencyWarranty
Corsair CX450 450W80 Plus Bronze5 Years
XPG CORE Reactor 650W80 Plus Gold10 Years
Corsair SF750 750W80 Plus Platinum7 Years
Corsair AX850 850W80 Plus Titanium10 Years
be Quiet Dark Power Pro 12 1200W80 Plus Titanium10 Years

The Best Budget Power Supply Units for Gaming PC

Here are some of the best PSUs that offer protection, reliability, and performance while staying under the budget range of most PC gamers.

Corsair CX450 – The Cheapest PSU for PC Gamers

best budget PSU for PC Gaming

Max Output: 450W

Form Factor: ATX12V v2.4

Efficiency: 80 Plus Bronze

Connectors: 1x EPS, 1x PCIe

Warranty: 5 Years

The Corsair’s CX series is the most reliable option to go with if you are building a low-budget gaming PC. The Corsair CX450 is ideal for handling an entry-level GPU from Nvidia or AMD. This Corsair PSU comes with 80 Plus Bronze efficiency to deliver ideal performance under high loads.

On top of all, the black matte finish look and elegantly designed sleeved cable give this PSU a cleaner look when installed on your computer.

Although Corsair claimed this PSU to be a silent one, it makes a little bit of noise under peak loads. But the sound is hardly noticeable until you pay full attention to it.

If you are low on budget and really don’t care about the fan noise, this PSU is definitely a good choice to go for. Also, this PSU only has one PCI-e connector to connect your graphics card, so there is limited space for expansion. As this PSU is just 450W, so having another PCI-e connector doesn’t really make any sense.

It’s one of the top wallet-friendly power supplies for a gaming PC that is equipped with sturdy build quality. On top of that, Corsair has added 5 years of warranty in case anything blows up inside this PSU.

XPG CORE Reactor – Best Value for the Money PSU

Low budget PSU

Max Output: 650W

Form Factor: ATX12V v2.4

Efficiency: 80 Plus Gold

Connectors: 2x EPS, 4x PCIe

Warranty: 10 Years

If you want complete silence in your room, then going for the XPG CORE Reactor 650W would be a wise decision. Not only does it hold a silent fan mechanism but also has enough PCIe connectors for hardware expansion as compared to Corsair’s CX450.

We’ve installed XPG CORE Reactor PSU in one of our gaming PCs. Keeping in mind the price and value that this PSU offers, we’ve found it to be more reliable and efficient than the others on the list. This PSU has a high build quality and comes with two EPS connectors to sync with high-end mobos. However, the distance between the connectors is too short, for full ATX PC cases, it might not be the right fit.

Finally, it’s one of the best budget power supply units out there that delivers you an ideal performance for the money you pay for it. Well, this PSU can handle mid-range gaming GPUs without any problem leaving behind enough headroom for powering other hardware.

It’s really hard to find a PSU manufacturer that gives 10 years of warranty. It’s one of the PSUs that don’t let you break your bank account to get hands-on performance.

XPG has combined affordability and performance at one spot with CORE Reactor 650W PSU. And it looks like Corsair & Cooler Master are going to face tough competition from XPG in the near future.

Corsair SF750 | Low Budget SFX Power Supply for Gamers

the best SFX power supply for gamers on tight budget

Max Output: 750W

Form Factor: SFX

Efficiency: 80 PLUS Platinum

Connectors: 2x EPS, 4x PCIe

Warranty: 7 Years

The Corsair SF750 is one of the most highly compatible power supplies for SFX form factor PC cases. And this PSU is one of our favourite when it comes to unbeatable performance and silent operation. It has enough PCIe and EPS connectors that are a must-have in a mid-range gaming PC.


With this power supply, you can easily handle top-performing GPUs from Nvidia or AMD. This 750W power supply is good enough to handle most power-hungry GPUs meant for gaming.

In tight PC cases, where there isn’t enough space, this compact and low-budget PSU easily fits without any problem. It is a powerful low-budget SFX power supply with great ripple suppression, load regulation, and silent operation.

Corsair AX850 – A Powerful Gaming Power Supply on Budget

A Powerful yet affordable gaming PSU

Max Output: 850W

Form Factor: ATX12V v2.4

Efficiency: 80 Plus Titanium

Connectors: 2x EPS, 10x PCIe

Warranty: 10 Years

If you have the capacity to throw a little more cash on the table, just around $300, you can get your hand on the best 850W power supply units. And no doubt, Corsair’s CX 850 is the most underrated PSU that delivers high performance, efficiency, transient response, and pin-drop silent operation.

The Corsair CX850W holds more PCIe connectors as compared to PSUs from other brands with similar wattage. This gaming PSU sits well on the sweet spot between price and performance. If you throw a little more cash on the table, you move into the high-end PSU category.

But, this is an ideal PSU when building a gaming PC on a budget. A power of 850W is more than enough to power high-end GPUs like the Nvidia RTX 3090 or AMD RX 6900 XT. Like we said before unless you run GPUs in SLI or Cross-Fire, or you have a number of peripherals added to your motherboard, a 750W PSU can do your job as well.

But installing a PSU like the Corsair CX850 makes your gaming PC future-proof for at least a few more years. Apart from the short distance between peripheral connectors, this PSU has no other cons to discuss at this point.

be Quiet Dark Power Pro 12 | A Powerhouse for Gaming PCs

top rated gaming Power supply on budget

Max Output: 1250-1500W

Form Factor: ATX12V v2.4

Efficiency: 80 Plus Titanium

Connectors: 2x EPS, 10x PCIe

Warranty: 10 Years

If your intention is to buy the best budget power supply with high output and performance, then Dark Power Pro 12 might be your final bet. It’s hard to high-performing PSUs under $500 with such a super performance and ability to handle high temperatures. It’s one of the most silent PSUs that we’ve ever tested in our lab.

The Dark Power Pro 12 is certified with 80 Plus Titanium to deliver high performance and less power consumption. It has one of the best fan blade designs in the industry for maximum airflow and dead silent operation.

Also, the be Quiet Dark Power Pro 12 comes with stable 12V rails, which makes the PSU ideal for gaming PCs that are meant for overclocking. You can gain full control of overclocking by switching between the default six modes of 12V-rail.

This power supply comes with 120cm sleeved cables to connect up to x10 PCI-e peripherals. This gives the Dark Power Pro 12 PSU a slight edge over other branded PSUs that have a short distance between connectors. On top of all, this power supply gives your gaming PC a cluttered and cleaner look.

It might not be wrong to say that this PSU is overkill. We also compared this PSU with Corsair AX1200i to see which one is more silent in operation. Surprisingly, the be Quiet Dark Power Pro 12 was as if we never turned it on. Most of the time it was virtually inaudible at load and on idle.

If you really value a quiet gaming rig by spending a little bit more cash, we recommend you this PSU.

Specs of our system used to test these PSUs

Here are the specs of our gaming PC:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950x

GPU: Nvidia RTX 3090

Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD

Ram: 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4

Audio: Integrated

test PC
Our Gaming PC used for testing power supply units

The Final Verdict

Finally, these were some of the best budget power supplies for PC gamers. If you can afford to spend $300, we highly recommend you to go for Corsair AX850 which is a future-proof PSU with all necessities to drip feed your gaming PC. If you are low on budget, then XPG CORE Reactor 650W is what you can go for. This power supply unit is cost-friendly and good enough to power mid-range GPUs without any problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 500W good for gaming?

Well, it depends upon the type of graphics cards that you have on your PC. For entry-level to mid-range GPUs that do not need more than one external power connector, a 500W would be ideal to go with. However, for power-hungry GPUs like the RTX 3090, RTX 3080, RX 6800 XT, etc that need more than one power connector, you’ll need more than 650W PSU.

What is the ideal wattage for a good gaming power supply?

An ideal wattage to have on a PSU can be anywhere between 500W to 650W. Also, it depends upon the hardware that you’ve installed on your computer. For high-end gaming PCs, it’s better to go with 850W PSU.

Are generic power supplies good for gaming?

Well, a generic or OEM power supply that comes with most prebuilt computers has lower wattage. So these type of PSUs cannot perform like branded or high-end PSUs does. Also, the power rating that you see on the label of OEM or generic PSUs is not accurate.

Can a PSU fry your computer?

Yes, a low wattage or cheap power supply can fry your computer under heavy load. So, it’s better to invest a few more bucks in a high-quality power supply than do harm to your computer by opting for a cheap PSU.

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